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Neil Brown Hypnotherapy

Market Walk
England , WF1 1QR
United Kingdom

Very impressed and would recommend highly. After experiencing high anxiety regarding a heart operation, I was astounded by how calm I was, even laughing and joking mid operation.

Neil used a variety of cutting edge techniques to help me remove mental blocks that were stopping me achieving my full potential. There was one in particular where I perceived a very vivid visualisation, and was honestly surprised it wasn’t real when I opened my eyes. I also felt the benefit of the therapy immediately.

Fantastic hypnotherapist

Neil is a fantastic hypnotherapist. He was excellent with working with stress. I feel very relaxed and happy. Thank you

Brilliant experience. Hopefully will keep losing the fat at a nice steady pace. No dieting involved which is fab. You can eat what you want but you are in control. Not that little demon in your head telling you to eat anything and everything in sight. Really recommend Neil.

Neil is a brilliant therapist. He is so down to earth and easy to talk to. He makes the process very positive and uplifting. Get in touch with him today, you’ll be in the right place before you know it and glad you did. Top guy!

Neil really helped reduce my fear of spiders to the point where I'm not scared of them at all anymore. He helped me to give myself more confidence and lower my stubbornness. Neils professionalism is outstanding and he really knows how to communicate with you to make you feel at ease. I would highly recommend Neil Brown Hypnotherapy

Whilst experiencing a migraine Neil did a session with me to help me relax and ease my pain. By the end of the session my migraine had gone and I felt as relaxed as I would at the end of a full day spa session.

I struggle with anxiety, stress and lack self confidence - Neil helped me deal with this. I don’t find it easy to relax either however Neil was more than patient with me and tried different ways to help me go under hypnosis. I can honestly say that seeing Neil has impacted and improved my life in a positive way and he’s great at what he does!

Neil helped me at a time when I felt anxious regarding various issues in my life. I now feel able to move on more positively and handle certain situations more confidently, thanks to Neil's professional hypnotherapy service.

I was struggling with my reactions to other road users when driving, which caused me a great deal of stress and made driving a chore. Thanks to Neil Brown’s help and the techniques he taught me, driving is no longer stressful and a lot more enjoyable. Thank you, Neil x

I’ve had sessions with Neil n my nxt one is going to make me relax in a car on motorway as I hate motorways, the sessions I’ve had for other things have worked

Hypnotherapy For A Great Night' Sleep

I had a very relaxing Hypnothery session, I struggle to switch my mind off to sleep properly, I was a bit nervous about trying hypnotherapy but Neil was so nice and immediately put me at ease. I felt much calmer and more relaxed after the session and it definitly improved my sleep. I'm looking forward to the next session.

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

For a while now I've been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Someone suggested to me that I try hypnotherapy, not believing it would work for me I held off for a long time. When my anxiety really peaked I decided to contact Neil and see how he could help me. He calmed my nerves about hypnotherapy by answering my questions and explaining what may happen while under hypnosis. In the days that followed my session I noticed that my anxiety levels had dropped lower than I can remember them being. I now sleep better, feel happier and no longer let things get on top of me. I've noticed that things that would make me angry or anxious no longer have that affect on me. I feel like a weight has been lifted. Neil made a real difference to me and my family and I would recommend him to anyone that is suffering from anxiety.