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Der LAV Kurs wirkt weiter

Nach Beendigung des LFV Kurses, mache ich mit den Audios morgens und abends weiter. Auf diese Weise geschehen bei mir gerade die größten Wunder und ich kann sehen!, dass ein Tag ohne Morgenmeditation weitaus weniger Herz-erfüllend verläuft als ein Tag mit morgentlicher Audio. Einfach wunderbar ! Ich bin tief gerührt, euer Wissen weiterzugeben demnächst als Coach.

12 Days ago, I began a 5-week course called LIVING FROM VISION. It has anchored me into my Soul Awareness and what I am choosing to create in my personal holographic universe. I’ve become lucidly clear on what it is I really wish to experience in life, what the next highest desires and goals are in my personal evolution and live from the feeling of that reality already fulfilled. Ultimately it has activated how to live from my Soul in our multi-dimensional reality and produce heightened consciousness that then changes how I navigate and relate to the world. I want to share this essential tool to manifesting your dream life, from the inside out, because we all know that the true state of fulfillment comes when our inner and outer reality is a perfect match of Heaven on Earth as a state of being.

Liebe Ilona, ich bin noch ganz begeistert von deinem wundervollen Webinar gerade und wollte dir das direkt mal schreiben!!! Ich fand es wirklich super vielfältig und sehr bereichernd!!! Also neben der so interessanten PowerPointPräsentation über dein Buch und die Methode noch unter anderem so tief mit allen, die dies wollten, ins Gespräch zu gehen und noch zwei Rollenspiele dabei zu machen…..WOW!!! Mir ist übrigens noch mal durch dein Webinar bzw. dein Kinderbuch / Methode soooo klar geworden, wie fein, edel, und kostbar Kinderseelen sind….und wie feinfühlig, wohlwollend und respektvoll die Methoden aus dem Buch „Alin & und Wunschfee“ sind!!!! Es ist wirklich ein Geschenk für mich, das ich dabei sein konnte!!! Vielen herzlichen Dank für dieses wundervolle Webinar!!! Ich dachte gerade noch kurz, wenn alle Menschen diese SEHR respektvolle „Methode“ bei Kindern und Jugendlichen anwenden…..oder auch Erwachsene untereinander, kämen wir dem Weltfrieden wohl ein gutes Stückchen näher…..jeder würde sich „gesehen fühlen“…..und würde zielstrebig Zufriedenheit und das Glücklichsein anstreben können und wohl erreichen… Vor allem halte ich auch für Kinder- und Jugendtherapeuten dieses Webinar für sehr kostbar….und eben für alle Erziehenden oder besser gesagt für alle Menschen, die auf Augenhöhe ihrem Gegenüber begegnen möchten und ihrem Herzen folgen… Mir wurde heute Abend auch noch mal richtig deutlich, welche enorme Kraft unsere Gedanken haben. Du merkst bestimmt, wie begeistert ich von dem heutigen Webinar bin. Das Webinar über Zoom fand ich übrigens super gut und soooo leicht einzurichten!!! Ich habe so etwas heute zum ersten Mal gemacht Alles, alles Liebe dir!!! Juliane

Testimonial #9

I have been blessed with the words, the wisdom and the love in this book. It has moved me in a positive view of my life, and where I see myself going from this day forward. Today I turned 60. What a great time to Follow My Heart. To Dream Big.

Testimonial #8

Dear Ilona, All dear wishes for you! I often think of you! Thank you that you let your star shine so brightly, that I could find it! Your Soul-Travel training opened up a new dimension for me and is a turning point in my life. I bought your self study course Living From Vision and worked through it during the suggested 5 weeks... It actually surpassed my expectations! Finally, I found effective instruments, with which I can solve inner conflicts lovingly, finally, I got great value, visions, and am moving in the direction of my wishes and goals. I feel clearer and happier. Dearest greetings Your

Testimonial #7

I am so thrilled with the results of the Living from Vision Course and the coaching. I can personally vouch for the change within me. Before staring the course I had very little self esteem and was overweight as soon as I did the home study course I started to change the way I thought of myself. I have lost 28 lbs since Christmas and I am now the size I was in my 20's (I'm 56 years old) I have a different view on life My relationship with my husband is now on a different footing and inspired by my loss of weight he too has lost 26 lbs. I then took the LFV TEACHER TRAINING, and I can say that it is so great to see the people change before my eyes and see that the change is being maintained.

Testimonial #7

Hi Ilona, I just wanted to let you know how much your book “Dream Big” has impacted me on so many levels. When I hear your stories of your husband Don and yourself, I almost feel like I’m reading about my wife and I only in the future. I just love how the universe brings us what we need at the exact moment we need it. Your book and life’s work is incredible and am grateful to have found it. Talk soon :) Christopher Wilson Co-Founder

Testimonial #6

Liebe Ilona, habe soeben deinen Lebenslauf gelesen, unglaublich was du so alles in deinem Leben geschafft hast. Du hast mich sehr beeindruckt und ich gratuliere dir herzlich zu deiner Doppelbürgerschaft. Gestern war Lela bei uns und wir sinnierten über unsere unvergessliche Reise nach Florida wo wir mit unseren Kindern die Delphine besuchten durften. Das sind schon, sage und schreibe 15 Jahre her, aber die Erlebnisse sind mir noch so present. Bin so dankbar, dass ich mit euch diese Erfahrungen machen durfte. Wünsche dir weiterhin viel Schönes und Spannendes in deinem Leben. Es grüsst dich herzlich, Betty

Testimonial #5

This is the third time I did the wonderful Living from Vision course. It has been amazing!!! I felt how it went into more expanded higher frequencies than ever before and that this course is so well structured and organized that I love to do it again and again. The daily Morning and evening exercises that I now have as an app on my mobile are awesome tools to refocus my goals and to become even clearer on my priorities. Always my energy and vibration goes up when I do them and it's sooo easy. My 4 main goals have either totally or partly manifested and I have confidence in manifesting again which at times in the stress and hectic of touring I had lost. I am so grateful for this course and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to live a more fulfilled and successful life. With gratitude and love from Bettine CLemen Internationally known Solo Flutist

Testimonial #4

With the Living From Vision course and all its amazing tools I have built my magical life over the last 30+ years! My life is a living document to the power of the training offered by LFV. I still listen to the LFV daily audio exercises after all these decades because they work!

Testimonial #3

Testimonial #1

The LFV course gives thorough, effective, practical, long-term directions on how to manifest. That is one thing that is so different from other manifestation materials. The second thing that was of great value was the power of imagery techniques, as well as teaching the different ways OF how to use MY imagination, which I had never read about before or which hadn't been explained so succinctly to me. You can feel Ilona's gift of guiding people in the visualizations, which helps deepen the quality of the meditation. After my practice of the LFV techniques, since July 2014, I find it to be the most direct approach to manifestation. Anything, absolutely anything, that I wish for, [can be manifest]. I just close my eyes and feel and experience it, as if if were already in my reality. I can do this anytime. The 5-week LFV program helps remind me and trains me to do actively CREATE. Most of us automatically default into an egoic fashion of thinking, trying to protect ourselves and prepare for worst case scenarios. I found it most valuable to read Ilona's book, Wisdom of the Dolphins, in tandem with the LFV course. It describes in a very detailed way how imagery can be used to co-create reality. It made the LFV course make so much more sense to me. The LFV course has given soooooooo much to me, that I can't put it into words. I am no longer a web of solidified impulses reacting to life in front of me. I am no longer a rat in the lab, a human in the matrix. I've felt more positive, and feel that life is falling into place.