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Improving By Design

Great coaching experience with Kate R

Kate is a great coach.  The program helped me achieve my goals and helped me become more focussed and organized on what is important to me.  It was wonderful meeting weekly with the other participants.  I felt supported and encouraged!

Very Pleased

When I started the 90 day Coaching with Kate I had some idea of where I was, but not really where I wanted to go in all area's of my life. I didn't know what to expect. So I thought I'd give it a try, since my son invited me.

However, with the support of Kate's coaching skills and assignments and a couple others taking the course as well along with their stradegies, actions and imput I became very focused and inspired with my my own life. As my inspirations began to grow and grow, I now have a inner picture of hope, a vision that I can do what I had no idea that was inside of me. Now I have tools and small actions for my goals to reach 3 months at a time. Thank you Kate.

Awesome Coach

I really enjoyed Kate's programs and got a lot of benefit from them as well. I specifically love how she help guide my thoughts and ideals in the direction of action steps. Her passion and caring heart really comes through in her willingness to support with an array of tools, strategies, techniques and tips to motivate  and inspire performance. I look forward to our continue future success.