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Hello Infiniti. This is Karen A.K.A. Luvcats. I read your entire story and OMG. You are a amazing person. You have confirmed so much of what I felt and believed.

I am currently in the process of divorcing my wife and am experiencing depression. In addition, I was also recovering from a recent hernia operation. I decided to work with INFINITI on a clearing and a healing. After the healing, my depression has significantly lifted and the discomfort I was feeling from the hernia operation has vanished. INFINITI has never met me in person and was able to do this remotely. I very much trust her. She is very empathic and powerful. When she called on the Angel Raphael to assist in the healing of my hernia operation site I could feel it become numb. INFINITI could feel an issue with my left ear and indeed there was a sore spot on my left ear. Throughout the whole process I felt waves of positive energy washing over my body. If you are open and considering doing a clearing with a healing, I highly recommend INFINITI!!

Empathic Sex Counseling

Thank you again for the talk tonite, it really eased my mind to be able to talk to somebody that understood and was non-judge mental of me. At this time I’m not sure if a cleansing is what I am looking for, but I haven’t ruled it out. Anyways this email is just to thank you for listening to me and making me feel good.

Magic Angel Healing

Experiencing a difficult period in my and my husband's life we were both depressed feeling lonely and without any motivation. We found Infiniti by happy coincidence on Instagram. She made full body energy clearing for us both. Within couple of days we began feeling the effects of healing, laughing more, desire to create something. Things didn't seem so aweful anymore. Ordinary day routine started causing so much happiness. We figured out what we want to change in our life and where to move. Past negative experiences vanished like the nightmares go away with the sunrise. Pain we both felt in different parts of our bodies went away. As we became more positive more good things started happening to us. Seems like the healing affected not only us, but the world around us. Thank you!

Divine Soul Guidance, Remote Clearing & Healing

I worked with INFINITI and was pleased on what she had to tell me about my life without ever meeting her. She can help you with anything in life if you feel like your life is blocked and something is missing. I also worked with her remote healing on a eye sty I had and it cleared up in a few days, which usually took a week to heal and have not had the issue since. You can't go wrong trusting Vanessa on remote healing or trying to find the answer you need in life to move forward. Love it that I had the chance to talk with Vanessa I am much better now with the information I received and the remote healing I received.

Psychic Reading

Wow, wow, wow! This is not a testimonial I am giving lightly. I feel so light in spirit, emotions and mental state after reading with her. So uplifting! Not, that her reading are light and sugar-coated, but that she seems to know how to tune into exactly what is important. The info is exact to what I experienced and how others have reacted to me and in situations and the way they look at things. I was even surprised when I was thinking I should ask her for advice in an a certain matter and her next words were, If you want my advice about..." and I hadn't even mention the situation. We were discussing something else. Wow! And she explains things so well, leaving little to no room to question further. Exceptional. Very gracious person, as well.

Psychic Reading & Empath Counseling

She was very tactful and understanding. She addressed my answer and told me something about myself that I didn't realize. It was an emotionally draining experience but she has the deepest care and delivered a calmness that I have not experienced in a while. Thank you again.

Psychic Reading

She is really good. Knew things I didn't tell her and she was accurate. I will definitely call her again. I have talked with more than a few psychics in my lifetime and she is one of the best.

Psychic Reading/Empath Counseling

Gave great advice and I felt armed with knowledge after talking with her.

Psychic Reading

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your insight on the issue at hand. He gave me a better understanding and a better handling on Issue. 

Psychic Reading

Very good reader , highly intuitive, intelligent and professional. Exactly what I was looking for!

Empathic Sex Counseling

Dealing with ongoing mixed emotions and INFINITI has helped on several different levels. A friend on the phone with great insight! Thanks

Empathic Sex Counseling

I called to seek advice and that's what I received. She was a great listener and cared about my situation. She helped me figure out what to next moving forward with my new adventures. All callers should only call and speak with her ! Do not waste your time searching for anyone else! I promise you will thank me and thank her! Be sure to leave her a gift as well for helping you out with your matters! Thanks for everything and can not wait to talk again :)

Say goodbye to veterenary

Once my pets got all sick with different diseases. My dog had an ear infection, and medicines cured it, but then it came back again over and over, my first cat had bad fure and became very fat, and my second cat had digestive issues and bad blood analysis results. Every doctor we met told us completely different things, changed nutrition for couple of times, but it didn't work. Then we met Infiniti and it turned out that all my pets had negative attachments and she healed them for one session. Also she spoke to our pets and told us what they wanted to improve in our relationship My dog asked to take him for jogging, and I found out that my cat's favorite thing to do is to make people laugh  it was so cute and helpful. Nothing is better than healthy and happy pet, especially when you don't have  to make thousands of painful and senseless injections. Thank you, Infiniti, your love is priceless ️

Infinite Love Energy Healing-Multiple Areas

From disability to function, Vanessa’s treatments offered me hope. Having been categorized as disabled and retired from the US Navy, I met my existence with the knowledge that pain was part of my everyday life. Whether getting out of bed, walking or sitting, bending over and driving being the worst, pain radiated through various parts of my body.


Vanessa gave me hope. I can’t explain what she does because most of the time she would be out of my line of sight. All I know is that as she did whatever she did—most times without even touching me, although sometimes she brushed my arms down, and the like—I could feel a change of the intensity within minutes. Skeptics would say, you were open to believing and you made yourself feel better. Part of that is true. I was open to it. It was said Jesus couldn’t do miracles because their faith was weak, so I was open to God using her to help me do more than exist.


It was stunning to me. I would go for a treatment, my face pain and wan, and gritting my teeth in pain. Leaving an hour later? – face flushed with health, jaw relaxed and a general reduction in the overall pain. Once she brushed down my arms—shoulder to wrist from behind. All of a sudden, my hands were tingling and burning. She explained it was the release and all I needed to do was ‘shake it out.’ I did and the health remained—no tingling. I would not have ‘thought’ that up before her treatments.


She has brought be back from the brink of impossible headaches, low back pain that made me want to go back to bed with an ice pack. Sciatica, lumbar, neck and thorasic, and, of course, carpal tunnel have all improved with her treatments. If I could afford it, I would have a treatment a day.


God has gifted her with healing like the Ellen Burstyn character in “Resurrection.” She generously gives to others, who are open to receiving the therapeutic touch.

Pet Healing

Anne had a really badly twisted up nail and we couldn't get near her. Infiniti spent time calming her, and then concentrated her energy on helping Anne's pain so we could bandage the paw. After about 20 minutes Anne was much more calm, obviously the pain was much, much better and she had no problem letting Infiniti bandage her up. Then we left the wrap alone for a couple of days. Instead of needing to put another bandage on, her nail had healed back together! 

No way that would have happened going to the Vet and I know it would have been way more traumatic for her. 

The way this procedure went, she never got upset and only more and more calm and less in pain. 

I will always call on INFINITI first when anything goes wrong with me or my pets! She has my complete confidence and trust in her love of animals, her desire to help and most importantly I know I can trust her when she says, "I can fix that!"

Thank you!

Healing & Clearing-Erectile Dysfunction

I'm a little embarrassed to talk about this, but Infiniti encouraged me to write about this issue I had and hopefully it will help someone else. 
Even though I am an older person of 75 years-I still am very physically active and had an active sex life. Things changed suddenly and it difficult to get or keep an erection. I hadn't had this issue before and it was very depressing. 
I felt like a huge part of me and my life was over. 
I had seen Infiniti for overall healing and a bad shoulder issue I had been going to Physical Therapy for, and after about 3 sessions with her, my shoulder was much better. Honestly, I didn't know how much her efforts contributed to my recovery-it was difficult to say because I was doing other things. I do know for a fact that she did help the pain a lot and better than pills. Each time I saw her it was less painful and easier for me to do physical therapy. 
Because of my relationship with her, knowing that she does sex counseling, I finally felt comfortable telling her about this sexual issue that I had seen a traditional Sex Therapist for as well as trying several different medications, over the counter and prescribed as well as herb blends. Nothing solved the ongoing issue and nothing made me feel LIKE ME AGAIN. 
I knew I had to talk to Infiniti about the problem. It was worth a try. 
She was so professional, so understanding and immediately I felt at ease.
She was confident she could solve the problem, and I hoped she was right. 
Needless to say, that very night I was better than I was when I thought things were working, and have been like that for months now. 
I really am a new man, and I'm here to tell you that when she talks about the aging process reversing with her healing, she means it! Not only is that issue gone, but my over all libido is up, so is my over all energy, and memory. 
I have better sleep, I don't wake up nearly as much to go to the bathroom and I think that's why I'm having more vivid dreams than I did before working with her. I seemed to have sparked the artist in me again too, as I have been highly creative after working with her as well. And on a spiritual level, I do feel much more connected. 
It really is amazing what she can do. 
I cannot thank you enough for your help, Infniti. 

Empathic Sex Counseling

INFINITI is the greatest to talk to if you need advice. She is very open minded and has great knowledge on all subjects. She make you feel at ease and you can open up to her and is nonjudgemental. I highly recommend her.