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Infinity Weaver

1353 Corte Lira
San Marcos California , 92069

Intuitive Session

The first time I met Haley I was drawn to how freely she expressed herself and how she seemed to be immersed in the juiciness of the present moment. The work that Haley and I have done together has benefitted me deeply. Haley has a gift of guiding inward journeys that are rich with imagery and emotion. Each time Haley hold space and facilitates journeying for me, I’ve accessed imagery, clues and deeper realms than I was able to access previously, on my own. Haley's grounded and authentic presence makes it easy to soften walls and move past old limitations. I feel very lucky to have this Goddess in my life!

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

Amazing Experience!!! This was my first time ever to receive a oracle card reading and Haley was amazing! She began with a guided meditation and it was amazing...I’ve never felt more relaxed from one before. She made sure I felt comfortable and kept it private as well. The card reading was absolutely amazing! She explained each card to me and personalized the meaning towards me and afterwards let me take photos of the cards and meanings. She let me be vulnerable but also respected my boundaries. She is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend her!!!

Guided Meditation

I've never done a guided meditation before, and Haley was the best guide I could have imagined! She talked to me the day before to get an idea of what I was hoping for out of our session, and she absolutely delivered. I have never been so calm and relaxed, and at the same time so present. I couldn't have had a meditation experience like this without her guiding me with the best visualization for me to clearly gain and accept a new perspective on my life. She truly has a gift and I recommend everyone have at least one guided meditation session, and Haley is the best choice for your guide! She also gave me the video of our session so I can experience this again, whenever I need it. Thank you thank you thank you haley!!!!

Women's Circle and Sound Healing

Haley is one of the most creative, adaptive, and loving souls I know. I was a part of a women’s circle that she hosted and I am so grateful to have learned from her and to have seen her move seamlessly through the different elements of the day. Her instruction and guidance were inspiring and truly made me feel safe and grounded. The circle concluded with sound healing where Haley’s use of many different techniques and instruments, including her own gorgeous voice, was the most empowering yet calming way to end the day. Haley’s women’s circle was an incredible experience that is one of those things I didn’t know I needed. I highly recommend all services offered by this lovely woman and I look forward to enjoying more of them in the future.

Incredible retreat

I was fortunate enough to attend Haley’s women’s circle retreat and sound bath meditation. Haley individualized her practice to each sister and created a space founded in community and acceptance. She provided us with opportunities to be vulnerable while remaining invested in each sister’s journey. Throughout the event, Haley shared her knowledge in a clear manner. After every event I attend, I leave feeling empowered and inspired to continue my inner work. Haley is a beautiful soul whose passion is undeniable. All women and levels of expertise are welcome and can benefit from Haley’s unique approach to her work.

Haley's Presence, Love, & Intuition is Deeply Supportive!

This SeaStar was able to be present with me in the most vulnerable of places.

Testimonial #8

Where do I even begin.  This gifted soul is amazing and truly cares about everyone around her.  She is not afraid to be vulnerable which allows you to feel the most comfortable around her and not afraid to open up to the unknown.  I have two dream catchers of my own from Haley and have commissioned her for two other ones.  The greatest positive energy radiates from her and her passion.  Her guided  mediations combined with sound healing is speechless and takes you on a journey! Her intuition is also out of this world.

Testimonial #7 Sound Healing

I just attended one of Haley's sound healing sessions and oh my WOW. It was my first time and I happened to be in a very hurting state as things in my life have been very intense so I went with an open heart and the goodness flowed. It was such an intimate experience with only 4 others. I was seriously exhilarated that I could come to such a calm and peaceful mindset just laying on the floor with my thoughts. Haley's guidance and beautiful energy radiates through her work and I can't thank her enough for how far she took me away from my pain. Highly recommend! 

Sound & Meditation

I have attended 3 of her sound healing groups and LOVED each session!! Tonight was the third. I have insomnia pretty bad but after the first two sessions I have had 3-4 full nights sleep in a row.. Apparently I need to do sound healing every 3-4 days so I can sleep!! She intuitively guides you through an amazing journey through Sound Healing!


Haley is freaking amazing! She is so spiritual and passionate about reiki, but she explains it in a way that anyone can understand and get excited about. So as a new comer to the reiki experience, I thought she was perfect. Her energy is calming and really helps you to relax while you let the energy flow. It was an awesome experience. Haley is the bees knees.

Reiki Session and Dream Catcher

Reiki: I had never heard about Reiki before Haley. I had no idea what to expect. The day I got Reiki done, I walked into the room and I immediately felt such good vibes radiating from Haley's room. She asked me to pick an essential oil. There were so many to choose from. I smelled for a while and really liked the scent of 'stress relief'. I laid down and Haley told me to get relaxed. She asked if I had any injuries or if there was anything I wanted to focus on during this session. I told her no, I was just excited to experience Reiki. She started by putting some oil on my forehead and the aroma instantly made me relax even more. She went through and placed her hands on my chakras one my one. It was an experience like nothing else. I felt so much energy moving through my body coming and going in waves. I felt so good, so relaxed, so open, and so peaceful. Pretty sure I fell asleep towards the end lol. My session was 45 minutes. When I woke up, I still felt so much energy pulsating through my body. Haley gave me some water and then we started talking about the session. It was amazing how she was able to perceive some things going on in my life because of my energy in certain chakras. We talked about what I can continue doing to invite more positive, healing energy into my life. I slept wonderful that night. Since my session, I've been working on opening my heart chakra. I feel so good and and I'm thankful to all the work she did. She is spectacular at what she does and I will continue Reiki sessions with her. I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who is curious about this stuff or just wants to live a happier life where you feel more in tune with your true self. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Haley, the work you are doing is so powerful!
Dream Catcher: First of all, the dream catcher I got from Haley is so beautiful, it just makes me happy every time I look at it. I've been sleeping so well with it. I love how it looks in my room and I love how it makes me feel. Definitely so worth it! :) 

Reiki and dream catcher!

Haley made me and my son the most beautiful dream catchers. My son has a mobile that hangs above his crib with healing crystals and he sleeps so much better because of it. I love knowing that he can look up and dream big with all the love and intention that went into weaving it. It is by far my favorite piece in his nursery. It will be passed on to my next child and hopefully theirs as well in the future. My dream catcher helps me to release my fears and anxieties. It is personalized for me and the yellow sunflowers makes me happy every time I look at it. It sits in my living room, so everyone can see it. 
Haley's Reiki was so calming, I almost fell asleep. In my busy working mom life, it is nice to have some time for my healing and my sanity. She could tell where my pain was based on feeling the energy throughout my body. I had energy blocks (chakra blockage) that she helped to remove. I felt ready for my upcoming stressful week because of it. I can't thank her enough for her distance healing because I am rarely in the San Marcos area. I could feel the energy move, with tingles all over my body even through the phone. The cool thing about energy, is it knows no distance. I recommend her to anyone that values their health and balance. 

Reiki Session

When I first heard of Reiki I was sort of a skeptic and was unsure of how it worked. After talking with Haley I felt very comfortable with going ahead and trying this for the first time. Before the session, I warned Haley that I had a terrible head cold but this didn’t stop her from working her energy magic! In fact she spent a lot of time on my face and sinuses working with my head chakra to the point where it actually felt like she was pulling the congestion out of the top of my head as weird as that sounds! The whole process was about an hour and afterward my entire body felt very relaxed. I would definitely go to Haley again for any of my future healing needs.


Sound Healing & Meditation

Haley led a sound healing meditation that was amazing! I enjoy meditating, but I had never participated in a guided sound healing;  I wasn't sure what to expect! When I arrived at the session, I was greeted with a warm smile and Haley's positive energy was radiating from her core. Haley let us all pick out a crystal that we would have with us through our mediation. Then we received cold eye covers (that smelled wonderfully) to help us relax. Haley began to paint a beautiful picture using her words and her Tibetan bowls, as well as different instruments she had to help the sounds fill our souls with healing. I was able to see my boyfriend's mom who has passed away. She led me to find my Grandpa, who has also passed away. I know now that they are happy and hanging out together, which brought me a lot of comfort. Then I saw a family friend who has been a mentor in my life, and she let me know that I need to love, and be open to love, which I have been struggling with. 

Through the soothing sounds, and Haley's words, one is able to feel such unconditional love and acceptance. This enables enough love and acceptance to release any emotions that have been built up, or any personal experiences one may be facing. 

I had a wonderful experience with Haley's sound healing meditation, and would like to participate in others in the future. Haley is very open, and has a lot of knowledge; particularly in helping others feel safe and comfortable through their own sound healing experience. She has a true passion for loving and healing people.  I know YOU will have a amazing experience with Haley as well!