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Infinity Weaver

1353 Corte Lira
San Marcos California , 92069

Sound Healing & Meditation

Haley led a sound healing meditation that was amazing! I enjoy meditating, but I had never participated in a guided sound healing;  I wasn't sure what to expect! When I arrived at the session, I was greeted with a warm smile and Haley's positive energy was radiating from her core. Haley let us all pick out a crystal that we would have with us through our mediation. Then we received cold eye covers (that smelled wonderfully) to help us relax. Haley began to paint a beautiful picture using her words and her Tibetan bowls, as well as different instruments she had to help the sounds fill our souls with healing. I was able to see my boyfriend's mom who has passed away. She led me to find my Grandpa, who has also passed away. I know now that they are happy and hanging out together, which brought me a lot of comfort. Then I saw a family friend who has been a mentor in my life, and she let me know that I need to love, and be open to love, which I have been struggling with. 

Through the soothing sounds, and Haley's words, one is able to feel such unconditional love and acceptance. This enables enough love and acceptance to release any emotions that have been built up, or any personal experiences one may be facing. 

I had a wonderful experience with Haley's sound healing meditation, and would like to participate in others in the future. Haley is very open, and has a lot of knowledge; particularly in helping others feel safe and comfortable through their own sound healing experience. She has a true passion for loving and healing people.  I know YOU will have a amazing experience with Haley as well!

Reiki Session

When I first heard of Reiki I was sort of a skeptic and was unsure of how it worked. After talking with Haley I felt very comfortable with going ahead and trying this for the first time. Before the session, I warned Haley that I had a terrible head cold but this didn’t stop her from working her energy magic! In fact she spent a lot of time on my face and sinuses working with my head chakra to the point where it actually felt like she was pulling the congestion out of the top of my head as weird as that sounds! The whole process was about an hour and afterward my entire body felt very relaxed. I would definitely go to Haley again for any of my future healing needs.