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Inner Balance Life Works

Synergy Center, 4500 Pewter Lane, Bldgs. 8 & 9
Manlius New York , 13104

Tarot Reading

I just had the best reading ever with Katrin!! She is a clear channel and kind soul. She gave me the best reading and knowledge I have ever gotten from a tarot reading. Everyone must experience her. You will not be disappointed. Thank you!!!!! And we are honored to offer her services at Center of Grace in Manlius, New York.

Fantastic yoga instructor

I live over an hour from Syracuse but wanted my sister in Syracuse and her athletic daughters to get turned on to yoga, especially Iyengar yoga which is more atuned to spinal alignment. My current instructor in the Rochester area recommended Katrin and wow! have I been pleased! My 50+ year old sister who has coached swimming and is quite fit for her age was happily surprised to realize how Katrin’s yoga class could eliminate her neck and shoulder pain. She left Katrin’s class so relaxed and happy! The tenseness in her face was gone...and I wound up laughing with my sister over dinner after the first class just amazed at the transformation. Ongoing stress and pain can wreak havoc in one’s daily life. I am so grateful to Katrin for turning my sister on to yoga! In addition, I loved Katrin’s instruction as well and appreciated all the fine details she gives to help me perfect a pose. I also enjoyed the excerpts she selects to read in class! Katrin is a fantastic yoga instructor. I love how her sequences of yoga poses seem to stretch and relax me so beautifullly. I just wish she’d move to my area!

A timely Message

The experience of intuitive tarot reading came into my life at a time when a lot of change was needed, as well as answers about my career choices and opportunities to move on. Having never had an intuitive tarot reading I was really excited to have this amazing experience. Katrin was able to access her guides, and mine to give insight as to what was next in career life and personal life. I received insight about what was next, in terms of a soul mate relationship. Katrin used her intuition to explore my feelings and perceptions about what was going on in my life. A couple weeks have passed and I have already witnessed some of the transitional shifts that were predicted to take place. Each major message was something that I needed to hear about ways that I can take action in my own life, and be the person that I want to be! Ultimately, I learned that I am the person I am looking for and that I have everything within me to lead the most consciously awesome and meaningful life that I want. As well as enjoying the rebirthing, and awakening process that I am in. I am so grateful for this emotional and healing experience that provided a great deal of introspection for me. My intuitive reading with Katrin was insightful tool in my self-actualization process. I am grateful for this amazing experience!

Something of the Divine

I recently had an Evolutionary Soul Tarot Card reading with Katrin and it came at a time in my life when I most needed it. Transitional times can be times of imbalance and my session with Katrin put so many things into a clearer perspective for me. Her ability to not only see what the cards are saying but to hear and feel the message was something of the divine. She constantly checked in, asking if what she was seeing, hearing made sense to me. There were things she couldn’t have known about me that were either confirmed at the reading, or were confirmed a few days after our session. I am in awe of her gift that she chooses to share with others. Being open to what your soul energy is telling you can be confusing sometimes if you don’t know how to tap into it, hear it, understand it. She was the connection I needed to do this and I am incredibly grateful.

Respect and appreciation for Tarot reading talent!

I often approach unknown situations with caution, doubt and critical thinking, particularly when it comes to having a tarot reading. And yet, I felt very quickly that I could trust Katrin, as I appreciated her professional approach and concentration. I could see more clearly things in my life I was reluctant to face. And through her gentle guidance and light, I felt the need to act on what had been draining my energy for quite a long time. The next day, I confronted what I needed to do and felt a huge relief and sensation of freeing myself from carrying something that was not mine to carry. I am, as of today, looking forward to what's ahead with much more clarity and confidence. If one is truly and honestly looking to make difference in one's own life, Katrin's non-judgmental energy inspires you to move forward in a safe and caring way. Respect and appreciation!

Infinite Gratitude, Katrin

Katrin surprises me with her innate ability to speak directly to my soul's highest good, more often than not her words ring with exactly what I need to hear. She has helped me so much in such a short time! She truly sees the whole person and works on every level to heal physical limitations, emotional blocks, limiting thought patterns... She effortlessly navigates both the mind and body to pinpoint exactly what my soul is asking for. When I began searching for a qi-gong instructor and found Katrin, I had no idea I would experience such transformation so quickly! After mentioning that I had difficulty feeling qi in my lower body my entire life, Katrin tailored the class to encourage the movement of energy there. In just two classes I was able to recognize the flow of qi in my legs and feet! With each class I find increased awareness, inner peace and appreciation for the breath. She never fails to guide me out of my thoughts and return me to the now. In her restorative yoga classes I feel stagnancies I hadn't even been aware of dissipate as my body releases tension. Even my mother who had been fearful of yoga after her challenging hip replacement loved the restorative class! I also highly recommend Katrin's tarot and intuitive guidance. I scheduled a reading after experiencing a large failure and losing my sense of direction. I stood up from our session and immediately noticed how much lighter I felt, as though weights had been lifted from me. She provided me with clarity and understanding in areas where I had been blocked for months (in some areas, years!). I appreciated that she encouraged me to record the session so that I could continue to process after leaving. Words really can't express my gratitude for Katrin's healing ability and guidance. We are so incredibly fortunate to have her here in Syracuse... Infinite gratitude, Katrin!


Thank you Katrin for the amazing Tarot Card Reading. It was beautiful and calming experience and I feel you were looking straight into my soul. I feel many of my life issues and anxieties were addressed and I am very much looking forward to exploring many other sessions that you provide. You are a very special, gifted and beautiful woman .

Yoga with Katrin

I am so thankful for the yoga I have been able to take with Katrin. She has greatly helped me learn to release the tension and stress that I carry around in my neck and shoulders. There have been times I’ve considered visiting a doctor for my discomfort, but Katrin’s individualized guidance has helped me to avoid that. She is incredibly knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her services to everyone.

Energy Refueled

I have been going to Katrin's Qigong classes for over two years and I don't think any class has been repeat! Everyone knows something VERY important has happened to me if I ever miss a class. No matter how I feel when the class starts, I always feel like my energy has been refueled, my mood brightened and every muscle in my body has been touched when it is over. Katrin's calm manner, confident approach and sincere interest in each participant keep me coming back. Thanks, Katrin!

Thoughtful Yoga

Katrin comes to every class well prepared. She has planned every move so that there is a natural flow and congruity to the practice. I don’t know how she does it, but I come away after her sessions feeling that I got exactly what I needed for my body, mind and soul.

Three unique features about Katrin

Interview with Katrin Naumann

A top-shelf, multi-talented, New Age Therapist

I have been in Katrin's yoga class for two years now. She integrates everything she knows from very many fields of study into her class - yoga, pranayama, Qi Gong, energy flow, etc. It makes for a wonderful unique eclectic teaching.

Impeccable & Intuitive Qigong Instruction

I have found the Tuesday night Qigong class very beneficial to my health and well-being. The Qigong exercises and breathing have helped me to control my pain in my left shoulder. Katrin is a very intuitive teacher and her instruction is impeccable.

Vibrational Healing and Tarot Reading

My multi-sensory vibrational healing session with Katrin was truly transformative as essential oils, crystals, light therapy and singing bowls enhanced each chakra balancing. I have had other vibrational healings but none came close to this powerful experience. My mind and body were transported elsewhere as Katrin's skilled hands, intuitive vision, and gentle voice soothed and healed. Coupled with my Tarot reading, Katrin's connection to the Divine Source brought forth the wisdom and balancing I was seeking for a particularly challenging time in my life. I am deeply grateful to Katrin and give her my highest recommendation to all souls seeking healing and light. You are a wonderful gift to the Universe Katrin. 

Tarot reading spirit guidance

I feel that the session was useful and helpful in guiding me through a rocky period in my life. I am open and aware and feel a sense of refreshment. Thank you Katrin. I will recommend these services to anyone:)

Magnificent Melange

In a single session that Katrin was kind enough to schedule on very short notice, I received clear, compassioante guidance, insight and a stellar awakening to much I had known but shrouded with layers of fear and anxiety. Katrin held the candle in my corner of confusion - illuminating the essential pathway of inner intention. I use the term "Melange" as I particularly resonated with the aspects of astrology, tarot and divine direction - which resulted in a comprehensive re-route of my path - emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. This door was indeeed, opened by the Universe and Katrin was both welcoming and wise.


I have suffered from PTSD and chronic pain for twenty years.  Katrin suggested I use the Radiant Light Therapy and Essential Oils to assist with my healing.   It has been tremendously helpful!  After only one session I felt significant pain relief.  I have followed with several more sessions and there has been not only a noticeable difference in both my physical health, but in my emotional as well.