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Inner Balance Life Works

Synergy Center, 4500 Pewter Lane, Bldgs. 8 & 9
Manlius New York , 13104

Three unique features about Katrin

Interview with Katrin Naumann

A top-shelf, multi-talented, New Age Therapist

I have been in Katrin's yoga class for two years now. She integrates everything she knows from very many fields of study into her class - yoga, pranayama, Qi Gong, energy flow, etc. It makes for a wonderful unique eclectic teaching.

Impeccable & Intuitive Qigong Instruction

I have found the Tuesday night Qigong class very beneficial to my health and well-being. The Qigong exercises and breathing have helped me to control my pain in my left shoulder. Katrin is a very intuitive teacher and her instruction is impeccable.

Vibrational Healing and Tarot Reading

My multi-sensory vibrational healing session with Katrin was truly transformative as essential oils, crystals, light therapy and singing bowls enhanced each chakra balancing. I have had other vibrational healings but none came close to this powerful experience. My mind and body were transported elsewhere as Katrin's skilled hands, intuitive vision, and gentle voice soothed and healed. Coupled with my Tarot reading, Katrin's connection to the Divine Source brought forth the wisdom and balancing I was seeking for a particularly challenging time in my life. I am deeply grateful to Katrin and give her my highest recommendation to all souls seeking healing and light. You are a wonderful gift to the Universe Katrin. 

Tarot reading spirit guidance

I feel that the session was useful and helpful in guiding me through a rocky period in my life. I am open and aware and feel a sense of refreshment. Thank you Katrin. I will recommend these services to anyone:)

Magnificent Melange

In a single session that Katrin was kind enough to schedule on very short notice, I received clear, compassioante guidance, insight and a stellar awakening to much I had known but shrouded with layers of fear and anxiety. Katrin held the candle in my corner of confusion - illuminating the essential pathway of inner intention. I use the term "Melange" as I particularly resonated with the aspects of astrology, tarot and divine direction - which resulted in a comprehensive re-route of my path - emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. This door was indeeed, opened by the Universe and Katrin was both welcoming and wise.


I have suffered from PTSD and chronic pain for twenty years.  Katrin suggested I use the Radiant Light Therapy and Essential Oils to assist with my healing.   It has been tremendously helpful!  After only one session I felt significant pain relief.  I have followed with several more sessions and there has been not only a noticeable difference in both my physical health, but in my emotional as well.

Breathwork...Yoga Therapy.. Light Therapy. Healing on the Inside and Outside

Illuminating and surprising experience...opening to a more personal spirituality. I completely trust Katrin and was able to drop into a deep place of stillness to create a more intense opening, as well as release energertic blockages.   Katrin's gift for healing is intuitive, innovative and professional. Katrin is always grounded, and her generosity and giving spririt show up in every session. I look forward to each session.

Holistic Healing for the Whole Self

Katrin has been insturmental in my recovery from Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis and the side effects of traditional treatment.  Her creative and thoughtful compliment of healing methodolgies were instrumental in my emerging from illness into wellness. I recommend her highly.

Powerful Chakra Cleansing Workshop

I attended Katrin’s “Cutting the Ties that Bind” workshop, not knowing what I was in for. It was one of the most powerful workshops I have attended for releasing old energetic patterns. When I left, I was realigned and infused with positive energy. I felt physically lighter and more grounded. I love Katrin’s guided meditations. Her soothing voice makes it easy to enter the realm of pure self. Thank you, Katrin!

A Peaceful Pregnancy

During my pregnancy, I experienced some anxiety, as I prepared to become a parent. I couldn't resolve the feelings, and just kept getting stuck. I felt guilty for feeling so anxious, while carrying my baby. I wanted to be happy and free during such an exciting time of my life! Through visualization and breathing techniques, Katrin was unbelievable in guiding me to understand, process, and grow past the emotions that were weighing me down. Katrin helped me to process my thoughts in a way they now flow peacefully through my mind, instead of allowing them to create such frustration and anxiety. Even postpartum, these strategies are still helping me to remain at peace! Thank you, Katrin!

Vibrational Healing - A Life Changer

Katrin has proved to be a life-changing force for me. When dealing with particularly difficult life experiences, she has helped to guide me towards a road filled with inner peace, balance, and strength. Her advice and counsel have been unimaginably accurate, gentle, and empowering. But what I have really benefitted from are the tools she taught me to continue my progress towards a well-balanced life. Yoga, visualization, breath work, and daily meditation have decreased my situational anxiety. Katrin has an uncanny ability to sense what you need, what you want, and how to get you there. I would not be where I am without her help and I am so very grateful!

A Turning Point In My Healing

I took Katrin's Mandala class when I was feeling completely lost and broken after my husband's death just six months prior. Through the workshop I found all my scattered pieces, and was able to begin to learn that I am not a person who lost her other half, but that I am really whole and complete. This was a virtual turning point in my healing. The therapy of the mandala helped me have a visual of how my mind was working and I was then able to start mending.

Mandala As Meditation Workshop

Katrin Naumann is a poised and skillful teacher. I attended her workshop “Mandala As Meditation” in February, 2014 and left feeling centered and calm.

Katrin did an excellent presentation that worked for both beginners (many in the group) and people experienced with meditation and Eastern traditions. Her explanations and images were compelling and engaging. The group was well prepared to try the experiential part of her workshop. The experiential work with Mandala creation in black and white and color gave me a new tool and useful techniques for calming myself in any situation. During most of the workshop, participants worked individually. At the end, the group mandala work brought us together into relationship. It was an excellent way to end.

I highly recommend Katrin Naumann and her work.

Elaine Mansfield
Leaning into Love: A Spiritual Journey through Grief (Oct. 2014)
Gold Medal IPPY Award Winner for Aging/Death and Dying


I took Yoga from Katrin for a couple of years and enjoyed it very much. I realized how important the little things are and yet again, how insignificant they can be. I benefited from her teachings not only in the practice of yoga but in her wonderful messages at the end of the sessions. Always left with a sense of well being.

Guidance & Mentoring

After having practiced yoga at a local health facility for a few years, I realized that I wanted a more meaningful experience - so I searched for a teacher and found Katrin and Inner Balance Life Works. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!
In addition to facilitating my growth in yogic breathing, poses and philosophy, Katrin has provided guidance and mentoring while I identify and create my own life vision.
As well, Katrin has helped me to consider and strengthen the common threads running through my life while helping me explore new ways to incorporate those threads.
Because of our ongoing work together, I live my life with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

QI Gong Taught By Katrin

I am a student of Katrin's and love her Qi Gong class. She is an excellent teacher who has passion and expertise for her subject and her students.
She explains theories so well and the exercises are so beneficial for our mind, body and spirit. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to learn under such a talented and remarkable teacher. I would recommend this class to everyone.
In gratitude,
Margaret Chao