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Inner Balance Life Works

Synergy Center, 4500 Pewter Lane, Bldgs. 8 & 9
Manlius New York , 13104

Emotional Wellbeing

I have been attending Katrin's weekly Gentle Yoga class at CNY Healing Arts Wellness Center for almost three years now and absolutely love it. I still eagerly look forward to it each week and I'm continually amazed by how she manages to make each session new and different. I also really appreciate and benefit from how she gently weaves in some spirituality and life coaching elements into the class. It's an added dimension that furthers the restorative nature of the class for me.

Katrin if clearly passionate about the healing arts and has deeply devoted herself to the practice. I feel honored and privileged to be a regular student of hers. She has been key contributor to my improved emotional well being over the years, for which I am very grateful. Thank you, Katrin.

Emotional Responsibility

Working with Katrin in yoga, qi gong therapy, and life coaching has profoundly impacted my approach to life. I thought I had my stuff together, but Katrin helped me see how much I was hiding behind excuses and rationalizations. I've learned to take more responsibility for my decisions and opinions instead of passing them off on "people." It's not always super comfortable, I have to say, but neither is peeling off a scab. Sometimes you just have to do it. To free the wound to breathe and heal. I used to react to many things in anger, frustration, or lashing out against people. I used to internalize the anger of others and let myself twist everything up into negative, judgemental stimulus. But that wasn't quite right and just twisted everything up further. Working with Katrin helped me really listen to myself. I can deal with adversity better, and react with a lot less aggression towards others.


Katrin's presence is one of healing and calm. After working with Katrin I always leave feeling more centered, grounded and with a better focus on what I need to be spiritually, physically and mentally healthy. Katrin has assisted me with breathing instruction, Chakra balancing, and Raindrop Therapy with essential oils. She also prepared for me an Evolutionary Soul Chart (Astrological Chart) that I found shockingly accurate and I refer to it often. It is almost like a user's manual for myself. I'm grateful to have known Katrin for several years now as I am a much healthier person because of our work together.


I was lucky enough to study Iyengar yoga with Kat for more than 2 years.

Sadly, I left the Syracuse area several years ago and have not been able to find a class that can equal Kat’s. Only Iyengar leaves me feeling as peaceful and fully stretched! Kat’s instruction is absolutely world-class. One class in particular was held in the early morning (6:30 as I recall). We would rise with the sun on those days, feeling alive while warming our bodies. But at any time of day Iyengar can have a positive effect on body and mind. The stretching is very precise and deep (in terms of holding poses for lengthy periods of time), which requires significant concentration. Although it has been years since I’ve studied with her, the effects of her classes are still apparent in my life. I can think of no higher praise for a yoga instructor.

Angelic Energy

I have been working with Katrin for a number of years, doing Yoga and receiving council.
For myself, I have found the Yoga very helpful, as my body is growing older. I can see great improvement in my posture and flexibility.

Just being in her presence is a healing experience. She carries a tremendous amount of light that she freely shares with all. I find her energy to be Angelic.
Her counseling is based in Self. She has a caring Soul. Her mind is clear and bright and I am always uplifted by her energy.

Highly recommended!!!

David Harry Davis
Founder of Seven Rays Bookstore and
The School of the New Light, Physician of the Soul,

Mind, Body & Spiritual Alignment

I have known Katrin for twenty five years and have had the privilege of having many sessions with her. She is very intuitive and utilizes that gift in all aspects of her energy healing practice and spiritual alignment. With her extensive knowledge and ability to read clients, she implements techniques that will meet their needs. Most recently she utilized a combination of energy work, tarot readings and counseling sessions to assist me with some complex issues that helped with my mind and body connection as well as the flow of Qi. I can't recommend her enough!

Vibrational Healing

I met Katrin at a Yoga class and was immediately drawn to her. During one session of Vibrational Healing she was able to uncover issues from the past that have plagued me for years. Through a follow up session I was able to develop a plan to deal with these very issues that prevented me from living a life of abundance and experiencing inner peace. I was definitely skeptical at first, but I approached everything with an open mind and I was amazed at the results. If you want to change your life, and start living every day to the fullest, Go see Katrin! She has incredible healing powers.

A Road Toward Healing

My family suffered a tragic loss a month ago. My husband and I were suffering unspeakable grief. I reached out to Katrin by phone and had a session that helped us start on a road towards a great amount of healing. Katrin's words soothed us both. I also felt I was being heard. She has a way about her that calmed and focused me, and my family. Thank you

Insightful Guidance

My brief time working with Katrin has manifested a thousand fold. Her focused insight, gentle truth telling, and radiant love, allowed me to leave our time together, armed with the confidence, knowledge and courage to branch into a new work project, address staffing issues, and most importantly begin resolving old relationship injuries in my personal life. She is gifted, wise beyond her years, and completely dedicated to those who avail themselves of her many tools. My hope for anyone is that they make time to work with Katrin and fearlessly open themselves to her gifts.

Intuitive Tarot Reading

I recently sat with Katrin for a spiritual tarot card reading. Unlike other readings I've had, which only provided general information that could apply to anyone, Katrin really honed in on issues that were central in my life without me having provided any information to her. When, after she finished the reading, and I shared with her how her reading closely mirrored the issues in my life, she was very caring and thoughtful in her recommendations and guidance. The experience was enlightening and cleansing, to say the least. If you are looking for an insightful and thought provoking experience, I would highly recommend meeting with Katrin

Astrological Reading

Since working with Katrin I have become more aware of my personal strengths and weaknesses and how I can better achieve balance in my life. She had made an astrological chart for me that was very accurate. The Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance have been beneficial in starting my own business as well as in Life.

Knowledge & Insight

Last year I had to face the ends of my twenty year marriage and an even longer relationship with alcohol. I had the good fortune to work with Katrin, who had the knowledge and insight to help me understand what was happening with my life and to see my way forward. Katrin's guidance has made this difficult time much easier and I see changes in my life as just that, changes, and not tragedies

Qi Gong, Vibrational Healing & Yoga

Katrin has unique qualities to be found nowhere else. She is a true visionary, gifted healer, creative artist, compassionate spirit and peaceful soul. I have been fortunate to have had Katrin in my life during a time of great emotional and physical pain after the untimely death of my husband. Her deep, knowing skills in Yoga, Qi Gong and Vibrational Healing along with her amazing intuitive power have helped me immensely. Being in Katrin's healing presence is a gift to mind, body and soul.

Yoga & Breath

I have studied yoga with Katrin for more than 7 years. I find her to be a patient, thorough, creative teacher. She is a very grounded presence and very attuned to the needs of her students. Since I’ve been studying with Katrin, my breath capacity has increased, my posture has improved (even my chiropractor is impressed!), and shoulder pain, which had plagued me for years has dissipated completely. Practicing under Katrin's guidance has also brought a measure of spiritual calm into my life. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Clarity & Inspiration

“When I met Katrin 5 years ago, She was teaching Yoga at LeMoyne College. My husband and I took her class together and found our physical ailments fading the more we worked with her. As a Licensed Massage Therapist with a shoulder injury, I can safely say Katrin's Iyengar Yoga classes aided enormously in realigning the scar tissue that had accumulated in the joint. I have also had the pleasure of taking her Restorative yoga class, which was one of the most clarifying experiences of my life. I walked into the class feeling stressed and panicky over various work situations but throughout the course of the hour and a half all of that melted away and I left focused and ready to take on the world.

Katrin has also been an inspiration for me by educating me on the power of positive language. She explained how words like "trying" imply inactivity. It was amazing to evaluate my speech patterns and see how often I was holding myself back with self-doubt. After discovering this issue and working hard to acknowledge that I'm not "trying" to do something, I "AM" doing it, I've found my life and business progressing forward steadily.

In addition to all of her skills, Katrin is simply a wonderful person to be around. Whenever we get together, it's like a breath of fresh air has blown in and I find myself letting out deep sighs to release the tension that has been stored inside me. It is a privilege to know Katrin and have her in my life.