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Timothy Tomlinson Ministries

6715 NE 63rd St #103-352
Vancouver WA , 98661
United States

Light in the dark!

I was rejected from my father and mother before I was even born! As I grew up it was apparent that I was unwanted, rejected and physically abused. These past wounds have tormented me with PTSD, Depression, Self-hate, Self-Harm (cutting) and Suicidal Thoughts. I've been in pain and tormented most of my life from my abuse as a child. I knew I needed help like I have in the past however I didn't want to see another counselor or psychiatrist because talking about it or medicating doesn't truly heal me. 
Pastor Timothy prayed with me after I shared with him some major traumas from childhood. He was very compassionate, caring and understood how to heal deep soul wounds that I thought were unhealable. For the first time in 38 years there are no bad emotions associated with my past abuse as a child! What a miracle!
I have more healing to do on other things however Pastor Timothy gave me the tools to do inner healing on myself. Thank you Pastor Timothy for being a light in the dark!

The Lord is good!

I contacted Pastor Timothy for prayer on Facebook for my family to be united, a new job for my husband and healing for his body. The Lord is good! He has answered my prayer requests and healed my husband, the Lord also provided a great job for him as well and God has united my family and brought them back together. Thank you Jesus for providing for me and my family and answering my prayer requests. Thank you Pastor Timothy for coming in agreement with us in Jesus name. 

Confirmation of God's word

Praise the Lord as I was on Facebook and I saw one of your videos regarding a prophetic word for a woman named Luiza.
That's me!
This was a confirmation of God's word over my life. When you spoke it was as if you knew me because you were calling out God had already told me and then you spoke about my God healing my hand and I knew that God was answering my prayers. God healed my hand that very moment and now all things are possible with God.

Depression Gone!

Hello my name is Beth and I'm from Kenia.I want to share with you what the Lord has done in my life. I have a daughter suffering from depression and from drug addiction. I was so desperate after visiting many addiction counseling homes I was only left with one option. God! One day I was online and saw Pastor Timothy preaching and talking about  praying for the Lord's people so I decided to reach to him and have Pastor Timothy pray for me, my daughter and my household. We prayed together and my daughter got well, delivered from drugs and she is now back in school. She is not the same person she was and she is very calm and happy.

My personal life has changed as well and I'm very well in Jesus name. I want to thank God for always being there for when people call upon Him. The only place you can turn to when there is nothing left is God.

I would like to thank Pastor Timothy for sharing his preaching on social media that enabled us to find him. At times when you are so down it's hard to pray alone so you need somebody to pray for you and that's what Pastor Timothy did that.

Alternative Approaches to Healing

I have had the pleasure of working with Timothy Tomlinson and I must admit that so far he has had a tremendous impact on my life. Being a physician myself and having been hospitalized as well as medicated for a number of diagnoses, including Manic-Depressive, PTSD and psychosis, I applaud Timothy for his courage and willingness to use alternative approaches to healing.

His approach and dynamic skills set is commendable. In all sincerity, Pastor Timothy has been a God sent. He is incredibly dedicated, empathetic, patient, down-to-earth, responsive and most importantly, listens without being judgmental.  If anyone is thinking about working with him, I would strongly encourage them to go for it.

Heart-felt thanks

I just want to give a BIG shout-out and heart-felt thanks to Timothy for the amazing job he has been doing. I only wish I had met him earlier. Timothy’s personable nature and genuine passion for his clients and their overall ``healing” is evident. He is incredibly skilled at cutting through a variety of nuances to get to the core of what will really assist us. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety and panic attacks 6 years ago. Despite several interventions and medications, it was just impossible for the problem to go away.
Timothy was recommended to me by a very close family friend. Initially, I was skeptical but later decided to give him a try and I am quite glad I did. Since I started having 1 on 1 sessions with him, I have experienced many amazing breakthroughs. He’s taught me to never give up, believe in God and always know that God will make a way for me.  I am happier and more fulfilled. I know I can call upon him whenever I am in need. 100% Recommend!

Whole Body Healing

If anyone reading this is still in a doubt whether he/she should work with Pastor Timothy, here are my thoughts about my counseling sessions and healing experience with him: He is a professional, knowledgeable, extremely dedicated and caring. My healing sessions for DID (Dissociative Identity disorder) with him didn't just involve healing the brain, but my whole body, mind and spirit. Through his work, I was able to get well and maintain my health without medications or their accompanying side effects. This journey has been worth every penny. It's real. I heartily recommend!

Believe in Miracles

Even though GOD wants us to believe in miracles, it doesn’t mean he can’t send someone or something along the way to help us. I met Timothy in a very low point in my life- I was just coming back from Iraq and had just been diagnosed with PTSD. I was down and felt LOST.I really didn't know what to do. The pain and sorrow I felt seemed impossible to get past. 
Working with Timothy changed all of that. His spiritual guidance and soul wounds counseling sessions helped me face the toughest challenges in my life. He was effective, committed and caring. I consider myself very lucky to have access to someone like him, with GRATITUDE.

There is just no way for me to express!

I can't speak highly enough of my experience working with Pastor Timothy. Before I met him, I had been on the bipolar train ride for almost 3 years. I was living in a perceived world of surreal highs and devastating lows. I was depressed and suicidal. It was a stroke of luck I came across Pastor Timothy, after was recommended to me by a colleague.

Working with him has really been rewarding. He is incredibly patient, kind, motivating and always has my best interest at heart. His 1 on 1 Inner Healing counseling sessions weren’t what I thought they would be, Pastor Timothy truly does care about healing the brokenhearted.

There is just no way for me to express how much I appreciate the tremendous value of my counseling/healing sessions with him. He is a rare gem and an expert in his field. I heartily recommend him!