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I have seen at least 5 counselers in my lifetime and nothing of what they had suggested for me has worked as efficiently and effectively as the EFT Technique and hypnosis that Funda introduced me to. I was able to get more out of 3 sessions with Funda using what she taught me than I have gotten from years of therapy elsewhere. I learned how to discover and address what the real issues where from the hypnosis and how to effectively deal with them from the EFT. My life is now changing before my eyes and I know I owe that to what I have learned from Funda and her teachings.Kaleena QI realize there are many Hypnotherapists out there, but I dare say that none can compare to you. Another therapist could have easily provided me with the tools you did, but it was your infectious positive attitude and genuine interest in my journey and successes, that has helped fuel my desire and my belief to succeed. I continue to work toward my goal and have discovered that you have given me an important puzzle piece that will not only help me today, but for the rest of my life. For that I truly thank you.

Dear Dr. Kahn, I want to thank you for the great success that you helped me realize in my pro/am ballroom dance competition. Our work together along with the powerful tools that you have given me allowed me to surpass all prior competition performances. I danced in excess of 100 heats over a three day period at the largest and most competitive international gathering of my five years competing. For the first time I experienced no anxiety of fear; instead, I experienced exhilaration and total confidence, never anticipating the future challenge or dwelling on the past performance. I danced in the moment and joyfully. This experience alone was a dramatic change from prior competitions. The fact that I won the top student award and the top solo performance in my category was a direct result of the work we did together. Our work together has positively impacted all facets of my life. I am happier and more effective as a person in all relations: family, personal, business.Thank you, Dr. Funda, you made a important positive impact on my life.Carrie Cockerham   Feb 4, 2010 After receiving a cancer diagnosis with the treatment proposal of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I felt as though I was no longer in control of my life. I was filled with so many negative emotions: fear, anger, self-pity (why me?), guilt, and jealousy of my friends “normal” lives. With Funda’s help, I learned to use EFT and Hypnotherapy to release the negative energy and replace it with positive energy, thoughts and feelings. Prior to the cancer diagnosis, I was an avid exerciser. I ran 5 miles a day/5 times a week. I was afraid that my life as I knew it B.C. (Before Cancer) was being taken away from me. But I was wrong! Throughout my treatment I was able to continue my exercise program, which was very important to me. I cut down to 3-4 days a week running 4 miles at a time. I was even able to complete a 5k race (and Funda joined me!) during the end of chemo. Everyone always says “stay positive” when they find out that you have cancer. But actually doing that while going through so much is not easy when you don’t know how! I now know that I can handle anything that life may throw at me using the Hypnotherapy and healing techniques I’ve learned from Funda. Thanks so much for all that you do! Love and Gratitude!