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For many years, I’ve been struggling with self-discipline and a critical inner voice stemming from childhood abuse. Funda was instrumental in helping me to separate the unruly ego from the emotional inner child through visualization, self-hypnosis and EFT. I’m grateful to her for giving me the tools to free myself, and I really appreciate her kindness, dedication, and professionalism.


I went to see Dr. Khan for help with a mental block of my golf game and had an amazing life-changing experience learning from her. She taught me so much about how the mind/body works. She easily identified areas where I needed improvement and helped me work on those. I cannot say enough great things about her. I am extremely grateful that I found her.


Dr. Funda saved my little boy. My son had developed extreme OCD due to a head trauma he experienced. After seeing 3 other therapists which were not able to help him at all, I was thankfully referred to Dr. Funda through a mutual friend. . Dr. Funda was able to explain to my 12 yr old how to talk and relate to his inner child. He was taught the method of tapping which helped him tremendously. His anxiety issues and his persistent OCD habits began to slowly diminish. I was skeptical in the beginning but just after only 3 sessions I could not believe the progress my son had made. EFT works!! I can not say enough about Dr. Funda and her ability to make a 12yr old boy understand of how to speak to his inner child, connect with his ego, taught him the skills of tapping to ease his OCD and also last but not least he was able to learn self hypnosis. I can not thank Dr. Funda enough for what she has done for my son and I will be forever grateful!

Testimonial #31

Dr. Kahn treated my wounded inner child with EFT( emotional freedom technique & energy psychology )and a guiding to my subconscious and the memory of a traumatic experience with my father. She was able to have me relive the drama and at the same time describing the fear, anger, pain and sadness as the experience went along. I performed the tapping and repeated the technique three times and each time the pain etc. became less and was washed away from my wounded inner child of eight years of age. I have stopped consuming alcohol for the last 11 days, and I do not feel much anxiety or craving to start drinking. This is definitely a new experience for me and I am looking forward to continuing the tapping not just for the drinking but as a way of life. Also freed myself from two panic attacks within five minutes each time just by tapping.Robert Arreola, May 29, 2018, Glendale California

Testimonial #30

Funda has provided a way of helping me to find out some of the reasons for the anger, frustration and unhappiness I have been experiencing and exhibiting over the past many years. Funda helped me become aware of my inner child and the significance of traumatic events that occurred during my childhood. By teaching me sleep hypnosis and then helping me learn how to perform self-hypnosis, I have turned the corner and am changing my subconscious (inner child) in ways that are making me happier, more patient and less frustrated.  I still have a ways to go but her gentle pushing and love is helping me to become the person I (and my wife) want me to be. 

Many thanks to Funda!

My 8 year old son was suffering from allergies, dermatitis and started developing stress induced astma. Dr. Kahn was able to talk to him and explain tapping and EMotional Freedom Technique. He was able to open about some deep grieving issues that were literally suffocating him and release that stress and sadness. It was fascinating watching Dr. Kahn work with him and teach him to help himself. Thank you for changing our lives for better.

Dr Funda Kahn is an excellent EFT practitioner who is deeply interested in the well being of her clients. Through inquiry she gets right to the heart of the matter and provides a thorough clearing of the presenting issue. Dr Kahn is kind, compassionate and invested in the positive results of her clients. I highly recommend her for anyone who is interested in clearing an issue with EFT.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity B.D B.D.Certified Hypnotist Funda, I feel the EFT combined with inner child work you offer can be a valuable instrument to help clients move past emotional blocks. I enjoyed your class as it was well prepared and informative with great handouts and practical information. I know I will find it another useful tool for my practice.

Dr Kahn worked with my 8 year old son, teaching him how to deal with stress and anger. After only 4 sessions, he is a new man. He understood all the concepts and now dealing with everyday issues like an adult. Amazing work Dr Kahn. Thank you.

My 8 year old son was suffering from allergies, dermatitis and started developing stress induced astma. Dr. Kahn was able to talk to him and explain tapping and EMotional Freedom Technique. He was able to open about some deep grieving issues that were literally suffocating him and release that stress and sadness. It was fascinating watching Dr. Kahn work with him and teach him to help himself. Thank you for changing our lives for better.

After only one session with Dr. Funda Kahn, I knew that I was dealing with a therapist who was very gifted in her field. She has helped me achieve a personal confidence that I never before experienced in my life. After a session in which we worked on my asthma, I experienced marked improvement and later on that week, I experienced several days of the most wonderful breathing that I have had in the last 17 years since my asthma began. I am now about to complete my sixth session and have confidence that this will be another wonderful event. I leave the sessions with a creativity, a euphoria and an ability to engage life that is just wonderful!StanleyI went to Dr.Kahn to enable me to stop smoking…I was a hard core case who had tried everything there was to stop smoking. She was very successful in hypnotizing me where others have failed and her EFT technique that she taught me are valuable in dealing with many things in life besides a smoking problem. (I also used the technique for a pain problem.) I found her to have a very charming personality and someone you would enjoy getting to know. I was continually impressed with her very caring and special demeanor that certainly enhanced the entire process. She is certainly a very competent professional. She is someone that I would highly recommend!

Dr. Funda Kahn has helped me more that I could of ever hoped. She made me feel at home and welcomed from the minute I arrived.She listens to you when you speak and uses your own words when speaking to you during hypnotherapy and it's incredibly powerful. I went in to learn how to enjoy my job again (bored ready to quit). I ended up not only loving my job, but after a few sessions I was actually getting many issues of my life on track. In a matter of a few appointments I now know what to do if I'm scarred, depressed, feeling unglued or don't know what to do next. Dr. Kahn taught me to tap each day and sends me a daily reminder with many choices to choose from. If you do it 30 days in a row you can break old habits as she and the site explains. Also, I use to take medication to go to sleep (for over 4 years) every night and now tap and immediately go to sleep. This has been an incredible experience and I am so grateful!

I am so grateful for Dr. Kahn's guidance! She helped me let go off the past, release old habits and create lasting positive changes in my life. Through our work together, I was able to reconnect with the deepest parts of myself and find joy, fulfillment in my life again.

I have found Funda's work to be powerfully transformative and incredibly wonderful. Learning the "Huna Mind"/in Huna philosophy, in 3 short weeks I had the biggest transformation of my life and I am forever grateful for the gift of this work. I highly recommend Dr Kahn to anyone who is ready to take control of their life and live your dreams.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I obtained my NGH Hypnotism Training and Certification under the leadership of Dr. Funda Kahn. Funda to me is a precious gem; her presence in my life is instrumental to establishing my own alternative healing practice. I am thankful for the gifts I received from Funda; her passion for learning, healing and teaching is inspiring and very contagious. I am grateful to Funda for teaching me what she has accumulated over a lifetime of learning. Our changing world needs practitioners and educators who are not afraid to open their heart to whatever they may be doing. If you are looking to improve your own well-being and feel better—I recommend Dr. Funda Kahn as a healer, a practitioner. If you have a genuine desire to help people and are looking for a new stream of income—I recommend Dr. Funda Kahn as your potential educator in the realm of alternative well-being modalities. Perhaps becoming an EFT practitioner or hypnotist is in your future?!

"Funda Khan's Hypnosis Classes are fun and exciting. She teaches the latest hypnosis techniques so you learn how to hypnotize properly and with ease. Funda gives you all the tools you need to be a successful hypnotist."

Dr Funda is such a blessing to me,tremendous help in releasing lots of childhood emotional trauma,help seeing underlying believes system that I was totally unaware of...that were blocking me...all the sabotage I was doing to myself and to my relationships...unconsciously!Every session feels like an little awakening,leaving lighter and peaceful!
I feel she's very gifted for this type of work and I love working with her.

I was a “dental phobic”. I had not walked into a dentis’s office in 40 years. Before that, I went only once a year because school required a check-up. I had never had a dental work, not even a single cavity. But, I had lived through a family of dental horror stories. My mother, my aunt, my uncle, my was all the same. First endured pain..incredible pain. Then pulled teeth, then failed bridges and failed implants; what suffering, what agony…finally, at last a denture. At age 56, an unthinkable happened. My front tooth cracked. I was beside myself. I could not go to a dentist even though I wanted to. Three months later, the tooth next to it was chipped. I had a gap in my mouth. I chewed gum to try to cover it. I retreated from strangers. I refused to see old friends or distant relatives. I thought about my ugly teeth constantly but still I could not see a dentist. I was terrified. Every friend and family member offered to help. They all wanted to take me to a dentist, to hold my hand, to make an appointment. Anything that would allow me to see the one of dreaded dentist. One of my cousin is my internist. His best friend is his dentist. He said “I will arrange it all. I will go with you. I will give you medication to relax you and be there with you.” I could not do it. For me, a visit to the dentist was impossible. Dr.Evan came up with another idea. He had another friend-Dr.Funda Kahn, a hypnotist, maybe she could help me to overcome my “phobia”. I made the appointment. I had little hope for success, but I was desperate. My experience with hypnosis in the past was quaking and flapping like a chicken at a sweet 16 birthday. It was fun, but pointless. My visits to Dr.Funda were nothing like the sweet-sixteen party game. I was never “put under”. Instead, I was taught to relax and self hypnotize . We explored the reasons for my fear. We discovered my terrified “Inner Child”. We calmed her with hypnosis and EFT. Low and Behold, in just four short weeks, Dr.Funda made a dental appointment. We went together. We made a dental plan. With Dr.Funda’s help I was able to carry it out. Today, two years later, I have a full set of beautiful teeth. The dental work was not painful and quite easy. I now see Dr. Joel twice a year for check-ups. I don’t love dental visits, but I am not a “dental phobic”. Funda Kahn, you are a miracle worker and a wonderful kind, caring friend. Thank you for a job well done. Sue Rogull

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Kahn for helping me at a time that I was very vulnerable and suffering greatly. 
She is compassionate, caring, and highly knowledgeable and competent. She is also very intuitive and is able to provide unique and valuable insights.