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Integrated Hypnosis

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Edina Minnesota , 55435
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I found really great results with hypnosis

I’ve been a non smoker 2-1/2 years now

I knew I couldn’t stop smoking on my own. I was at my wits end, so discouraged that I kept letting myself down, unable to quit for good. Hypnosis to me was a calming, comfortable guided meditation, along with beautiful supportive visualizations, created by me with the help of Josh. I needed just a handful of sessions. I walked out the last day knowing I was done. A switch went off. I had zero rough days in the beginning like many people have, and I’ve been a non smoker 2-1/2 years now. I never think about smoking. I am so grateful for my work with Josh.

A True Professional and a Master Of His Craft

Josh is a true professional and a master of his craft. I was skeptical of hypnotherapy before I met with Josh, but after three sessions I have made significant progress toward my goals. Josh was a great listener and I felt 100% at ease during our sessions. Highly, highly recommend!

I Finally Feel That I Have Control Over My Anxiety

I highly recommend Josh from Integrated Hypnosis. He truly helped me learn to manage my stress and anxiety. I have always had high anxiety and suffered from extreme test anxiety. Josh helped me find the root causes of my anxiety and also helped me develop multiple tools for me to use to help manage these stressful times. It has been about 4 months since My last appointment and I have still been utilizing these tools everyday. I did use these relaxation tools before and even during my boards exam to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. I finally feel that I have control over my anxiety.

I wouldn't hesitate sending my friends and family members to Josh!

This was my first experience with hypnosis and Josh was incredible! He really listened to my concerns and helped me work through the fears I was having. At first I was a little hesitant to seek out hypnosis and then afraid of being disappointed in the results. Josh took the time to sit down and listen to my concerns with being hypnotized and walked me through the whole process. He even listened to my feedback about how to make my hypnosis session even more powerful (I found benefit from increased relaxation time to help me get deeper into hypnosis) and then incorporated this into each of our sessions. I was happy to report back each week that I was calmer, my boundaries firmer, and my business was flourishing! I wouldn't hesitate sending my friends and family members to Josh!

Josh was terrific!

I wasn't sure hypnotherapy would work for me, but I got a lot out of it. It did more to help me with long-standing patterns of anxiety and stress than anything else I've tried. Josh was terrific!

I continue to heal

I came for hypnosis due to a persistent cough. I was told by my referring doctor that my coughing had a psychological component which was not being reached. I was willing to see what hypnosis might do for me as I have been working on the coughing for over 6 years.


After the first session I felt immediate relief. No, the cough was not gone, but the breathing was now deep and about 50% better. I knew then that this would definitely help me. As we progressed (6 total sessions) the coughing had diminished by about 85%. That is a win in my eyes because I know I continue to heal from many years of coughing.


The added benefit were other issues that the sessions allowed me to access and begin to sort out which were contributing to the underlying coughing. Mr. Peters conducted himself with honesty and intergrity at all times. I was at ease with him at all times and the results of the interaction.

His style was a great fit for me.

I had a really positive experience working with Josh to help me transform my fear of heights before a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon. We did 3 sessions together before my trip and I was able to thoroughly enjoy myself, even in places that would have freaked me out before.


I'd never tried hypnosis before; I experienced it as a guided visualization/ meditation which was perfect for me. Josh helped me explore, unpack, and reframe what triggered my fear reaction, and experience other ways of responding to those triggers. His style was a great fit for me.


Choosing a therapist is a deeply personal decision, but if you're considering hypnosis, I'd recommend contacting Josh - he offers an initial meeting/consultation at no cost. As always in therapy, your mileage may vary. But working with Josh was certainly helpful for me.

I am free at last!

I've been fighting addiction to tobacco and nicotine for 42 + years. None of the conventional ways to quit worked for me so I went to see Joshua. After he determined I would be a good candidate for hypnosis I made the appointment. Best thing I have done for myself as he helped me find the tools within myself to finally beat this addiction. And I am free at last!!! Thank you Joshua -

Very satisfied with the results!

I’d never used hypnosis before and had friends recommend it for helping with mild anxiety. A relative told me about Joshua. Very satisfied with the results!

Incredibly Powerful

It is one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had

It feels like winning the lottery!

Josh is a very gifted hypnotherapist!! He balances professionalism and personal rapport so well that I felt both safe and comfortable with him immediately. I also felt like he has a genuine interest in helping me to meet my goals and he really tailored the whole process to what I need, personally. Josh has a special quality to his voice that is calm and reassuring, but direct. It was very easy to relax into hypnosis and he was unconditionally present, and also very intuitive, throughout the whole process. It’s obvious that he is passionate about what he does and is highly skilled at guiding people in the direction they want to go in life.


I came to work with Josh for low self-esteem and issues connecting with others and I felt a tremendous difference within the first week, both inside of myself and in relationship to others. I’m noticing how much smoother, more natural and easy it is to be around people now and how much more at peace I am with myself.


It feels like winning the lottery, having the opportunity to work with someone so good at what they do and so sincerely interested in helping people reach their best potential. I highly recommend Josh to anyone from any age or background who wants to change their life for good.

a partnership for positive change.

Working with Josh has been quite a rewarding venture. I came in looking for a solution to a career issue I've been having. Our first session felt less like a client/therapist relationship and more of a partnership for positive change. He's helped provide tools to alter the brain for better positive habits, that lead to a focused and fulfilling life. the new me in a happier and successful life.

Josh is such an incredible person to work with. The reason why I went to see Josh was to help me overcome some fears and anxiety. He listens to what I am going through and provides many good suggestions. After a few sessions with Josh, he helped me overcome my negative thinking and have a better connection to my inner self. I have learned to let go of the old unsatisfied me and am living the new me in a happier and successful life.

I feel like a new person

I saw results very quickly

I’ve had great results from working with Josh. He really listened to me when we talked about what I wanted to change and accomplish. It was a very comfortable experience. I saw results very quickly, sooner than I expected. I’m a recent client, so I am continuing to notice improvements. I started hypnosis to address some negative patterns of thinking that I wanted to change. It was a great decision to work with Josh at Integrated Hypnosis.

I highly recommend him

Josh was able to help me stop a negative habit that I knew I needed to stop but didn't want to after 3 sessions. I have been to another hypnotist before and went through 6 sessions with no luck. Josh was able to help me and in a short amount of time. I highly recommend him to help you with anything that's blocking you from being the best you possible!!