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Tactiles Corporation

Brilliantly fun!

It's really easy to navigate through the lessons and projects in the app! Also, if you go through the projects at the recommended sequence, the repetitiveness of some exercises/projects (i.e. multiple projects that get you to build the same thing, but are phrased or situationally different from the first few projects), allows for the child to get a better grasp of the concept. Additionally, by incorporating real-life items (e.g. simple project to create a siren, which was actually a combination of the buzzer and the light--- this is brilliant!), it encourages the child to think logically and to relate the available IQube blocks to build what is being asked for. It's pretty much fool-proof (the magnets don't align if you connect the wrong side of the block to another block), even without the guidance of the app. This is highly recommended for learning and understanding circuits!

Generosity Helps School in Need

My students love the IQube circuits. They have been really problem- solving and working together as a team on a common goal. I would highly recommend these circuits to anyone. I have used them with students K-5.

Great simple way to learn about electricity

My son (6) really loves the small kit (we backed the product on Indiegogo): magically glowing blocks, whirling fan, cool switches. Very intuitive way to learn about electricity. The magnetic blocks fit together easily. The App opens an even bigger world of experiments - we ordered the big kit too, so we can spend the next years building!

Great Circuits Kit!

I used IQube several times in an educational environment and the children who worked with it loved it. I think that you did a great job because the children have to solve realistic problems, which are related to the world around them and they have to use their imagination and creativity. Also, Personally I am very happy with the way the parts are presented in the box. After the lesson, it is very easy for the children and the teacher to check whether all the parts are back in the box so that no parts are lost. I was amazed by the fact that you can update the firmware of the parts. That is very easy and nice. You have more than a hundred projects, and that is also very nice.


My daughter and I have been working with our new IQube for the past 4 days and we are BLOWN AWAY at the high quality! Amazing and intuitive learning experience. Greatly facilitates understanding of an immensely difficult subject for young people. This is far superior to other comparables on the market.