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As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu May Allah increase ,guide and protect you all for giving the advice on celebrations. I and my children found it very interesting, informative and knowledge full. I love that questions were allowed in the end and answers were giving in a gentle and understanding manner. BarakAllahu feekum, I look forward to future webinars with you!

IslamWise Literature

Alhamdulillah. The brochures provided by IslamWise has really good content and are precise. May Allah bless the work that the people in IslamWise do.

Seeking knowledge webinar

I was very upset because although I planned and scheduled to attend the actual Webinar I missed . I was totally surprised when I received the email link a day later and was able to view the full video Masha'Allah . Alhamdulilah I was even more joyous when I seen the video Jazaku Allahu Khayran. The information was extremely beautiful, it provided reference points for me to study. In addition having the concept of Level Learning, Masha'allah. May Allah (SWT) reward your efforts.

Knowledge webinar

Alhamdillah it was very helpful. Inshallah this will be my changing point.

Beginners guide to seeking knowledge

Amazing webinar. Really enjoyed it and found it very beneficial Alhamdulillah

Very helpful

I attended a webinar featuring Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble and it was very helpful, I learned so much and had many questions answered. If I hadn't gotten the opportunity to talk to him, I don't know who else I'd ask. I would absolutely attend another webinar like this. I'm very grateful that IslamWise hosted this.

Marriage webinar

I found the webinar extremely beneficial and informational indeed; I found it quite easy to relate to in many more ways than one. We were also signposted to additional sources of information; although I am yet too pursue these, I expect them to be similarly beneficial In Shaa Allah.

Marriage Webinar

Excellent advice in this webinar, things I hadn't thought about too, thorough explanations. May Allah reward all your hard work. Ameen.

Reverting to Islam

Islam wise have provided me with amazing support from the moment I decided to revert to Islam. I was scared apprehensive and had sooo many questions. I doubted myself and I felt quite lost at times. Sister Sharifa was amazing! She answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease. I felt supported and felt I had somewhere to turn. Islam wise has been a huge part of my continued journey and I look forward to what happens next! Insha Allah Thank you to everyone at islam wise and especially the sisters at green lane masjid.

Grateful for The Prophets Book

Thank you so much, it came at he right time for me

Ramadan Gift Book

A sallam Alaykum wa Ramatullahi wa Bharakahtu dear ummah Jazak Allah khair to all the wonderful brothers and sisters who have done so much to ease others reversion to Islam and give knowledge and education that's so beneficial to us Alhamdulillah I'm so happy with my gift book so beautiful masha Allah May Allah subhanu wa tala grant you continued success Jazak Allah khair bharraka Allhu feekoom رمضان مبارك Ameen ya Rabil Alamin

Distance is not an obstacle

I really impress with the service helping new Muslim around the world. As I live in Thailand, I still consulted with the sister from England. Sister replied me back so quick, Alhamdulilah. This is really helpful for a new Muslim or even born Muslim who needs advice. May Allah bless all of the brothers and sisters there, Ameen


Jazakallahu khairan for your support! Amazing volunteers are helping to organise activities, lectures and entertaining creche for our children! The sisters are giving out books and cd to new reverts, a mentor helps to teach how to pray and provide all additional information about fasting, Ramadhan etc.. also it's a good way to socialise and meet other sisters.

A New Revert

A couple of months ago I reverted to Islam. I took my Shahada at Green Lane Masjid with Islamwise. I was recommended by a close Muslim friend who said it had an excellent reputation and was especially renowned for helping reverts practising.

I was very nervous on the day of my Shahada and came to the mosque with a friend. I had spoke already with Islamwise several times on the phone to get additional knowledge about a few things I didn’t understand regarding Islam and then once those points had been clarified - to arrange an appointment to take the declaration of Faith, so I was already aware of how welcoming they were.

fter taking Shahada I was shown around the Masjid by Islamwise and I was even more impressed when they arranged a weekly slot for me to come and learn on a one to one basis followed by also enrolling me on a ten week course aimed at supporting reverts with some of the basic points of Islam


This course was free of charge. I am currently half way through the course and continue to keep in close contact with the Brothers at Islamwise through both our individual sessions and at the classes. They have also been a great source of advice for myself with dealing with family related problems that often come to reverts from non-Muslim backgrounds - happily agreeing to meet me at short notice to discuss these matters over a cup of coffee.

Islamwise at Green Lane Masjid is the place going forward that will be first recommendation I give to anyone interested in reverting to Islam or even someone just interested in learning more. The aftercare service provided by Islamwise and the Masjid really is second to none. Allahu Akbar

Coventry University Discover Islam Fortnight, Feb 2018

Alhamdullillah this was a truly beneficial event, aided by Islamwise through it's timely and ample supply of Da'awah materials to members of Coventry University's Islamic Society

Amazing service!

As a revert with not many links to other Muslims, Islamwise kindly sent me a package in the post with some essentials for prayer and some incredible books and a CD for beginners. This has been so useful for me and has helped me to start praying 5 times a day (which is my first aim to achieve in my journey). Would definitely recommend, I hope other Muslims who want to start learning from the beginning get to hear about this service Insha Allah. Jazakallah khair, may Allah reward you all for your great efforts.

Such a beautiful recitation

This beautiful Quran recitation really really helped me when I was going through a down and sad time. It made me open my eyes and made me think that I should be thankful and giving my all to God. And focusing on God. I found Islamwise through youtube, and by this beautiful Qur'an recitation, this will make you feel calm and at peace. Having a support system, like Islamwise, is very handy for someone that is a revert to islam they take time and appreciation to talk to us in their spare time. Thank you Islamwise for making my journey more easier.

Muslim Revert Cyprus

Islamwise very supportive. I live in Cyprus and I discovered them through the internet. Im so blessed to find out about it. 

They are caring, kind and understanding. No matter where you are in the world you can still message them and gain support throughout the new life Allah given us as a Revert.