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One of the best experiences from any mosque I have had

Today I decided to visit islamwise without any prior contact. I was greeted by brother Waqas who treated me like an old friend. 15 minutes into our discussion I remembered that I have never met him before. This is how warm and friendly the service was. He talked me through my dilemma and helped me approach it from another angle. Top service from the brother! Two thumbs up.


Today I took the best step I have taken in my life. I visited Green Lane Masjid and met Sister Sherifa who was most welcoming and informative. After reciting the Kalimah we both got very emotional and I felt reborn. The whole experience of my visit was a joy. I have never felt so welcomed and I am proud to say I am now a Muslim.


Alhamdulillah I'm so glad to have joined the Islamwise mobile Ramadan buddies group on WhatsApp. I don't really have friends, nevermind muslim friends to talk to but since joining my Ramadan buddies group there have been several sisters to talk to and we've got on really well, sharing experiences and supporting each other. I've felt much less lonely knowing that they are there to talk to and are going through similar things, particularly about islamic things that non-muslims don't really relate to. It's given me more confidence with things like wearing hijab, which for me is a big deal being a revert and alhamdulillah I have started wearing it more and more. I can't praise the idea of these groups enough and strongly encourage anyone who wants to to join, inshAllah.

How to connect with the Quran

What a beneficial webinar that was. Really enlightening and relevant. Very good reminder indeed

How to get closer to Allah Quran during Ramadan

Alhamdulillah the sheikh was very knowledgeable and the class was simple and concise. It was interactive so we could ask questions also.. on the whole I'm pleased I made time to attend and inshallah look forward to more to come. Jazakallah

Ramadan Q&A Webinar

Thank you so much for this chance to clear up some questions regarding Islam. It was extremely helpful. Jazak Allah Khairan

Birmingham support

The support I’ve had as a revert from sisters is unbelievable love I’ve never felt from my own blood sisters an family helping me be a better Muslim also helping my son with Islamic teaching as I struggle an don’t no Arabic I love them all for the sake of Allah

Sweetness of Faith online course

These classes are a fantastic alhamdulillah. Each topic we learn gives us a good basic understanding and helps us in the direction we need to take with our learning of Islam. Tutor gives the lessons in a good basic way in which we can all understand masha Allah.

Sisters Support

I couldn’t begin to explain how much islamwise has guided me and helped me throughout my journey of Islam. I couldn’t have done it without sister Sharifa and accociates phenomenal & an outstanding service.

IslamWise Webinars

I just wanted to say thank you for sending the link to these webinars. I often sign up, thinking I'll be around. But then, something inevitably comes up. My friends and colleagues have no idea that I'm learning about Islam, so I can't exactly tell them I have a webinar to attend. With the link(s), I am able to study this beautiful message on my own time.


Best decision of my whole life this is the best place to change you’re life hope everything works out for u xxx


fantastic support we get from Islamwise Alhumdulilah for these webinars

Literature to learn about Islam

May Allah Swt. bless you with happiness, health, a long life and of course Jannah, ya Rab! You deserve every happiness, because you help others and share wonderful information with them!

Basics of Islam Online Course

I want to thank for the chance to attend to this amazing class and to learn the basics of Islam. I really appreciate the teacher he was very clear in his explanation. We as new Muslims we really need to know what and how to do things, what is right and what is not, from who to learn or to take the knowledge. Am waiting for the next season so I can learn more about Islam.

Basics online course feedback

Jack Allah Khair! This class has helped me since becoming Muslim on November 17, 2017.

Online Basics Course

This course made some things that I thought were a bit complicated, much easier to understand! Also the teacher was very good and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.

Becoming Muslim

Changed my life I fell in love with Islam and the people in it converting to Islam was the best thing I’ve done thank you!!!

Online class

Jazak Allah hu Khairan for the webinar and slides you prepared. May Allah reward you. It has been a pleasure learning with so many fellow revert Muslims.