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My Ramadan buddy was so amazing! I’m so glad I signed up for it! Our conversations have been very nice and the young lady is very kind and has helped me, she’s also answered any questions and/or concern I have about Ramadan or just Islam itself. Thank you so much!!


Islamwise have been my rock through my journey as a Muslim. I have learnt so many things and admire all the hard work and time they put into help new muslims. The staff have made me feel so at home and I feel apart of their family. The Head Sister is such a beautiful person inside and out, and inshallah she will be rewarded for all the hard work she puts into us all. If it was not for her I really do not know where I would be. She has helped me grow and guide me as a new Muslim. She has also inspired me to become not only a better Muslim but a better person in life. My family think I could never be more better than what I was before I came a Muslim but been a Muslim has definitely made me a better person and I hope to become even more better inshallah. I am not good with words but I thank the Head Sister and islamwise for everything. You are all amazing!