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I don't know what I would of done without my Ramandan buddy it was hard. She was very helpful amswered my Questions.

Brilliant initiative (Ramadan Mobile Buddy)

Alhamdulilah it was a brilliant initiative on Islamwise's part, definitely a great idea. Upon interacting with my mobile buddy it opened up my eyes to just a small fragment of the reality of life as a new muslim. I found that the sister i was talking to (a newly converted 16 year old) was very lonely in her journey and literally had no muslim community in her local area, let alone muslim family or friends. Therefore, this service was one that she greatly appreciated and was often very thankful for. Due to differing time zones, we were both experiencing different parts of the day. However, i made an effort to contact her as best as i could at what would be iftar time for her. Perhaps creating networks between people in similar locations would prove to be more effective and practical as far as communication is concerned. Nonetheless we got on well and i had the opportunity to ask and answer many questions. Due to being very young and having little support from family and practically no muslim community surrounding her, at times the sister really struggled to keep her fasts and pray. I encouraged her as much as i could and spent time trying to build up her imaan and love for Allah. To an extent this may have helped her as she was always very appreciative of support and advice alhamdulilah. Overall it was an eyeopening and humbling experience. I'm grateful i was given this opportunity and will inshaAllah try to maintain contact with the sister. May Allah make us all firm upon our deen and may Allah reward the brothers and sisters at Islamwise for their tireless efforts and great work. BarakAllahufeekum.