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J. Jene` Beauty Brand

Terrific Products

Terrific Tresses has a terrific light scent when applied and conditions great. I appreciate the scent and conditioning throughout my lengthy protective styles.

Velvet Vibes body butter is even better than (though I really love) the Smooth lotion bar.

Head to toe I appreciate these products though I started out with just a Dulcet lip balm.

Terrific Hair

Terrific Tresses and growth oil are the perfect combination for any styling. The whipped hair product does well for me when used on my damp hair before a twist out. Also, I’ve recently tried it on straightened hair. This product is perfect for me with any hair style (although I mostly rock the natural). The increased luster is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. LOVE IT. I’ve stopped using other moisturizers. I’m no longer a product junkie and also have something natural that doesn’t react negatively with my sensitive skin. This product has shortened my hair routine. It’s just all around great. I don’t take pictures but I’ll attach an example of my lack of frizz and awesome definition thanks to J Jene Beauty Brand Hair products. Hope you can see my hair in it. I’m a believer and fan. Quality products- yes!

Amazing Body Butter

The body butter is my particular favorite! As a big guy, I had troubles with excessive body heat when getting out of the shower. As a result, lotions and oils would seem to just run off my skin with the sweat. The body butter is a perfect solution for that as well as the best moisturizer for dry skin that I have ever seen. It truly acts as a butter and melts into your skin, giving you a barrier of moisture and protection. To top it off, there is no greasy residue. I highly recommend this product. I love it!

Growth Oil

The hair oil appears to strengthen hair.


The hair oil keeps my hair hydrated, strengthens it, and it smells amazing!

Highly Recommend

The Signature Growth Oil works great and fast. I started thinning out on the top/front part of my head and within a month only using it twice a week my hair grew back thicker and softer than its ever been. It's great! I've told many friends and family about the product and I highly recommend it for anyone who is losing or just simply want more effective growth.

Signature Growth Oil

The Signature Growth Oil was surprisingly refreshing. It had a great fragrance, good consistency, and the results were subtle yet absolute. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is looking to thicken their hair, moisturize and stimulate their scalp, and overall promote hair health.


J. Jene` Beauty Brand has the best product ever!