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Pain & Hassle free service

As a new parent, we have plenty of new concerns. Jaundice levels of newborns is a common occurrence, and usually requires a visit to the polyclinic by the 1st week of childbirth. For busy parents having to readjust to having a new addition at home, to the new mum properly recovering, and concerns of exposing the newborn to risks en route to checkup via public transport as we don't own a vehicle, DrJaundice provides a great service in reducing our above concerns and the process of checking jaundice levels at the comfort of your home is a pain free and hassle free process. Parents can be relieved that such services are available in the market. We strongly recommend DrJaundice for this area of expertise.

So convenient!!

I was recommended to do a check in hospital on day 4 but this mobile service is so much more convenient! Done two scans and they provide other value adding services like weight checkup for my baby.Staff nurse Brenda is also very gentle with my baby! THANKS :)

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My baby girl is discharged from hospital with mild jaundice and Dr Juandice mobile checkup team provided us with the flexibility of time by coming to my residence to conduct the TcB test on the 7th day which is usually the peak of jaundice development. The process is smooth and my baby girl did not feel any pain at all as it doesn’t require any blood drawing. The mobile checkup also help us eliminate the trouble of travelling all the way to the pediatrician. DrJaundice is highly recommended.

I have problems taking leave for my baby's jaundice checkup due to my hectic workload. I am so glad that there is this mobile service so my wife can focus on recuperating at home! Would recommend this to anyone!