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You really changed my life with the webinar tonight. There were about 12 of us in our Encino office taking furious notes. Well done!

That was a great webinar. Like you brought up at the beginning, people know how to do and close the business, but it’s getting there to begin with – prospecting!

Thank you Jay. I am going to start at once to live in reality. You gave us so much to prospect from and so many wonderful choices of words and scripts. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this "boot camp and you!

Listening to your webinar now….this is absolutely fantastic…thanks! Now I need to go find more like you.

Jay Maymi has presented a thoughtful, practical approach to the world of networking and marketing. Not only are there some smart and intellectual tips on how to proceed, but he has given the reader some space to do some "fancy thinking!" It is a "must read" for young and old, venturing into any area of sales with any product. It is even more valuable if you "read before you start!" This 66 page primer is packed with great ideas. I have given it to my sons and daughter and they raved about it!

Thank you for your time and training on prospecting. I have put into action several of your suggestions and have had great results. Thank you for pushing us to look outside the box. For me I never knew how to use Linked In. I thought it was a waste of time. So definitely a new perspective.

I booked 6 appointments on the way to the airport using what you kindly shared with us that afternoon!

I purchased Jay’s program Nov. 14, 2017. Then for the next week or so did not attempt to take any of his suggested actions till after Thanksgiving. Quite frankly, it was because I did not feel comfortable. Then on Monday 11/27 I decided to JUST DO IT! So, I sent out 4 Invitations to connect and guess what, 3 accepted them and we had great conversations since! His ideas work and I wish I had purchased his program earlier. However, Better Late than Never so . . . . get his program and TAKE ACTION!

Thank you once again for inviting me on your call yesterday. Most leaders I’ve come across tend to focus more on motivation versus content. But your presentation was very refreshing. It answered all my questions about social media and how to effectively use it for my business success. Coupled with your scripts at the end, they are very helpful to begin this process. I look forward to implementing your strategies into my business.

Recruit University, the videos, the books, the mentoring…fantastic! Absolutely top shelf!

I love it!  I listened to the YouTube videos and was immediately impressed.  It's good stuff and anyone who is just starting out definitely needs to get on board.  You're amazing, Jay! And thanks for sharing because that just pushes me to go farther!

Your leadership and training material is priceless!

Jay Maymi is laser-focused on the most important factor in sales success.

Priceless! We cannot put a price on this type of training because when utilized properly, there is no cap on how successful one can become.

His training is amazing, it has been very helpful when it comes to building a great business and going out and meeting new people. The scripts/examples are very helpful.

Awesome! This will give people enough confidence to know even if they don't have a market in the beginning, they can still succeed in this business.

I have found all your training (webinars, written materials, etc) to be outstanding. Your hands on, in the trenches approach to building business and reaching out is invaluable.

Top notch, extraordinarily helpful and I can't thank you enough for passing along your truly successful and duplicatable best practices.