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Jenny the Hemp Goddess

70707 Wolcott
Armada MI , 48005

With Jenny's oil my cold sores only last about 2-3 days compared to 8-9 days with over-the-counter meds. Pimples are gone almost overnight! Healing time for burns & cuts is practically cut in half & you're not using weird chemicals...this stuff is all natural! I love it! ("I use that s#%t on everything!") 😍

i work as a line cook and I get cuts and burns. i use your product on my boo boos and i feel they heal much quicker than if i used over the counter remedies from cvs. i tell everyone about your products. thanks, jenny the hemp goddess :)

I met Jenny at a vendor show she is the most down to earth person and knows her products well and my lip balm is the greatest still use it every day

I am amazed by these products! My skin feels amazing, my sleep has improved. I have been using the oil on my knee, which I have had two surgeries and constant pain. I can't say it would do the same for everyone, but why wouldnt you try it? I am also using the balm on the bottom of my feet. Which has reduced some of the pain I feel from being on my feet all day. I know this product is to feed my skin, but it's also healing my body.

Very personable and has a lot of knowledge. I highly recommend trying out her products and booking a party if you have lots of friends !