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35 West 43rd Street
New York NY , 10036
United States

I've been training at JKD NYC for a couple of months now and I can definitely say that it's been a rewarding experience. Even though I was a beginner when I started, Chris and the rest of the team really took the time to make sure I understood what we were learning and its application. What really makes the school standout is the mindset: "is what we're learning effective for actually defending yourself?" Chris really strives to teach what works and you learn what's practical in a fight whether it's knife defense, standing up, or on the ground. Everyone at the school is nice too and are more than willing to stay with you after class to help you out with something you're struggling with. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to learn real self-defense, regardless of skill level, in a friendly, professional environment.

JKD NYC is far the best martial art class I have ever attended, you learn real self defense technique that you can apply in real life. They show you how to defend yourself while standing up or on the ground. The students are friendly and the teachers are very professional. It’s a total judgment free zone where everyone is there to learn and have fun while doing it. You can’t get a technique down? That’s fine, you can stay after class and either one of the teachers or a more experienced student will help. I would recommend this school for anyone who wants to get in shape, learn real practical self defense, or just feel more confident in their daily life.

The whole team at JKD NYC is Amazing. From day 1 I got what I was looking for: powerful techniques, welcoming family, and honest leadership!! Best JKD IN NYC!!

Such a great class. I wanted to learn not only to box, but self defense too. JKD provided the perfect combination of an all around fitness, martial arts, and self defense program. Since starting I've also dropped a good amount of weight and noticed more lean definition. The classes are welcoming, everyone is friendly, very helpful, and it doesn't even feel like you're working out! You're having so much fun learning that an hour flies by in an instant! I highly recommend. JKD is my #1 fitness spot.

Wish I could give this place and Chris Moran more than 5 Stars. I’ve trained in many different marital arts in the past and was looking for a place to continue my training when I moved up to NYC. I joined JKD and was immediately hooked. Their approach to self-defense is always practical and Chris seems to always be thinking “does this really work”, which was extremely important to me. I didn’t want to join a gym that only does forms and light drills as this typically does not apply to real world scenarios. In NYC, even if you are the type of person to never pick a fight, you should be prepared for anything to happen and it is important to be capable of defending yourself. JKD NYC will teach you just that. I feel it is a welcoming place for all ages and has a strong sense of community. Chris truly believes in what he is teaching and will personally dedicate time to every individual student who is dedicated to learning and willing to put the time in. Chris as well as his Senior Instructors are extremely nice and patient, but will always push you to better yourself both in and outside of the gym. I’ve moved away from NYC and JKD, but will always carry a piece of it with me and appreciate everything Chris has done for me.

I've been training for 2 years with the crew and there is still so much more to learn. We are taught to adapt the skills we learn to the situation presented to us, and we learn to sharpen our judgement of the surroundings. I am more confident and resilient during (unavoidable) confrontation, and I owe this to my training at this martial arts studio!

Whether seeking self preservation or transitioning from sport fighting to dirty combat, JKD-NYC offers a contemporary version of Bruce Lee's JKD. You will find this entire group from our Sifu Chris Moran, Cam & Johnny down through the different levels of students to be a humble community. Everyone is hands on with each other so you won't feel ignored. But privates are available if you crave more. There is a great deal of respect here, therefore no one is trying to hurt you. Everyone's path is to connect their mind & body on a deeper level than just reactions. And the dots will connect if you can be patient with yourself. But even if you don't grasp the physical stuff swiftly, you will gain an in depth understanding of situational awareness while in turn developing your self awareness. You can find yourself training with the likes of actors, surgeons, Law Enforcement, dancers and guys training in MMA at times. This isn't a fitness trend or sport fighting, fitness gains just happen to be a bonus. There are bonuses like the workshops and outings as well. But you'll have to stick around if you want in on all of that!

I've been training with Chris for about a year and have had an amazing experience. His training is not just practical but rewarding. Best workout ever and I feel more confident with more energy. Seriously the best boxing / mixed martial arts instructor out there

Awesome place for any level! If you're looking to learn self-defense, or if you're the type to simply want to stay fit and keep yourself in good shape, this is the place for you. The classes teach you the discipline of Bruce Lee and fundamentals of effective fighting for both sport and street level, certainly uplifting your confidence than before when walking down the streets of NY. Flexible schedule, excellent staff and students that treat you with respect, making up a comfortable environment to train in. Definitely one of the top self-defense schools in NYC.

Its hard to believe its been 3 years plus that Ive been training at jkd. Coming from no formal self defense background I can say I have learned and grown so much as a fighter and person. Sifu Chris Moran has deep understanding of the varying arts of jkd, and even better he is able to teach and communicate this well to students of all different levels in the same class. What also keeps me coming back is the friendly environment where everyone is eager to learn from one another, in safe no judgment zone. If you are looking for some well rounded skills in the martial arts that touches on everything I highly recommend JKD.

I have been training at JKD NYC for about 2 years now and I have never been to a better school. I have trained in Wing Chun, Karate, and JKD at other schools throughout my life and nothing compares to the kind of hands on/real time training I have acquired from JKD NYC. Chris and his fellow instructors will work with you as an individual no matter what your skill level and you are more then just a student at this school. At JKD NYC you become part of a family that looks out for one another. Martial Arts and especially JKD schools should not just be for the skill of fighting but should also allow you to feel embraced and understood as a human being. JKD NYC will not only give you the best hands on training you have ever experienced but it will give you the mental ability to deal with a vast array of real life situations involving everyday life. IF you are looking for a family of respectful, knowledgable, well trained, and hard working individuals then JKD NYC should be your next and final stop.

Great place to learn how to fight and keep yourself fit in the process. The environment is relaxed, friendly and respectful. You'll find people with varied backgrounds in martial arts and combat sports (all of them without egos). Chris, Cam and Johnny are top notch instructors all of them patient and knowledgeable. The curriculum itself is pretty unique, since in a single class you can go from knife fighting, to grappling, to boxing and even 2 vs 1 sparring. Group and private classes are available.

Have been training for about a year here and I can say Chris and even the other trainers (Johnny, Cam, and even the higher level students who assist with instruction) are the real deal. Martial artists, athletes and casual practitioners will appreciate their flexible, comprehensive, no BS approach to self-defense. If you're looking for a McDojo that will gift you belts and fool you into believing you're absorbing the art and philosophy of fighting... deff look elsewhere.

Chris and the other instructors are very detailed oriented, and passionate about their work/art. As a very mechanical minded person, I find Chris's approach toward exploring various JKD concepts to be extremely valuable and effective.

All instructors at JKD NYC are highly skilled martial artists who will teach you in a very efficient way and using pragmatic methods, a complete set of tools to reach your martial artist ambitions. Self-defense technics (including knifes), kickboxing, clinch, grappling, trapping, kali stick fighting… will be part of your training sessions. However, the greatest things about this school is in my opinion, how fast you are learning and improving your skills. I will recommend this school to anyone from novice to very experienced martial artists as you will definitely learn and improve your martial expertise.

Excellent, highly skilled instructors who are interested in your individual progression. Sifu Chris Moran is an exceptional teacher and leader. He knows exactly how to break something down to your skill level and will work with you until you understand how to do it and how to use it. Group classes are a good size. Not large so individual attention is always there. You will not get lost. They will see you, they will pull you aside and make sure you get what you are there for. Pros -Great teachers -Shared equipment available at no extra cost -Easy to get to by train -Good atmosphere. Good people with good attitudes (No big egos...not that Chris wouldn't put them in their place...) -Diverse students from many backgrounds and many skill levels. Lots to learn! -Private classes available (small group and one-on-one) -Very flexible schedules for privates Cons -gym can get really hot and humid esp in summer -shared equipment smell...I bring my own but they're there when you need them! -no morning/afternoon group classes (at the time of this review)

I've trained in different martial arts but something was always missing - only stand up, only ground, only weapons... But then I found JKD and got hooked. This martial art and specific school combines every possible aspect of fighting - kickboxing, ground jiu- jitsu, wing Chung and locks, weapons both knife and stick, close quarters fighting, street fighting and different simulations of multiple attackers with or without weapons and more... I also like it since it's not just practicing a punch or kick on a bag or doing a kata but rather real fighting!