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Great read!


Jo is a very inspirational woman of great integrity, is driven and exemplifies her extraordinary Brand and assisting in enhancing others.

The support Jo as provided me has been exceptional. Her book gives you easy to follow guidelines to build your personal brand. In her book she speaks of the influence her grandparents were, I can relate to this. I highly recommend her book and working with her to take you, your brand, your company, your business to greatness – a life as she puts it of Extraordinary.

Raewyn Mai - CEO

SO Full of Wisdom + Practical Advice

This book is such a fantastic read, full of wisdom that really is so essential for anyone who is either thinking about starting a business or simply wanting to build a more conscious personal brand for themselves.
One particularly eye-opening chapter focused on the subconscious mind, and our belief systems about ourselves limiting our own potential. If you've ever struggling with moving past obstacles or limiting beliefs... you need to have a read.
My copy has so many sticky notes, i'm definitely going to be giving it a second read to work through some of the practical activities featured throughout.

.Great Work

"I love this book! I think this book is brilliant. I believe everybody who is thinking of starting a business, has started a business, or whose business isn't growing should read this book." 

" The Conscious Brand is a great read! Loved the snippets of humour. It's a great combination of personal discovery with excellent branding tips that so many fail to implement, I have a great appreciation for conscious growth and agree that it can bring success to everything you apply it to. The practical 'try its' are spot on!"

Everyone needs to pick up a copy of
The Conscious Brand! This incredibly
insightful book guides you through the process of achieving your maximum
greatness through simple and conscious steps. Whilst reading, it was obvious
that this book is relevant to everyone – individuals, business, organisations -
anyone wanting to achieve their goals, no matter how large or small. Guided by
education and experience, Jo normalised greatness and made anything feel
possible – even achieving those big goals! I also loved the chapter that
focused on success -  Jo’s words are
inspiring and relevant to all – a must read!


Jo Brand's book The Conscious Brand has not only helped me to discover ways to break down barriers but to embark on my own business adventure with confidence and momentum. I know i have more to learn as we all do, however I am so excited to be on my way.

Jo delivers the content in a light but highly informative way to help you to achieve where you want to go in life.The book is easy to read and inspiring.I would recommend it for anyone who wants to do more , be different and succeed in their chosen path.

Very inspiring! Great thoughts and tips. There are many leadership style books out there, but found this easy to read and practical to implement.