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Joe's Phenomenal

6612 Lavender Lilly Lane #3
North Las Vegas NV , 89084

Delicious salad dressing!

I just wanted to say I LOVED the mustard and tomato dressings!

Wow. I just tried the lemon dressing I got from you. It's damn good! nice and spicy the way I like it! Thanks

That dressing is AMAZING! I am gifting one bottle to my boss so she can help spread the word!

My bff and I really like your dressing. My husband will try it soon!!

Mild was Lovely!

I really enjoyed the dressing, Joe. Haven't tried the spicy one yet, but the mild one was lovely. Made me want to have it with chicken or fish as a marinade! This is my start to a healthier diet!

I got your stuff in the other day! It is sooo good! I took it to my church dinner the other night. Everyone loved it! It was a hit! Haha

Oh my goodness. I just tried Joe's salad dressing and I love it! Thanks to you, Joe!

Omgosh....the best dressing EVER!!! Great on salads and as a dip for fish, chicken, etc! Yum!