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Jordan Tour

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Great driving service

We spent 4 days and 3 nights in Jordan, and hit all of the top sites ( though in retrospect, another 1day/night more would have been perfect). Omran set us up with a nice car - new sedan, and an amazing driver Badar who spoke excellent English. We had the service from the moment we landed at the airport, until we left. Additionally, Omran initially made a lot of great suggestions on how to lay out the trip, things to do, restaurants, etc. He is very helpful that way. We spent a night in Ma'In, an afternoon at the Dead Sea ( Omran arranged a day pass at a nice hotel), a night in Petra, and a night in Wadi Rum ( the ultra - luxe desert camp I wanted was fully booked ) and Omran booked us a cool camp that wasn't ultra-luxury, but was in a gorgeous spot with amazing food, nice people, etc.

Also, he recommended we buy the Jordan pass, which is a great idea! Saved us money when entering Petra.

Ask for Bader as a driver!!

Highly recommended for transportation

I found this company on Tripadvisor. We only needed private transportation to each tourist spots in Jordan. We had a car with a driver for 4 days. The first day was Amman City Tour. The next day we went from Amman to Petra, then Petra to Wadi Rum and Wadi Rum to Dead Sea. They picked us up at the hotel and dropped us off at the next one. We never met Omran but he was in contact with us days and nights to make sure everything was taken care of. The service is very professional and reliable. The price is very reasonable. I highly recommend this company.

Amazing Service with Mahmoud (Omran's Team Member)

We discovered Omran and his team on TripAdvisor, he was very helpful in helping us plan the itinerary and giving advice where to go and what to do other than those tourist places we already had in mind. We got a driver named Mahmoud and a car to ourselves for 9 days. The price is higher than what I expected but it was totally acceptable given the geography and that commuting around the country could be a challenge. Mahmoud was extremely helpful and friendly without making us feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. He would make casual little conversations and share with us useful and interesting facts/info, we would exchange thoughts and ideas about general topics, it was just fun and entertaining having him around. Without him, we wouldn't get good deals in several shops in the downtown market, nor get to try the best middle eastern cuisine in a restaurant called Jerusalem, nor get to have the mind-blowing dessert called Kanafeh (You should try it if you haven't, it's SO GOOD.) Omran himself called Mahmoud to check up on us all the time and also ask to speak to us about how things went. He was very caring. The car was in a good shape and safe but rather dusty but it's a desert country with sand storms every now and then, so we were totally fine with that. Overall I would say I was very impressed with the service and definitely will recommend Omran and team to friends and family.

DEFINITELY recommend to see not-to-be-missed sights in Jordan

I found Omran off Trip Advisor and booked a 4-day trip with his company. Here's what made the difference for me:
- He was very professional at all times, and worked with me to develop a personal / private tour for my group of 6 friends visiting from the US.
- We had private transportation the whole time - which was perfect, and our driver (Raed) was wonderful
- Omran made excellent recommendations regarding hotels and places to stay - which was not only cost effective, but unbelievably good in quality, and then kept an eye on things every day, asking if our driver was on time, and how the hotels were. Any modifications we asked for - he was on it!
If you're coming to Jordan and want to see the country, this is the place to call. Definitely recommend!

Amazing Jordan with Omran & Raed

We were 2 families with 4 teenage children, the trip was diverse, interesting & lots of fun. Omran & Raed couldn’t do enough for us, if we return to Jordan I’d go with them without doubt & would highly recommend to anyone else going there. Thank you

Best decision ever!!!

I can’t recommend Omran and his team highly enough. We used them throughout our 12 day trip in Jordan. We had a few different drivers and every single one of them was amazing. They were always on time and provide so much assistance with everything from lunch/dinner recommendations to coffee stops to explaining about the culture. Omran designed our trip for us after I told him where we wanted to go and how long we wanted to stay. He arranged the activities and stops along the way and also arranged our stay in Wadi Rum. We never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Omran in person although we communicated through phone and text throughout the whole trip. Our visit to Jordan would not have been as excellent without Omran and his team. Thank you all so much for everything!!!

Excellent service I ever received - Must take when in Jordan

We were looking for Car+Driver service in Jordan for our trip and had contacted few agencies including that of Mr. Omran Brkawi. I was surprised that Mr. Brkawi gave the best quote including many tips in the first email while being one of the best reviewed agency in TripAdvisor (usually better rated ones are more expensive). The email was very clear about the itinerary and what’s included in the quote. Also, it mentioned that we could pay anytime of our choice during the trip (which was again unique not to have an agency directed payment schedule).

Before arriving Jordan we confirmed to Mr. Omran that we would pay a part of the money on 1st day and the rest on the last day. On first day we had some problems getting cash from the ATM. He said not to worry about the money, “enjoy Jordan” and surprisingly offered that we can transfer him the money once we return back home. We did however manage to get money out from ATMs next day onwards.

We were greeted at the airport immediately as we stepped out and since then the drivers throughout the trip were being punctual to the second. We had 3 drivers in total during our trip of 8 days. All of them were very respectful, good and easy Driving and very very attentive. Except for only once, we never had to wait even for a minute after walking out from a sightseeing place, he would be right there in front waiting for us. We also had 3 different cars during our trip. They were new and very comfortable full-size sedans (Kia and Hyundai; and yes, seatbelts worked :) ). At the previous evenings, we would typically message Mr. Omran through whatsapp and confirm the time to leave next day and the places to visit. He arranged for us a day tour in Wadi Rum and dinner at a camp which was a wonderful experience. And on the last day, he sent us a small personalized souvenir that was absolutely wonderful and a very pleasant surprise. In all the countries and places I have travelled, this is only the second time I was rendered speechless by the gesture and sense of hospitality I received from a local person.

It has a very very nice experience visiting Jordan and a big part of it was because we didn’t have to worry at all about our travels for the day. Thanks to the Jordan Day Tour and more team, and particularly Mr. Omran (the man behind the show) for making these 8 days in Jordan one of the best vacation trips we have been to.

The best way to get around Jordan

Omran and his team of drivers is just fantastic. We did four trips with them and the experience for all trips was exceptional. Good, safe drivers, relatively new cars and on time, every time, this is what I can say for Omran


 about booking with him. He responds very quickly, helped us create the perfect itinerary (we travelled the entire country), and made us feel very safe and welcome. We spent 10 days with Omran's team traveling through Jordan. It was the best travel decision I think I've ever made. Despite multiple delays in getting to Jordan and lost luggage upon arriving, we were greeted at the airport with the warm and welcoming smile of one of Omran's drivers who took such thoughtful and wonderful care of us. The cars are pristine and the drivers always on time. But beyond these undoubtably important things, we also feel as if we left behind new fiends. Our driver was funny, personable, and informative, and spoke excellent English. We asked so many questions and he was so willing to share his knowledge of his country and culture with us. He also looked out for us - often informing us what to expect to pay for things (so we weren't over charged), rearranging schedules to better meet our needs, suggesting excellent restaurants, making sure we had enough Turkish coffee (yum!) and going above and beyond our expectations at every turn. Omran called us every day to make sure we had no unmet needs and to verify our itinerary the next day.
Can you drive yourself around Jordan? I suppose you can (although driving in Amman is kind of terrifying as the rules of the road are vague, at best), but why would you when you can have this luxury at a super affordable price and not have to worry about anything but enjoying your time in this warm and welcoming country.

Careful and professional

 If you have plan to visit Jordan we warmly suggest Omran, we have a careful and professional service. Ask him for everything prior to plan and during your stay, Omran and his team help and follow you all the time to have best Jordan experience.
We would like to thank Mohamoud (one of the team) for his professional and friendly support on all time. Really the best service at the right price

Warm, friendly and honest

 Being retired, my wife and I visited Jordan for 16 days, longer than most, and used the excellent services of Omran and his reliable and trustworthy team of drivers for 13 days. This avoided both the stress of city driving in a hire car and the uncertainty over directions in some country areas. Omran himself gave priority to our own preferences throughout, and communicated these effectively to his drivers. We thoroughly enjoyed all our time on the road in Omran’s modern cars, the drivers of which were punctual (with one exception, below), friendly, helpful, unfailingly courteous and willing to explore some areas off the beaten track that they had not visited before. Omran willingly offered to take custody of our heavier bags while we were staying two nights and walking in Wadi Rum, and also while we spent a day and night in Feynan Ecolodge, which saved us a lot of trouble.
Omran checked daily with us to ensure we were content and to review the next day’s schedule. We soon recognised this degree of concern and care for visitors, shown both by Omran and all his drivers, as lovely examples of the unconditional “welcome” offered to us everywhere in Jordan. Omran also quietly slipped a few splendid extra calls into our schedule as a bonus. We are extremely glad we used his services.
While stressing that this was an overwhelmingly positive experience, we should note the anxiety we felt on late evening arrival at the airport, when the driver was not waiting for us and arrived an hour after we emerged. Having booked the airport run several months ago, five days before flying we confirmed to Omran that we were coming and asked him who would be meeting us, but this seems not have been sufficient to ensure a driver would be waiting – however no such problems after that. We told all our drivers that we preferred to eat with the locals, and we enjoyed a lot of great food. However on two occasions we ended up at places offering only disappointingly ordinary tourist buffet, once where there were no easy alternatives but also once where we regrettably decided to give up a local restaurant we were looking forward to in favour of the driver’s suggestion. These are both just small issues, neither of which came remotely near spoiling a great trip.

Confortable way to visit Jordan

 My first experience in Jordan. Omran help me and my friend to organize a wonderfull journey!!
During the trip he was always in contact with us by WhatsApp or Mobile.
Drivers were professional and always on time.
Excellent service.


 The best decision we made about our visit to Jordan was to hire Omran and his team. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, prompt, caring and lots of fun! We went everywhere on time and loaded with lots of information- we couldn’t have explored Jordan on our own in the same way. I highly recommend this team!


My family had such an amazing experience with Omran and his team... we loved all of the information we learned and thoroughly enjoyed our time going from location to location with our driver and friend. What great, friendly, warm, and knowledgeable people!

Super accommodating & easy to organize

We were looking for an easy way to travel between sites/locations that we could book in advance, not break the bank, and be able to travel independently at times. This fit the bill perfectly!
Omran was in touch via email beforehand, clearly laying out cost and itinerary and making changes based on our feedback. We then were able to handle logistics by Whatsapp during the trip, even making a last minute change.
All the drivers were super friendly and accommodating, finding us lunch spots and view points along the way :-)

Great trip with Omran and his team

 Omran and his team are great hosts for any time you are in Jordan. I didn't have alot of time and they were able to fit in all the things I wanted. Omran and his driver went out of their way to make my last day really memorable. Omran was in contact the whole time I was in the country and even when he had an issue with a driver and car he was able to fix it and more that make up for the slight delay


 Overall we had an extraordinary service! Drivers were very courteous, a great service really!!!!
They made us feel safe, happy plus the team they all drive very carefully ! They dontheir best to make you feel at home! Great great service!

Great Tour of Jordan

 A friend recommended Omran and he helped me plan a great trip. We didn’t have a long trip but Omran helped us fit in all the sites we wanted to see, and suggested a few others I didn’t know about but very much enjoyed. All of the drivers were on time and flexible to help us get the most out of our trip. I had a great time in Jordan and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Omran for planning your trip.