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JUUK bands - bands designed for timepieces

Locarno two tone The Locarno is my second band from JuukDesign (third if you count the one i purchased as a gift). It is an actual watch band; a high quality, piece of jewelry, watch band. It elevates the computer on your arm to a timepiece. The owner of the company is a watch lover and has worked in watch design for years. His products are made in factories that produce bands for top luxury watch brands. The difference, Juuk bands are affordable. They are still AMAZING quality, but you can afford to strap one into your wrist. And you should, at least one!! There is an exceptional eye for detail. The curves match the watch exactly. There is a tool included in the clean, modern packaging, which allows for the extremely simple removal or addition of links. (And there is a tutorial video just in case) The weight of the product is perfect. It is just heavy enough so that you know you are wearing a solid product that will last. (If you find it’s too heavy for things like exercise, get an aluminum band from Juuk; you don’t even know you are wearing a watch. The aluminum is super light!) I am amazed that I don’t see these bands everywhere. I am stopped constantly when I wear mine because the quality is apparent. I happen to love this link design, but there are others add all are beautiful. I own the Vitero and can speak to its quality as well. The owner of the company is an fair businessman who actually will reach out to his customers personally. He runs a high end and yet customer focused company. Even more reason to purchase a band from Juuk. (As a note, I am not compensated by Juuk in any way. I have really just had a great experience with the product and the owner and would love to see continued success so I can keep new bands!!!)

Best Metal Bands Available

Juuk bands are just unbelievable in quality and finish. I purchased the 42mm Cosmic Grey Vitero band to go with my Space Gray Aluminum Series 3 Apple Watch and it matches perfect in fit and color. Adjusting the band to my wrist was simple as well. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Juuk provided amazing customer service too, answering all my questions before making my purchase. You have a great company and a superior product compared to others in the market place. Well worth the money. Keep up the great work.

Just Wow!

Have had my 42mm Vitero Ruby Grey for a month now and it is BY FAR the nicest most comfortable band for my Apple Watch I’ve owned and I’ve owned a bunch. The fit, match, and quality is outstanding. I am so glad I bought this watch band. Don’t let the price scare you, it is definitely worth it. I was also pleasantly surprised at the shipping speed. I was actually expecting it to take much longer. Definite Thumbs Up!!

Absolutely Gorgeous

I just received my Vitero Ruby Red band in today. I could not be more pleased even if Apple themselves made this wrist band. The quality, fit and finish is most admirable. Delivery very fast. This will be the first of what I feel will be many more orders from this very professional tier 1 company.

Testimonial #64

o    Have been wearing my new Velo Obsidian for a week now. Completely satisfied! Looks (and is) so much better than other stuff around. Resizing the band was a bit "stiff" due to newness, but thanks to the additional tool and the video it was no problem at all. When asked for a delivery time I heard that the packaging was behind schedule. And without asking I got a 20% discount which was returned to my account. Thank you Eugene! (might even consider purchasing a Vitero... couldn't choose between the two...)

Best Apple watch band!!!

My Rainbow Ligero Watch band is AMAZING!!!!! The look and quality of the band beats any Apple band out there! It was so easy to take out the links to make it the correct size for me....thanks to the included sizing tool! And the customer service is top notch!!!!! I could go on and on and on : )

I purchased a Juuk Vitero Ruby Grey. 1st of all, it arrived much sooner then I expected from Hong Kong. Well packaged and great watch band! Very good video tutorials on how to install the watch band. As well as how to add a link in the band. The only problem I had was trying to slide the band on to my Apple Watch. It would stop half way as I tried to slide it on. It got frustrating because it just stopped!  I finally realized that I need to press and hold down the release button in the middle. It then slid right on! Need to show and explain that one problem. Other than that, It's a very strong, attractive, and classy band! A co-worker made a comment that she now is thinking about buying a Apple Watch for her husband. She thought the bands I had before and she saw on other Apple Watches for men look cheesy! She said my new Juuk band makes my Apple Watch very classy! 

Finally found the perfect watch bands!!

I’ve now had my red and gray Ligero bands and my wife has had her pink Ligero band for a full year. We are extremely pleased with the quality, comfort, and looks of our bands and they have held up to the elements and every day (and nightly sleeping) use extremely well! I haven’t had any issues with the finish and to my amazement no scratches at all. They look as good as the day that I bought them after a year!!! 
Within the first day of swapping my band out with the Ligero, I had already received a handful of compliments. Every time I’m at the gym, out at networking events or just out and about, it never fails that someone stares, gives me a compliment and then asks me where they can get one. It has become a running joke between me and my wife, betting on how long it will take for them to get the courage to say something after we catch them admiring the band…we’ve narrowed it down to about 6 seconds lol!
I had previously been on a hunt to find a watch band that I love searching up and down the Internet and I can without any hesitation say that you can’t go wrong with the JUUK bands. Everyone that knows me knows how much I love my watches and am very particular about the design and look.
Key design features I LOVE:-The proprietary pins and tool make the bands very straight-forward and easy to adjust-Color (especially the red) isn’t one-dimensional. It has depth and changes in different lighting conditions to a variety of vibrant reds.-I don’t like heavy watch bands and these have a perfect weight that you can comfortably wear on your wrist all day-The fit around my wrist is perfect and comfortable to wear 24 hours a day. My wife has small wrists and her pink band fits her comfortably with no problems too.-The butterfly stainless steel clasp (along with the entire band itself) has no signs of rust, corrosion or discoloration even with exposure to water and sweat from working out. It is also very easy to squeeze the tabs to remove the watch from your wrist and just as easy to click the band together when putting it on with one hand.-The locking mechanism where it attaches to the watch face has held up very well and has a perfect fit. I haven’t had any issues with every worrying about it sliding off and swapping out the Ligero bands over the year hasn’t changed the locking mechanism functionality at all.-I know I’m missing some other features which I’ll remember later but the price is unbeatable!
Overall I am VERY impressed with the high quality of these bands and how they've held up to my daily and nightly abuse at the gym, beach, business meetings, conferences, baseball games, running errands and relaxing.
What more can I say other than we've finally found the perfect watch bands that we absolutely love!! I’m excited to check out the Vitero line next! Very unique and brilliant design!

High quality and service

This is a very beautiful and very high quality band. I got the rainbow colors because I show dogs and will literally go with any color I wear. I did have difficulties arise from trying to remove links. They offered a great solution. Customer service is second to none. They will do whatever it takes to make it right. I highly recommend these bands, and I want more of them! I hope they will make more for the 38mm Apple Watches. Thanks again! Great company to deal with.

Testimonial #59

I can't begin to explain how impressed I am with my JUUK Ligero Cosmic Grey band and the customer service experienced. Appearance and quality is second to none.  It truly elevates my apple watch to an inspired and modern timepiece vs. a tech gadget on my wrist.  Now it is truly stunning and feels great!  Adding to the incredible product was a buying experience that only impressed! Very responsive, great communication and fast delivery.  Fan for life and THANK YOU!

You won't find better for your money

I currently have 4 Juuk bands. Vitero Cerulean,Vitero Citron, Vitero Crimson & Ligero Cobalt. I can honestly say these are classy bands. Currently waiting for Vitero Silver. Probably going for Cosmic Grey next

Testimonial #57

I received my Vitero Silver watch band today and I love it. Excellent craftsmanship, looks great, and very easy to remove the links to adjust. 
Great product.

Vitero Ruby Silver

Great fit, looks awesome!Fast shipping from Hong Kong to South Florida too.Great buy, quality product.Would buy again for sure.

42mm Velo Silver

I spent a long time searching for a strap that would match my new Apple Watch 3 in Aluminium case. Pre-ordered the 42mm Velo Silver and so happy I did. It matches the Watch beautifully and looks superb. The strap is so lightweight and comfortable to wear yet is also rigid and strong. I’m very impressed and can definitely recommend this and any Juuk strap. Thank you. 

Another Great Apple Watch Band

I just received my Velo band and it is another great band for my silver aluminum Apple Watch.  This is my 4th JUUK band and it will not be the last one.  Each band that I have gives my Apple Watch a distinctive look that I really enjoy.
For those that might hesitate to purchase, the JUUK bands are worth every penny as they are quality bands that stand up to everyday wear and tear.  They are easy to size and look great.  Much better deal than buying an Apple band.

Testimonial #53

My 4th Juuk - just got the Velo.  All beautiful and incredibly crafted.  What surprises me is the durability - wear the AL bracelet daily and not a scratch to be found!  They're just antastic bracelets.  And, great customer service too.

Testimonial #52

Gorgeous, comfortable, lightweight, really nice quality, very-very kind costumer support! 

Testimonial #51

I was shopping for a Watch band for my AW3 that was more for “dress” ware. I came across the Juuk website and fell in love with the look and color of the Ligero Tyrian. The plum color was so deep and just what I was looking for. I ordered one and it was perfect. It is very easy to attach, comes with its own tool to remove links, and very light to wear. I would definitely purchase another.