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Best Apple Watchband ever!

My husband has two Juuk watchbands and raves about the quality and the ease of changing the bands as well as adding or taking out links.  He gets so many compliments on his watch, I just had to have one for myself. I ordered the 38 mm Revo Gunmetal band and absolutely love it.  It's an excellent quality band and is so much lighter than the previous metal (cheap) band I was wearing.  It looks very classy and I've already received compliments about how great it looks and I've only worn it for two days.  I can't wait to see what other designs Eugene comes up with...   

Beautiful and Honorable

I ordered a Juuk band some months ago and had problems trying to remove and replace links. I emailed Cult of Mac and then heard from Eugene Ho personally. He sent me additional pins and a new tool. I was still unsuccessful. He refunded the total amount and offered to pay the freight to send it back. I was pretty amazed that he honored his product that well. Not only did he handle the transaction perfectly he followed up when a newer design came out. He sent me the new band to try it out before I paid a second time. The new design worked perfectly. I now have a beautiful band for my Apple Watch and I am totally impressed with Eugene Ho. A man of honor! Buy these bands without any concern. They are beautiful and they stand behind the product 100%. Ligero Obsidian.

Beautiful and Stylish

I purchased the 38mm Ligero rose gold band and I LOVE it. The band is as light and comfortable as the sport band that came with the watch, it’s very easy to size with the special tool included in the box, and the color is a perfect match. The band (links and closure) is the same quality one would expect from a much more expensive designer band. In addition, the customer support I received from Eugene Ho was outstanding. Highly recommend!!


The first time I saw these Juuk bracelets, it was on a blog to watch.The bracelets did look good and the special attention of a screwdriver was a alert message for me in positive way.This is a company which cares about detail.
I own the Apple watch steel with the expensive metal link bracelet.The bracelet is brushed, not polished.The complete watch is perfect to me.But I also love the shiny polished bracelets of Juuk.
So I ordered the 42mm Revo.When the bracelet arrived I was speechless.It was a solid metal heavy weight and high quality bracelet.This is something for a real stainless steel watch lover.
The quality is no less than the apple bracelet.Only the links are connected in a different way.
I am very happy with it and will buy a second one soon.
Thanks Eugene.
Best Regards,Jan de Groot, Rotterdam Netherlands

Testimonial #38

I purchased the Ligero 38mm rainbow watchband. I received my watchband on Monday and immediately installed it onto my watch. it is beautiful, simply, beautiful. Though the installation was not easy, and I bent two pins in the process, it was evident juuk expected this as they included 3 spare pins in the package with the watchband. the rainbow Ligero band is gorgeous, light weight, and stunning colors. I receive several complements daily.


After having already purchased too many Apple Watch bands I was surprised to find Juuk's, which are the best I've run across.  I have two Ligero's and am waiting for the cobalt. The finish, weight, and build are excellent, resulting in a stylish look, certainly comparable to Apple's.  Eugene's responsiveness is rare, and delivery was faster than I expected. Just remember to view both videos on sizing and putting the band on the watch. 

Elevates your Apple Watch a truly premium feel

I've been fortunate enough to own the Ligero band since April and can honestly say it's incredible. The quality of the design and workmanship elevates the Apple Watch Sport to a sophistication reserved for premium Swiss watches. Prior to receiving the Ligero I alternated between my Apple Watch Sport and my Raymond Weil reserving the latter for nights out and special occasions. Since receiving the Ligero I haven't worn anything else - and don't intend to! Aside from the new found elegance my Apple Watch has, it is the comfort which has been a genuine surprise. I really don't notice I'm wearing it - Eugene has obviously spent a long time engineering this strap to perfection. Finally, I must pay credit to Eugene's incredible customer service - it's simply faultless. Thanks for developing such a beautifully refined watch strap.

Testimonial #35

Today I received my 2nd band. So I'm now a proud owner of a Ligero Ruby and Viridian. Can't wait to get my Cobalt end of June. @ Eugene: Thanks again! And your brand image is definitely "Best products and an honest company"! Hats off!

Testimonial #34

Just got my third bracelet, the grey Aluminum and I have to say it is a terrific addition.  So light weight and perfect for the warmer months outdoors.  Love the silver Revo I have equally as well and also have the Locarno in black.  Quality is unparalleled and durability is impressive.  Great products from a great guy who considers customer service his top priority.  


Super band! Super contact! Super quality! Did I miss anything? :-)

World Class service and great quality

I was researching many Apple Watch bands on Amazon and then came across this company. At first I was reluctant to spend more than $30 on a bracelet because they are so many cheaper alternatives, but I'm glad I took the chance. I had so many questions regarding the steel and waterproof aspects of the band. The CEO of the company Eugene personally replied and answered all of my questions. His prompt responses and great customer service was unbelievable. The bracelet is great quality, and most important it feels good on the wrist. The polished finish is very nice. I had to take out a few links but there is an instructional video and a custom tool that makes it very easy to remove these links. Overall a terrific Apple Watch band and worth the money.

Testimonial #32

This watch band is awesome! Despite the long wait, I was still dedicated to wait and be patient and with no regrets.. I love it! Great customer service, I admire your work. Thanks Eugene


Received my Ligero cosmic grey band several days ago, and I couldn't be more happy. It looks and fits amazing. The color matches perfectly with the space grey apple watch. Well crafted, engineered, and precision fit. You wont regret it!

Cobalt Blue!

Wow, I just received my 42mm Cobalt Aluminum Ligero Apple Watch band from Juukdesign and it is everything I dreamed!  Love the feel, the quality, even down to the Applesque packaging!  Thank you Eugene!  I had to wait to get one, but boy is it worth the wait!  Your communication was excellent.  Thanks again!  I'll be purchasing more.

It's too good!

It's too good. The colour and the finish is flawless. The band adjustment took a while for me to understand (Perhaps consider making a separate part of the website dedicated to just installation. for example.), but the aluminium push tool is truly innovative. 

Very, very pleased. Well worth the wait. I also really love how there's no chemical or metal smell right out from the box.


WOW. I'm just so impressed with these bands. WOW. Perfection; down to the last detail. The plum purple is classy. The red is insanely hot. Even the tool to remove and replace links is impressive. Luckily I have other bands I have purchased from you so i knew exactly how many links to remove to streamline the process. Your bands are extremely impressive. I'll wear my Apple Watches with pride and be thrilled to send referrals in your direction. Please let me know if you ever decide to make more 38mm bands in other colors. Like i mentioned in my last message to you, I have my eye on the green 42mm band next. Congratulations on these aluminum bands. No one offers these vibrant colors in aluminum with such quality. 

Happy customer and biggest fan!

Transformed my sport watch !!!

Since the Legero was announced I was on board. Placed the order and eagerly awaited the 42 mm for myself and a 38 for the wife. The first impression was handling the packaging. I knew I was in for something special with the high quality apple-esque packaging protecting the strap while in transit. As the lid was removed a quality Juuk branded polishing cloth was draped across the strap. Upon removing the cloth all I could think was WOW!!!. The strap looks absolutely amazing. I've seen every photo that Juuk have posted on social media and I can guarantee that the strap looks as good in person as any photo that has been published. The feel of the strap in your hand is amazing and for me the weight is perfect. I have got quite a few different coloured cheap bands but this strap has literally transformed the device from a sport band into a fantastic looking timepiece. I love it. The included custom-designed link remover works flawlessly. Highest praise to Juuk who have talked a good game during the production process and absolutely delivered the finished item that was promised. I could not be happier with the Ligero.

Happy with my purchase!

I was looking for a stylish band for my AWS Rose Gold and had a lot of trouble finding one that isn't mad expensive like Apple's or cheaply made like a lot of 3rd party bands. I finally settled on the matte/polished Locarno band from Juuk, and I'm glad I did. The quality is what I expected, it was very easy to resize and it fit my dainty wrist perfectly. Eugene was very nice and helpful and quick to answer my questions. Thanks!