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Happy with my purchase!

I was looking for a stylish band for my AWS Rose Gold and had a lot of trouble finding one that isn't mad expensive like Apple's or cheaply made like a lot of 3rd party bands. I finally settled on the matte/polished Locarno band from Juuk, and I'm glad I did. The quality is what I expected, it was very easy to resize and it fit my dainty wrist perfectly. Eugene was very nice and helpful and quick to answer my questions. Thanks! 

My brushed Locarno band arrived today and my initial impression is that I'm glad I took a chance on it.

Adjusting the length (I needed to remove 5 links, 3 on 1 side, 2 on the other) was easy enough.  Even though it's obviously not as easy as Apple's tool-less design, it quite honestly didn't take me much longer.  For something that's going to be done once, I really think Apple blew the cost up on their band by including that feature.

The band itself feels a lot more robust than Apple's Link band, it feels like a much higher quality product.  The clasp is much nicer, the links are thicker and have a nicer finish, and so on.  This is something the reviews I've read haven't dealt with, but I think it's important - the extra cost of the genuine Apple band just isn't justified.  I'm assuming your Revo band is similar in regards to having thicker links and that the clasp mechanism is the same as the Locarno.

I'll most likely be ordering the black version of the Locarno (assuming preorder status means you've got another batch coming) to go with my stainless steel space black watch, assuming B&H sends me one that's actually new on their second attempt.

I've been toying with the idea of selling my Rolex and going with the Apple Watch, but wasn't satisfied enough with the bands I had tried when comparing them to my Rolex Sea Dweller.  Now that I've got the Locarno band, I may have found what I've been looking for.

I am a proud owner of the Revo premium 38mm polished stainless steel bracelet. This is an incredibly well-made, attractive, and high-quality watch bracelet  produced by a highly-professional and generous manufacturer. It is half the price of Apple's own comparable band and yet more than double the quality and attractiveness. I obsessed over finding the right polished stainless steel band to match my Series 2 Apple Watch for months. I bought multiple inexpensive knock-offs from amazon and elsewhere, and I returned them all because they were cheaply made and did not match the beautiful polished stainless steel finish of the Apple Watch case. Even Apple's own high-priced band is a brushed finished,  which does not match the polished case. The JUUK brand is gleaming and polished; it is heavy enough to feel its quality and yet not too heavy on the wrist.  The clasps are perfect and the links easily removable.

I cannot say enough, however, about how courteous, generous, professional, and quick-to-respond was the maker and owner of company. He returned emails  almost immediately with extreme courtesy and graciousness. He was quick to offer information and pictures of his product as well as information about how it is made, and he was extremely gracious and generous in his desire to make sure that I was
satisfied with my purchase.

I do not work for JUUK nor do I have any interest in the company. I rarely write reviews. But I am so impressed by the quality and attractiveness of this band and I am so grateful for the professionalism and courtesy of the owner and
manufacturer that I could not justify withholding my feedback. If you're desirous of a very high quality band for your Apple watch, and if you suspect that Apple's own bands might be overpriced (and NOT as high quality as one made by a watch-maker!), then you should definitely buy one of these.

I was looking for watch band that looks stylish, complement the watch itself and as a whole doesn´t look like smartwatch at first look. JUUK band does exactly that. You can choose from multiple variants and finishes where Apple is only offering just one brushed stainless steel watch band.
It is very easy to resize it and you can do it yourself with the small screwdriver provided. I´ve got the 42 mm polished Locarno and after about a month of usage it still looks the same - no scratches (although I expect there will be some eventually). The communication is also excellent. I had some questions and they were all answered within very short period of time. Amazing product combined with superb customer support is something I really appreciate. Now it´s your turn to get one of your own JUUK watch band. 

This Juuk blows away anything!

I can't stop staring at it .. I had such a pleasurable experience. I took two links from each side off in 10 minutes. The band feels so smooth , it's a perfect weight, "but ever so rich". This Juuk blows away anything!!  Its not only gorgeous it makes me feel like I bought an entirely new watch.. it is more comfortable than my Rolexes, Breitling and Roadster , Chase Duer Black "Burn Notice" (Special Forces Chrono), Invictas and Longines Master World Watch ..I love my other watches and enjoyed switching them up but now I am very content wearing this AW Juuk Time piece.
And switching the bands depending on my activities.. most of my day is spent dressed up and the Juuk is my new luxury watch.

Still fantastic after almost a year

I purchased my Revo almost a year ago now and it is still going. I have worn the band every day for almost a year and it still feels as solid as it did when it came out of the box. The shiny stainless steel is prone to scratches, which is to be expected, however with a bit of metal polish and some time you can get it looking brand new again. A very premium product even after a year of abuse, for a fraction of the price of an apple band. Very impressed!

Testimonial #18

My second unsolicited testimonial - I now have the Revo in addition to the Locarno and even more impressed than before.  The craftsmanship, fit, and finish on both are unparalleled for aftermarket bracelets, even at higher price points.  Recommend both unequivocally and eagerly await the Aluminum one on preorder. i cannot imagine how any buyer could be disappointed in any way.

Way better than Apple's bands!

A while ago I bought a 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch, with the Milanese Loop band. I needed a band that was easy to put on and off. I wanted the Stainless Steel Link Bracelet, but that was very expensive. Since the Milanese Loop band is magnetic, it gets caught on metal, and if I accidentally brushed it against something, the band would totally loosen. I was looking for a bracelet band, and they range to $449 (Apple’s Stainless Steel Link Bracelet). 
After doing a lot of research, I got the Juuk Revo Polished for $199. $250 less than the cost of an Apple Link Bracelet. It looks great, it perfectly matches the finish on my watch, the band is easy to use, and the links are 0.19 inches so the band is very easy to adjust so it fits perfectly. The links on the Apple Stainless Steel Link Bracelet look about the same size.
After I installed my new Juuk band on my Apple Watch, I checked the release mechanism, which has 2 buttons to release it. So I wondered if something accidentally bumped up against 1 of the buttons, will it release the band. And the answer is No. To release the band, both buttons have to be pushed, but if 1 button is accidentally pressed, the band will not release, but later if the 2nd button is pressed, the band will release. 
If you think you accidentally pushed 1 button, you don’t have to push both buttons so it will release, and then lock it. You only have to push the release mechanism against your wrist, and it will lock. If you hear a click when you push the mechanism against your wrist, that means one button was accidentally pushed. Since my old Apple band could accidentally be pressed against anything and it would totally loosen, sometimes I push the release mechanism against my wrist, and I have never heard an accidental click.
The Apple Stainless Steel Link Bracelet (more than twice the price of my wonderful Juuk Revo Polished) also has 2 buttons to release the band, but I don’t know if the safety feature on my Juuk band is also in the Apple release mechanism. For Apple’s band and watch safety, I hope their band’s mechanism works just like my new Juuk band.
Juuk provides very fast and helpful tech support. I have to say, I love my Juuk band! I wear it every day and also when in bed, I will never wear my old, un-functional Milanese Loop band ever again. 

Testimonial #16

I used apple's link bracelet and I found Juuk. I think Juuk is one of the best choice if you consider other apple watch band. If I buy another band, Juuk will be the fist option. The quality of the band is the same as the picture in Juuk home page.

Best Apple Watch band around!

The Locarno band is amazing. The quality, polishing almost have the same feel of those branded Swiss watches. Make the watch looks classy and elegant. It matches perfectly with my suits. Most importantly it's definitely value for money. Finally this is the best quality band I have ever found in the market.

Great bracelets! Incredible fit and finish for price...

I have owned several high end watches with bracelets and have always been impressed when the machining, fit, and finish is perfect.  I have never found an aftermarket bracelet that has those features...until now.  Juuk's bracelets are top notch, worth more than the asking price, and fit the Apple Watch as if they were made by Apple.  That's how good they are.  Very impressed with Eugene and his commitment to customer service evidenced by fast response to emails and a willingness to offer suggestions on band choice.  I have the black Lacaro, just ordered the brushed Revo, and have a pre-order in for the aluminum grey bracelet.  Ordering several evidences how impressed I have been.  No other bracelet maker that I can find offers the quality of these at a very reasonable price point.

Happy to own 2!

As other customers have mentioned, I also have searched long and hard to find a quality Apple Watch band that wasn't going to be too pricey, yet well made, classy, and beautiful.  I have 2 Apple Watches, both in stainless steel; a 42mm and a 38mm.  I ordered the polished stainless steel REVO band for the 38mm and fell in love with it.   It shines as brightly as the watch.  It's weighty enough to feel substantial yet it isn't so heavy that it's uncomfortable.   I have small wrists so I was worried that it wouldn't bend comfortably to hug my wrist.  It was very easy to remove links and the band curves very nicely around my small wrist.  I decided to order a polished stainless steel LOCARNO for the 42mm because I fell in love with the first band.  The LOCARNO arrived today and its even better!  Eugene has been amazing at taking the time to respond to my specific questions regarding the watch bands. Excellent quality customer service.  I am so extremely pleased and impressed with the quality of design, the workmanship, and the beauty of these bands.  I can't wait to see what else Eugene will come up with in the future!  Simply outstanding.

Awesome Band - You should get one

It’s exactly what I was looking for – Before I knew what I was looking for.  The realization came to full life when I had taken the links out and was wearing it!
I spent quite a bit of time deciding on a traditional watch or the Apple Watch 2.  I knew I'd like the functionality so I went ahead with the Stainless version - and then it came with a white band... I personally couldn't stand it.  So I spent weeks researching and trying to find a high quality alternative to the Apple Link Bracelet.  I simply didn't feel the value was there.  Luckily for me I found JUUK and fell in love with the Locarno.  Eugene - what can I say the man answered emails and multiple questions to help me make the best decision on color / design.  I can't recall the last time I waited for a purchase in today's instant gratification shopping.  Well it was totally worth the wait and I couldn't be happier!  It's top notch quality, looks great and I think anyone that buys an Apple Watch stainless should take a look.  I know they have many other styles as well and based on the Locarno I'm 100% confident the other styles are also excellent!

Testimonial #3

I did an exhaustive amount of research before deciding on a link bracelet for my Apple Watch. It was looking like there were only two options - Apple, or a cheap knockoff. Then I found Eugene's company, Juuk. These bands are fine pieces of jewelry made by an expert craftsman with vast amounts of experience in an industry built on precision manufacturing.
I couldn't be happier with the Juuk Revo. It looks even BETTER in person than it does in photos. The craftsmanship is second to none, eclipsing that of the Apple link bracelet. It does just as Eugene claims - transforms the Apple Watch into a true timepiece. This band is class and quality from top to bottom. I'm glad I stumbled across Juuk. Anyone who appreciates quality and precision will love these bracelets. You'd be hard-pressed to do better at any price.

Testimonial #2

Hands down, the most gorgeous band that I have ever owned. The Locarno polished SS is SOLID. It has a great weight to it and feels wonderful on the wrist. it’s a perfect match for my SS Series 2 & I can’t wait wear it out and about. Awesome!

Best Band Ever

By far the best quality band I've purchased for a smartwatch or even a regular watch. Even better than the Apple watch bands. For a fraction of the price, you can get a great quality band with a great weight, look and quality without breaking the bank.
I will definitely order again in the future. Fast delivery and great customer service.

Beautiful, extremely well crafted!

The Locarno Band transforms the Apple Watch from functional beauty to a time piece everyone can be proud of with the feel of mechanical, time honoured craftsmanship! Beautiful, extremely well crafted! Please don't sell any more so I can proudly say I own a limited original crafted special edition.

Bought both Revo and Locarno; awesome!

I installed the Locarno on my iWatch today and am amazed at how great it looks. I also own the Revo and think I like the Locarno the best. I love the Revo and the fantastic polishing. But am more impressed with the Locarno band. The polishing is fantastic. Great weight like the Revo, and fits the wrist perfectly. I would recommend either one to anyone looking for a high quality watch band to go with their iWatch. I don't think there is anything like the Locarno on the market which is what I like most about it.