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It elevates the Apple Watch to the next level

Man o’ Man, this thing is brilliant! I love it!!!! Your’s have a distinct look of a traditional luxury watch which the incumbent have not caught up with yet. You have successfully achieved that luxury look that the watch desperately needs. The Locarno Bracelet has taken my $600 watch and given it a thousand dollar appeal.  

Makes AW feel like a luxury watch

I love the bracelet! A terrific product that I highly recommend to everyone who asks me about it. I have experienced excellent build quality, clever engineering and it is a beautiful match to my Space Grey Apple Watch Sport. This is a high-end product.  I particularly like the heft of the solid  316L stainless steel, which makes my Apple Watch feel more like a premium luxury watch. Love it, and a great price! I also appreciated the timely updates. Kudos to you and your team!

Over 24 hours with the Revo bracelet and I love it! I love the look! I love the feel! I love the fit! It's great! Some of the screws were a pain in the ass to get out and the process of sizing it took much longer than I expected, but now that I got it to fit and it is on my wrist, I couldn't be any happier! 

Band weight transforms the feel of the watch

The bracelet is HEAVY. I love it. It feels much more masculine than the Apple link bracelet.

As awesome as the pictures!

I got the bracelet today and it's every bit as AWESOME as the pictures look! I love it!

Fantastic quality and look

 The bracelet gives my space-grey Apple Watch sport a real high-end look and I really like the weight of it.  The quality of the product is really apparent as soon as you open the box.