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Testimonial #59

I can't begin to explain how impressed I am with my JUUK Ligero Cosmic Grey band and the customer service experienced. Appearance and quality is second to none.  It truly elevates my apple watch to an inspired and modern timepiece vs. a tech gadget on my wrist.  Now it is truly stunning and feels great!  Adding to the incredible product was a buying experience that only impressed! Very responsive, great communication and fast delivery.  Fan for life and THANK YOU!

You won't find better for your money

I currently have 4 Juuk bands. Vitero Cerulean,Vitero Citron, Vitero Crimson & Ligero Cobalt. I can honestly say these are classy bands. Currently waiting for Vitero Silver. Probably going for Cosmic Grey next

Testimonial #57

I received my Vitero Silver watch band today and I love it. Excellent craftsmanship, looks great, and very easy to remove the links to adjust. 
Great product.

Vitero Ruby Silver

Great fit, looks awesome!Fast shipping from Hong Kong to South Florida too.Great buy, quality product.Would buy again for sure.

42mm Velo Silver

I spent a long time searching for a strap that would match my new Apple Watch 3 in Aluminium case. Pre-ordered the 42mm Velo Silver and so happy I did. It matches the Watch beautifully and looks superb. The strap is so lightweight and comfortable to wear yet is also rigid and strong. I’m very impressed and can definitely recommend this and any Juuk strap. Thank you. 

Another Great Apple Watch Band

I just received my Velo band and it is another great band for my silver aluminum Apple Watch.  This is my 4th JUUK band and it will not be the last one.  Each band that I have gives my Apple Watch a distinctive look that I really enjoy.
For those that might hesitate to purchase, the JUUK bands are worth every penny as they are quality bands that stand up to everyday wear and tear.  They are easy to size and look great.  Much better deal than buying an Apple band.

Testimonial #53

My 4th Juuk - just got the Velo.  All beautiful and incredibly crafted.  What surprises me is the durability - wear the AL bracelet daily and not a scratch to be found!  They're just antastic bracelets.  And, great customer service too.

Testimonial #52

Gorgeous, comfortable, lightweight, really nice quality, very-very kind costumer support! 

Testimonial #51

I was shopping for a Watch band for my AW3 that was more for “dress” ware. I came across the Juuk website and fell in love with the look and color of the Ligero Tyrian. The plum color was so deep and just what I was looking for. I ordered one and it was perfect. It is very easy to attach, comes with its own tool to remove links, and very light to wear. I would definitely purchase another.

Testimonial #50

Fantastic product, fast shipping, and customer service that really went above and beyond. Very happy with JUUK and the Ligero band I purchased for my fiancé- he had never found a band that fit before!

Locarno makes Apple Watch look like a classic swiss watch

Truly a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. When we went to the apple store and then   Best Buy the guys would be blown away by the watch band. My wife then observed that watches (and their bands) were like purses for woman. She may be on to something. I recommended  Juuk not only for the great product, wonderful and quick shipping but the amazing customer service. 

I have purchased 2 bands from Juuk Design and they are the best bands I have seen for the Apple Watch. The quality and workmanship of these bands is unparalleled. Also their customer service is outstanding. They spent immense amount of time and effort to help me deal with a couple of minor problems I had. Also their prices are incredible for the quality of Watch bands they are offering. I can’t speak more highly of my experience dealing with them. If I need or want another band for my Apple Watch they are the first (and probably only) company I’ll consider

Fantastic Bands & Outstanding Customer Support

Yesterday I took delivery of my Ligero Obsidian band.  If you are looking for a high-end, gorgeous band that perfectly matches your Space Black Stainless Steel Apple Watch, look no further.  This band is drop-dead gorgeous.  It's a perfectly seamless match with the Watch.  That said, I also have the Cadmium and Gray Ligero bands and they are just as beautiful and highly complementary to this Apple Watch.
Customer service is world-class, too.  I've had occasion to talk to Eugene several times and always come away impressed with his responsiveness and customer focus.  He, like his company, is first-rate.
I can't recommend these bands highly enough - you get an extremely high-quality band at a very fair price.  Thanks, Juuk, and keep up the great work!

Testimonial #45

Today I have got JUUK Ligero obsidian black bracelet. Its colour and finish match very much with my space black Apple Watch. Both look together as one piece of jewellery.  I look forward to enjoying my watch even more. I recommend a JUUK bracelet to everybody who would like to upgrade image of his/her Apple Watch. Thank you Eugene. 

Amazing quality for the price

I got the gunmetal Revo band and it really is amazing.  The had high expectations but the quality of it surprised me in how it exceeded them.  It feels like a great quality watch band unlike those you would find on Amazon and Ebay for much cheaper. This has the quality I'd expect from Apple at 1/3rd the price.  Even less when on sale.  I don't know how you did it but great job. Also I'm surprised that it shipped from HK to Toronto in just 3 business days, and that was the free shipping option. Eugene also answered my excessive amount of questions himself and helped me make the smartest purchase.  Juuk deserves to be way more popular.

Love it!

Just purchased a RG Ligero for my wife.  Perfectly matched colors!  She loves it.  I have the steel version for mine.  THere's so much to love.  1/2 links!!!  Extra pins!!  When Rolex and Patek can charge $2-3K for their bracelets, Eugene and his crew does it for pennies.  The best Apple Watch bracelet on the planet!

Best Apple Watchband ever!

My husband has two Juuk watchbands and raves about the quality and the ease of changing the bands as well as adding or taking out links.  He gets so many compliments on his watch, I just had to have one for myself. I ordered the 38 mm Revo Gunmetal band and absolutely love it.  It's an excellent quality band and is so much lighter than the previous metal (cheap) band I was wearing.  It looks very classy and I've already received compliments about how great it looks and I've only worn it for two days.  I can't wait to see what other designs Eugene comes up with...   

Beautiful and Honorable

I ordered a Juuk band some months ago and had problems trying to remove and replace links. I emailed Cult of Mac and then heard from Eugene Ho personally. He sent me additional pins and a new tool. I was still unsuccessful. He refunded the total amount and offered to pay the freight to send it back. I was pretty amazed that he honored his product that well. Not only did he handle the transaction perfectly he followed up when a newer design came out. He sent me the new band to try it out before I paid a second time. The new design worked perfectly. I now have a beautiful band for my Apple Watch and I am totally impressed with Eugene Ho. A man of honor! Buy these bands without any concern. They are beautiful and they stand behind the product 100%. Ligero Obsidian.