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Karen is an incredible personal trainer!! I have been dieting practically my whole life. I’ve kept a fairly consistent diet and exercise routine since I was 18, however never really saw any positive changes. More recently, I was eating very little and doing too much exercises and putting on weight. I thankfully reached out to Karen to get her advice, which was the best decision I’ve ever made! I am a physical therapist and I prefer that everything I do (whether its diet or exercise) be scientifically sound. Every exercise she makes me do and number of calories/macros she makes me eat is all based on research. She doesn’t just force you to decrease you total calorie intake or force you to run for hours. She creates a plan of care based on your lifestyle and the evidence based support. If you’re looking to get a personal trainer, Karen is the right person to go with. You’ll find that Karen will become your support system, best friend and therapist. She is always one text or phone call away and will always be there to help you get through the process.

Reaching out to Karen was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I trained with her for over three months and throughout that time period I was able to learn so much and get closer to my goal. She really pushed me when times were tough and she never let me give up. Sunday’s were my favorite day because she would check in with me and create a meal plan specific for me. Now I am training on my own and I would never be able to do it without her and her guidance. I would recommend Karen to anyone that is looking for a fitness coach. You will not regret it.

Absolutely love love loved working with karen! She made dieting and working out something fun and easy to stick by! Not only is she incredible with working with your needs but she is a complete gem outside the gym. She’s not just a trainer she’s a friend that pushes you to go your hardest!

I’m so happy I reached out to Karen! Ever since high school ended, I would gain and lose weight like crazy, and I never was happy with how I looked. Tried every fad diet there was, but never stuck through with it. Karen showed me that there’s a fun and healthy way around to losing weight. I got to eat food I never tried before, and I still got to eat my favorites. While doing so, she also taught me how to measure my food properly. I’m fitting better into my clothes, and I can definitely feel a change in my energy. I was in it for a drastic change, and Karen made it realistic for me and turned it into a lifestyle. I’ve become such an avid shopper at Trader Joe’s too! lol

I wanna start off by saying Karen helped me push myself to my max and get me to where I am today. She helped me by planning my meals, workouts, and motivated me. She was always free to speak and change up the plans. Very flexible. I haven’t been where I wanted to be in a while and she got me there. I am so happy I went with Karen and she helped me through my journey.

Throughout my weight loss journey I have searched for many trainers and never stuck with one until I met Karen. She is constantly keeping in touch with me and always makes sure I am good! She is very detailed and amazing at individualizing every single person she works with. I have recently gotten off keto and she has assisted me in getting back into normal eating habits with flexibility and personalized workout and I have lost even more. She is the best you will not regret it! I have felt stronger, her workouts target my core areas where it is necessary. I also love the flexibility of dieting with her personalized plan she provides. Thank you Karen! ❤️

Karen goes above and beyond for her clients. I’ve never worked with a trainer as dedicated and committed as Karen is. She works with you consistently to maximize your results throughout the program. I feel stronger with each session thanks to her. Karen motivates me to push past my limits and I succeed every time with her coaching. Thank you Karen!!! You are amazing!

I am so glad I met Karen when I did. She is by far one of the sweetest and most caring coaches out there. I had to post-pone my start date with Karen due to minor knee and back injuries so we waited until we both felt comfortable enough for me to start training. She is so flexible with the meal plans and wants you to truly enjoy all the food you eat with no restrictions, as long as everything is within moderation. Physical training has been life changing. I used to work out on my own but quit a while ago because I would have constant back pain. Karen explained to me how most of this pain was caused from having incorrect form during exercises and we worked on correcting my form before dealing with any heavy weights. I love how she always pushes me to keep going but never to a point where it is so past my limit that I can possibly injure myself again. I’m only halfway through my sessions but I can already notice a drastic difference and I couldn’t be happier nor thankful enough.

Karen is hands down the kindest most patient and caring trainer I have ever worked with. Not only is she such a delightful person to be around, but she is a vet well informed and equipped coach/trainer. Coming into this, I already had a few years of workout experience but Karen did not fail in introducing me to new workouts and circuits, but also totally kicked my butt every time! I would recommend Karen to anyone who is looking for a fun, intellectual, and accommodating trainer!

I wish I knew where to start with Karen and how great she is. Before I met Karen, I would never step foot in the gym. Now that I’ve gotten to know what a gem she is, I get excited to go workout with her. One of the greatest things about Karen that sets her aside from other trainers is the fact that she doesn’t restrict me from eating all the foods that I love, I’m free to eat whatever I please as long as it fits in my macros. She’s one of the most down to earth and caring people I have ever come across. Karen always motivates me to keep pushing and working towards my fitness goals. I’ve seen great changes in my body in the past two months that I’ve been working with Karen and I could never see myself training with someone other than her.

I don’t know how to put in to words how thankful I am I met Karen! She has changed not only my life, but my mindset towards everything. I was never one to go to the gym, let alone do it consistently. But ever since Karen has become my trainer, my life has changed completely. I not only look forward to every session but I crave working out. Karen makes meal plans for me that I genuinely enjoy. She doesn’t deprive me of anything and let’s me choose what I want to eat. Karen genuinely cares about my well being and always pushes me to my fullest potential. I am beyond thankful to have such an amazing trainer who cares about me both inside the gym and outside.

It is both a privilege and an honor to be able to have such a hard working, caring and knowledgeable person as Karen in my life. Not only is she the most motivating and qualified trainer but her strong devotion ensures her client’s health and happiness at all times as well. I am beyond satisfied with my weekly meal plans, coaching and overall experience I’ve had with Karen. She not only delivers a challenging workout but also works towards improving my confidence both inside and outside of the gym. Karen never fails to educate me about the principles of the gym, exercising and maintaining a constant healthy lifestyle. I am beyond grateful for this life changing experience as well as having such a supportive yet encouraging person in my life.

We all have different goals, different weaknesses, different strengths, Karen is the only trainer I’ve met that actually takes the time and puts in the effort to get to know her clients so that she can help them. She’s always is full of life and positivity! Every workout is fun and you will push yourself and see results every week!

Definitely the best personal trainer around. Karen makes you feel comfortable and you definitely “sweat with a smile”. She is funny, caring and motivating, always helping you reach your goal. Even when you’re feeling low and feel like you can’t do it you leave your training session feeling positive and motivated. Her passion for helping each client is truly inspiring and she lights up the whole room with her positivity and love for training. Thank you for all your help – you’re amazing!

Sooo thankful I ever came across Karen! I was never able to keep a workout regime or diet until I met her. Even with her crazy schedule, she somehow manages to work around the times that work for me. She gives me meal plans based on what I want to eat so I am not deprived of foods that I crave.Her encouraging attitude has me addicted and looking forward to every session. Within 4 months I’ve gained an amazing trainer who motivates me to my best results and a friend who genuinely cares about my well being out of the gym.