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406 Market St
Kirkland WA , 98033

A Gift from Heaven

I had a “hands-on healing” by Kari Jo in a quiet and very tranquil atmosphere in a beautiful downtown Kirkland location. Kari Jo could tell right away where the issues were that needed to be fixed or cleansed (I call it this). For example: when she put her hands on my shoulders I could feel a sensation start at my shoulders going down my spine to the tips of my toes. It was a good tingling experience and it was amazing to me since I haven’t experienced this with other healers. It is now a few days since the healing took place and I haven’t felt this calm, relaxed, and free of stress for the past ten years (yes, ten years of stress needed to be removed from my body). I now sleep very sound throughout the night which is a blessing in disguise since I am a very light sleeper. Kari Joe has been given a gift from heaven that she does share with others. I highly recommend any of Kari Jo’s services and guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

"I have had two angel card readings and one hands-on healing session with KariJo. Her work is profound, honest, trustworthy, transformative, sensitive and respectful. There is no doubt she is in collaboration with unseen and knowledgeable Beings. She is a conduit for priceless information that I'm using for my personal healing, wellbeing, happiness and peace. I recommend KariJo's work without reservation. We are fortunate to have her as a life resource. Thank you, KariJo. Shea Logan"

Wonderful Healer

Kari Jo is an experienced healer. She has been able to connect and raise my level of clarity and sense of well-being in my sessions with her. She is able to focus in and deliver healing energy where I need it. I recommend her highly.