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Love it!


"This thing will outlast your pedals!"

"I never, ever worry about the pedal slipping at all anymore."

"I have put it through the paces!"

I Was Dubious...

For years, it was as if my sustain pedal had a mind of its own, and did its best to move just beyond the reach of my foot at the most inopportune moments. But then a friend sent me a link to the Footjunkie. I took a look at the product description and was dubious, but I figured for $35 it was worth a try. When it arrived, I tried it in my home studio, and it worked. But the real test was when I tried it out on slippery commercial carpeting - the Footjunkie worked perfectly! I’ve since used it on smooth concrete, tile, and wood floors, and it’s worked like a charm on every surface. It’s a brilliant and economical solution to a very annoying problem!

"It's like the best $35 you'll spend as a keyboard player!"

"This product has changed my life in just one rehearsal!"

Proud to own a Footjunkie.

"It's killin' Ya'll"

Testimonial #11

"My pedal never goes anywhere."

"I've gotten soiled by it."

"It's been a long time coming."

"I feel comfortable telling all my keyboard friends they should get this.

"You're crazy if you don't get one!"