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Kids Cardiologist

Cromwell Road,164
London England , SW5 0TU
United Kingdom

Dr Sridharan was extremely reassuring from the start when my daughter was diagnosed with a heart murmur. He called before the appointment to calm me and reassured me after the the visit. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Doctor Sridharan has been so reassuring and detailed about the concern I have with my baby boy. He takes the time to explain , I am ver happy. I go home feeling better and I had the chance to ask everything I wanted.

Clear communication and very empathetic towards my daughter. Made the consultation less daunting and even entertaining. We left with a very clear picture of what is going on. Such a pleasure to meet such a competent and professional cardiologist that is passionate about children.

Excellent and friendly Dr who answered all questions and doubts and reassured us the whole way through the process. The experience was as stress free as possible given the situation thanks to our wonderful Dr. I would highly recommend to anyone needing a cardiologist.

Dr Sridharan was really thorough and reassuring, explaining exactly what was happening and building my daughter’s trust.

Always great hospitality, comprehensive information about our little. We do not know how much should we thanks.

Great service doctor on point,reassured. Doctor friendly and explained every thing well. Leave clinic happy!!

Lovely, caring and friendly doctors. Attentive, answered our questions and made sure we understood. Thank you!

I am extremely happy with lorcans checks and treatments

A very welcoming team, did not have to wait for long, the team explains everything and is open to questions. Thank you for everything done for my daughter. For ever grateful.

We received an extremely professional and attentive care.

Excellent with the children, makes them instantly feel comfortable and it is refreshing to see your children look forward to coming to what could be a difficult appointment. Thorough explanation provided of my sons condition and I would highly recommend Dr Sridharan.

Really good and efficient service. Appreciated how the doctor was my my kid.

I felt we were in extraordinary care with Dr. Sridharan. First of all, he called me on the phone when he got the referral, and empathised with how difficult a situation we must feel we’re in. That in and of itself was differentiated and made me feel we were in the care of someone who was deeply caring. When we came in to see him, he played with our little girl, made her feel comfortable, gave her stickers, giggled with her. He was able to put her (and all of us) at ease despite a challenging situation. We are very grateful to him for the support.

My experience with Dr Shridharan has always been extremely positive, he is patient, excellent with my three year old and incredibly knowledgable. During each appointment I have felt reassured that my son is getting the best possible care and that no stone is left unturned. I would highly recommend him

Dr Sridharan is extremely thorough and experienced. He also has a wonderful way with patients. He made my 12 year old feel totally relaxed and at ease with a process that could otherwise be a little stressful. Highly recommend him!

I can recommend Dr Sridharan. He examined our daughter very carefully and thoroughly and explained the results of the check up to me in detail.

A very thorough and personable doctor. Really friendly and great with babies.