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Integrity Chiropractic

610 Market Street, Suite 103
Kirkland WA , 98033

Dr. Frank is amazing! i was passing through town on tour, only there for the evening, and my neck was completely stiff. I called and he told me to come shortly before he closed (so kind), and he spent the next two hours working out the kinks in my neck and helping me become mobile again. i'd never been to a chiropractor before, so i was a little nervous, but he was so nice and helpful and really cared about fixing my problem before i played my show that night. he went above and beyond and catered his treatment based on my history and how i was feeling in the moment. i went back to the venue after seeing him and told everyone how incredible it was. 100% recommend Dr. Frank for anyone looking for thorough care from a professional who takes his job and his patients health and comfort very seriously.

Dr. Frank is unlike any other chiropractor I've met.

I shopped around with a few chiropractors in the area and got the same old tired pitch of x number of sessions, contracts, etc for $120-150 a pop.

Dr. Frank was different right from the get go in that he focused on what my goals and needs were, understood my budget and timeline, and gave me immediate, actionable solutions. No contracts, no nonsense.

I was in a tight pinch because I had injured myself shortly before my physical agility test for the WA police test. My traps, neck, and back were a mess, and I had tennis elbow which made it hurt to grip anything. No bueno.

Dr. Frank and Elizabeth were both a great help in getting me back to working shape, and even after the physical agility test, I continued to see them and am back to where I want to be.

Very affordable, honest prices. His business model is patient-focused, so if you're fixed and you don't need to see him again, he's happy with that.

I’ve had bad back, neck, and hip pain for years and I’ve seen many different chiropractors. None of them have been able to give me the pain relief that Dr. Wen has given me. He truly cares about his clients and their long term health. He is very informative and teaches ways to maintain your body at home. I’ve never been so optimistic about actually being pain free, and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’m seeing from his treatment.

Integrity Chiropractic is in A class by itself. If your body matters to you, make Dr. Wen a part of your wellness program. Integrity integrates physical therapy , stretching, massage, range of motion testing,strengthening exercises, heat therapy, personal training and adjustments in a personalized program committed to getting results. The rates charge for a fraction of what is delivered. Dr Wen brought me from acute pain and limited activity to pain free in matter of weeks! I have found my best and last chiropractor! Nobody will ever compare to Dr Wen’s care!

If you are looking for a massage, Elizabeth is very professional and amazing. I had a 1 hour of massage and I felt so good after. I highly recommend her

I have been greatly pleased with my experience and outcome at Integrity Chiropractic! Dr. Frank and Elizabeth are a competent, caring team. I have several areas of recurrent injury that are well managed by both of them. It is money well spent!

As someone who works in the field of health and wellness, I am very particular about body work for myself and of course for my clients. It was clear to me during my first massage with Elizabeth at Integrity Chiropractic that she brings not only a passion and commitment to her work but also offers an intelligent massage. Her understanding of the body allows her to navigate the massage in a way that will accelerate the body's ability to heal. I also appreciate her use of various methodologies such as cupping and thai massage techniques. Kirkland is very lucky to have her in the neighborhood.

My pain level was affecting my life. Dr Wen listened and was able to customize my treatment! Now my smile is back and I'm healing from a number of issues!

I went to Dr. Wen for Chiropractic care for my shoulder issue! He was able to use several techniques to solve the issue! The Kirkland location is easy to get to as well. They live up to there name!

Highly recommend Elizabeth from Integrity Chiropractic for amazing massage. Weekly visits have helped me so much with shoulder and neck pain. Elizabeth is an excellent massage therapist. She is a true healer.

I accidentally injured my lower back and was in terrible pain. Dr. Wen returned my voicemail while other didn't. I prepared to be told to keep going back since that's my experience with most chiopractors in the past. Surprisingly, my back issue was resolved 90% in two visits. Dr. Wen left me a series of exercise thru app that I can easily follow everyday for the remaining 10%. Each visit he focused on treating me, not seeing multiple patients at the same time. He is out of network but his rate is reasonable and transparent (no surprise bills!). I only needed to see him twice. I'd highly recommend Dr. Wen to my friends and family. I am happy to find a reliable and caring doctor.

Fantastic experience every time I see Dr. Frank! His attention to detail when it comes to diagnosis is greatly appreciated! He’s thorough and makes sure he actually fixes your pains so you don’t have to come in more than actually necessary. Thanks for the great care over the years!!!

Doctor Wen and Elizabeth are both wonderful. Really appreciate the transparent pricing and the level of the care. Doctor Wen is very thorough and his customized plan helped me through my injury. Elizabeth’s massages are the best I’ve ever had. She’s a wonderful person and I’m glad I have found her.

Dr. Wen and his team are super friendly and kind. The office is located in a very convenient location with plenty of parking.The office is always super clean and has a nice vibe. I truly know that I’m cared about. The treatment you receive is first class and I’ve definitely seen increased health benefits. I also appreciate and value the education Dr.Wen provides about different treatments provided and the body as a whole in general. He will break down exactly what is going on in my body and how he can help. I highly recommend Integrity Chiropractic!!

As a dental hygienist, I get neck and back pain from working in the same position for an extended amount of time. I have seen many chiropractors over the years and in my opinion Dr Wen is the best I’ve seen so far. I’ve been to offices that they would do quick adjustments by cracking my neck and back and then send me out of the door. But at Integrity Chiropractic it’s different. Dr Wen started with a thorough exam to diagnose the problem and followed by treatments that actually worked. He used various techniques on hard and soft tissues and also spent time doing physical exercises with me to help with conditioning the muscles. I left with sore muscles but the pain that bothered me for days was gone!!

Dr. Wen and his staff are great!

I initially went to integrity chiropractic to sort out an elbow that had been giving me significant grief for over a year. Dr. Wen was able to help me repair it within 3 or 4 visits and it hasn't hurt since. Dr. Wen has always been professional, personable, attentive, and focused on achieving real results. He maintains that he'd rather have some one visit him a few times and fix an issue rather than string clients along. I still go semi regularly for general maintenance (I work in a physical industry). I've referred family, friends, and even some of my own clients, and continue to do so.

Dr. Wen has a wonderful approach to treatment. Get you moving right so that you are functionally sound and don't have to continue to get adjusted. Very holistic and knowledgeable!