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Kitterman Crafts and Services

6120 N Watkins Rd
Millington TN , 38053
United States

Awesome work

Ashley did a great job making the banner for my Facebook page from scratch!

Ashley is a lifesaver!

Ashley is a lifesaver…and this is no exaggeration. Due to a chronic illness I found myself drowning in paperwork and struggling to function day-to-day. At times I was unable to do the basic duties that a healthy household requires. (A few years ago) I was struggling with no way out of the clutter and cleaning. Ashley changed all that. She worked tirelessly to get my place in working order. During the process she explained to me how and why she was organizing things in a certain manner. Thus, she really set me up for success. I have found Ashley to be completely trustworthy and highly ethical in her work habits. When you chose Kitterman Crafts and Services, you choose peace of mind, too.

Reliable, efficient and diverse

Ashley helped organize and pack my house for an in town move. Then when the moving company left me hanging, she didn’t hesitate to stay til the wee hours and help us transport the remainder of my things. She was such a life saver! Ashley is willing to tackle any project and always has a cheerful and positive attitude. She’s methodical, meticulous and prompt. I highly recommend Ashley based on the many projects with which she’s helped me.

Excellent Service

Thankful that I found Ashley. I had a lot going on and needed to be out of town on multiple dates. Ashley took care of my horses 2 x a day. Regardless of the weather she was dependable and took great care of the horses and watching the house and collecting the mail. Will be using again soon!

Ashley's the best

Ashley kept my family together with her impeccable care of my furry friend Khalessi.

Great Customer Service

I’ve used the services of the company for over 4 years! The team here has great dedicated staff members that truly can do it all! I’ve had assistance from them with all things home service and interior design related! Trusted and dependable, I highly recccomend owner Ashley! So glad to have found this company.