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Kratom King Canada

407 7217 Lantzville rd
Lantzville BC , V0r2h0

Best Kratom, best service. Thanks Allan, you are the king of Kratom

Awesome Stuff Awesome Guys

Great Customer Service, Great Kratom

They ship out orders extremely fast…They’re super friendly and helpful and It is the best kratom I’ve ever had, thus far. I would recommend KratomKingCanada to any Canadian on the fence about trying kratom or Canadians, who up until now, have had poor results with kratom. And you won’’t meet a nicer staff.

Kratom King is the Bomb Allan super friendly and is quickly responds to your emailed questions first order was super quick with him I’m stick with KKC

Just received my mixed kilo from Kratom King Canada. they split it up into 5 200 gram bags so I tried the yellow, green, white and red Maeng Da as well as the red bali. Very impressed with the quality and the customer service was amazing. I ordered it at 3pm and they rushed it to the post office and I had it next day!

I def recommend.

great price for quality product, and the best customer service

Fantastic customer service, quick shipping and good quality product. I absolutely recommend giving them a try.

Awesome customer service, and good product for good prices

I got my first order from Kratom King about two months and finally got around to trying all the strains sent. I was made a recommendation to try them through a forum post and i was not disappointing, with them now being my preferred vendor! The gentleman I was speaking to was very pleasant to deal with and even got my order shipped the same day when it was well past the same day shipping time! and even included 70 extra grams on a 500g order of assorted samples just because I live on the opposite side of the country. Definitely give them a try you won’t be disappointed!

Shipping is quick. The product is pure and works very well.

Best shit on the flat earth man can't beat kratom kangz.

By far the best quality I have had! Customer service was fantastic as well, Allan was very helpful and had my order shipped within an hour of ordering, Thanks!

Ordering: Effortless, just send information and wait for confirmation. No account required. Fast delivery was processed and shipped the same day. Kratom King Canada will ship orders the same day if placed before noon.

Packaging: Received a sampler pack with nine different strains filled in 6-gram sealed baggies. Everything packaged professionally with care.

Communication: The only vendor that responded to all my emails and within 24 hours. Best customer service in the Industry.

Product/Price: I would recommend anyone new to buy their sampler to find the best strain that suits you. If it weren’t for Kratom King Canada, I would never be able to experiment with every single type. I would have bought each strain one at a time in 100-gram packages. All the products are authentic as advertised. It was more potent than some of the other vendors. I received Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Red Bent, White Maeng Da, Red Bali, Yellow Maeng Da, Green Bali, Red Horn, and Green Kapuas. My favorite was the Yellow MD and White MD. Surprisingly, all of the Strains were different and had different effects. Everything is reasonably priced with great deals if you buy bulk.

Notes: Honest opinion their website might not look as appealing as the others, but everything else is on point. Product Quality and Excellent Service. Kratom King Canada is very active in the community, and you can reach them on Reddit. Looks can be deceiving, the best way to find out is to send an email and see how responsive a business is. I have emailed every single vendor in Canada and rated Kratom King Canada number 1 for responsiveness. Whenever they upgrade their website in the future, I will turn the four into a five.

Ordered the 600 grams mix of the White maeng da, white horn and green maeng da. It shipped quickly and came in 2 days time. Great prices, great product. My personal favroite is the white strains.. However the over quality is the best I have ever had through a vendor as I have tried 3 other vendors and nothing comes close to Kratom king canada. I will be ordering again, right now actually. Allan was awesome when I sent him a message letting him know I was a first time customer he responded right away and said he threw in a bunch of sample packs. 110 % sastified and excellent customer service. Me and my brother both use Kratom king canada as our got to supplier now! Must try!!! Thanks Allan!

Very good customer service, best I’ve dealt with on ANY website. Highly recommend. Great product and very friendly :)

great customer service, replied so quickly to my questions and always has amazing prices and deals.. Will be getting all my Kratom from here

Kratom King Canada is the Bomb Allan super friendly and is quickly responds to your emailed questions first order was super quick with him I’m stick with KKC

I’ve tried 3 or 4 other vendors out and your kratom is the first good I’ve had. I’ve been telling everyone about my positive experience. Not sure why your kratom is better but it really is.

Without question, of all the vendors I've tried, KKC has been the best in every regard.
To start with, I've never had a more pleasant exchange than I have had here relating to any online purchase. Allan answeres all my questions, makes sure I'm satisfied, answers very quickly and ultimately puts the customer above all else. They also ship and process orders faster than I have ever seen and also include free samples. I am surprised as to how they offer such great service for the lowest prices I've seen for all Canadian vendors. Finally, their kratom is superb in terms of quality and variety. As of now, they are the only Canadian vendor I've seen selling stem and vein which is very important to myself and other customers. If you live in Canada, I see no reason to go to any other vendor, as this one beats all the others in every category. -Shawn