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L. Eugene Natural Skin Science

7095 Hollywood Blvd #1554
Los Angeles CA , 90026

Best natural skin care product of my life

My period acne. Gone! My dry patchy skin. Gone! And my boyfriend loves using this face wash too. The mask smells amazing and my skin feels softer than ever


When I tell you that this product changed my life, I mean it! I've been struggling with my skin these last couple months, due to the weird weather. I have tried just about everything, but I have sensitive skin and a lot of products make my skin act up more. Thankfully, I was fortunate to be able to test out this amazing product. Natural Skin Science is organic and chemical free, so my skin could not be happier. It not only completely flattened all my pimples, but it also faded my acne scars, brightened my skin, and NO MORE OILY SKIN! The best part about it is that it hasn't even been a full week yet. If you're looking for something that actually works and gets straight to the point, then you've found it! It changed my life, so I know it can change yours.

Testimonial #16

I followed the video tutorial on the Facebook page and found the regimen so easy to follow. The honey mask has such a pleasant scent and gently exfoliated as I rinsed my face. But I could feel the change in my skin immediately! It was so refreshing and the soap felt like silk. I've had dry, sensitive skin for so many years and have been through so many lotions and oils, but have never felt this great in years. I was surprised by how little moisturizer I needed to be absorbed so quickly. Thank you L. Eugene Natural Skin Science for your products you have a very satisfied customer in me and I highly recommend you to everyone!

Testimonial #13

I am in my very late 50s and I love these products The moisture you get feels so great on your face. My favorite is the glow serum. I am now ordering the Tammany honey mask and I can’t wait to try it. I just know that my face will feel so soft. I applaud all products and am excited to finally try the honey mask. I so love that they are non animal tested and made organically by two great people

Testimonial #12

Loving this stuff. I have never seen my skin look this good, ever. The tamanu honey mask exfoliates and calms my acne now tremendously. 

Testimonial #11

Loved all the products, especially that they’re all natural and leave my skin radiating! Thank you!!

Skin Saviour!

After searching for a skin care line that could help tone and moisturize my super sensitive skin, L Eugene became my skin saviour! The toner is gentle yet effective, the glow serum smells amazing and gives my skin a natural shine and the moisturizer is skin butter for the soul! The face wash allows my skin to be clean without using harsh chemicals or products that I can’t even pronounce! L Eugene is an amazing line and has truly changed my skin care routine from one of terror to one of pure bliss.


I am absolutely in love with the moisturizer. This winter especially my skin has become very dry so I love using a healthy amount on my face at night if I’m feeling a little tight, but I use it daily as my night lip treatment. I wake up every morning and have the softest most buttery lips. I’ve definitely discovered a holy grail product


I thought the products were great! My favorite were the moisturizer and face oils! Def would recommend.

Best skin care line, EVER

I’ve been using L. Eugene now for 3 weeks and I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin texture. I’m a registered nurse, and work in aesthetics, so I’m very familiar with various skin care lines out there. But, this skin care line is so different because everything is organic and vegan, leaving your skin soft and nourished. I cant leave the house without my moisturizer! I highly recommend this fabulous brand.

Testimonial #5

Amazing Skincare Line!!

I have been using L. Eugene Natural Skin Science and I am so impressed. Not only all the ingredients are natural, they also feel luxurious on my skin. Also, I am seeing great results even in week’s time such as less breakouts and moisture without feeling too oily. I highly recommend trying these products. You won’t be disappointed!!

Testimonial #4

I am beyond satisfied with these products. My favorite is the serum; it literally makes my face glow like no other! The moisturizer is ou of this world; I’m addicted to it, especially since I live in CA where the air is so dry. My skin is in great hands after using the L Eugene products! The most natural products I’ve come across thus far. Thank you, L Eugene!

Social Worker

I am always skeptical of skincare products because I've never found anything that actually worked. I've been using these products for three weeks now and my crazy pregnancy zits have vanished, as have the blotches of extremely dry skin that showed up this winter. I use the cleanser, toner, and serum and every single one of them leaves my skin feeling great. I don't wear makeup on a daily basis, and it's nice to be able to go out feeling more put together. Basically I have fallen in love and am never going back!

Make your skin feel brand new

I have tried each of the products offered. The face wash is great for everyday use. Match this with the toner and let your skin glow. The Honey mask is like having a spa in your bathroom. Need a little extra moisture from the heat or cold. Have dry skin the add a little moisturizer to your life. Your face will thank you.