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Compass Real Estate Group

19721 Bethel Church Rd
Cornelius North Carolina , 28031
United States

Mr and Mrs Sollie Listing

I’ve been in the insurance industry for over 11 years, and the reason I mention that is because I have come across all types and styles of real estate agents that are out there. Some go above and beyond while some are the “absent” kind of real estate agent. I really don’t have a phrase or category to place Brock Zevan and his team since I truly don’t believe there is a label I can place on them to exemplify just how amazing they are. I guess I’d have to say “2nd to none” or “the best” to give somewhat of an idea how wonderful they are. What blows me away are all the aspects of the real estate transaction that happen after someone finds a house they want to buy. There are so many moving parts and coordinating of schedules that honestly a person is never aware of simply because Brock makes it so seamless for his clients. His ability to prioritize and communicate and just stay on top of every little thing from A to Z is phenomenal! In the eyes of a client, it goes like this – you find a house, you bid on it, you find out your offer is accepted, and then you close. It’s just like that! Brock literally takes care of everything and in some cases, even handles aspects for the other side! I will not ever recommend anyone talk to any other realtor other than Brock Zevan from now until the end of time. Going with someone else is just setting yourself up for something less than the most ideal home buying/selling experience!

roderic john rehfuss

compass was extremely helpful in selling and getting our house closed we had numerous issues arise that had to be resolved...the processs was a a mess but our realtor helped guide us on dealing and resolving concerns