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John is one of the great natural educators in the complex world of software delivery.

I've known and worked with John on and off for twenty plus years and have always been struck by one overriding quality. John is one of the great natural educators in the complex world of software delivery. He comes at it from the point of view of someone who has been an innovator and an innovative developer. He's lived through all the transformations we've experienced over the past 25 years. Having seen what can go wrong he has the calmness and good sense to teach people what they need to know to make sure they get things right.


Great two days training with John. Did not expect this course to be so full on so have come away with a lot of different mental models and a reading list. A lot of my questions were answered and I've definitely got a better understanding. Would thoroughly recommend

PSM Course

Had a great time on the PSM course with John in Manchester. Interactive & fun & covered lots of extra material. He makes sure you are ready for not only the sssesment, but your journey becoming a Professional Scrum Master. His passion & knowledge is truely inspiring. I would definitely recommend this course with John. No doubt I’ll be back for the PSM II. :)

PSM1 Manchester.

John was very thorough going throw SCRUM values. He got us all up to speed before starting the course with exercises based on current experiences. Learned some great techniques and clarified many points I was uncertain about regarding SCRUM.

PSK1 Course with John

Undertook the 2 Day PSK1 course with John last week which ultimately I found hugely helpful and really well constructed. There is an awful lot of material to go through, and towards the end of Day 1 I was wondering what on earth I had let myself in for. However, by entrusting John to make it all fall in place, midway through Day 2 the light bulb came on and I feel it has been fantastic. Only reserved the 1* as I'm yet to take the assessment!! John's delivery style was very easy to take on board and his use of pragmatic analogies and examples was excellent. John also inundated us with additional resource, suggestions, videos, blogs etc to really get stuck in to which will be really useful to help supplement the learning. The ONLY thing I would come away with slightly unsettled by was the revelation during the course that we need to buy a specific book to help make the course understandable. The cost of the book ultimately isn't a huge amount but it begins to feel like the slippery slop of upselling etc. etc. The book could quite easily be absorbed as a cost of the course. Maybe that's just the Yorkshireman in me. All being said I really hope to be able to meet up with John again at another course in the near future. Cheers John !!


Awesome! We had a lot of fun and now I am not only prepared for the PSM I and II, I received insides for PSK, Nexus and LeSS as well. Thanks for all the learning and hints, can't wait to met again in Cluj again:)

Professional Scrum Master

Really good course with John, covered a lot of material in 2 days in order to get ready for PSM1 / 2. Recommended.


Excellent course and instructor, John is very supportive and is there to answer all your questions !

PSM 1 Training

Did the PSM 1 training with John, it was a great experience refreshing my SCRUM toolset


The PSM I course was very intense, interactive and fun! I strongly recommend it. All your answers will be answered. :)

Feedback for John Coleman from Octavian Recean (ref LESS training 17-08-2018)

I attended the LESS Basics training with John Coleman having high expectations. I was delighted to see that John raised the bar over what I wanted to achieve. We went not only through LESS basics principles, but we reviewed SCRUM ( a nice refresher on the day before workshop). On the day we compared frameworks and different approaches. We went in depth of LESS and all was explained in plain English. I congratulate myself to choose this training with John in Bucharest. He has the skills and a natural approach on passing knowledge to Scrum Masters and Developers alike. Will definitely go to the next level of LESS as I found it's utility in large scale organizations.

John's LeSS Basics course

John's Less Basics course is a must have for anyone that wants to introduce Less within his/her organization. John did a great job presenting us the main features of the framework, gave us all the reasons for why Less might be a very good choice for us while in the same time supplied a rich set of tools and techniques that can be used during the adoption process. The training is not limited to Less, but also covers to a good extend the most used agile frameworks out there. On this part, John used his extensive experience to provide us with enough information so that we can better understand the agile ecosystem and be able to extract the meaningful knowledge from each system. Overall, i recommend John's training for people migrating to an agile world as well as for people that are already working with an agile framework but looking to see what other options are available or simply to upgrade their knowledge on their framework of choice.

I recommend John Coleman

I recommend John Coleman, He is a great coach and an incredible person. If you have a chance to catch him, on a conference, attend it, you will not regret it

PSM course

I really enjoyed the PSM course from that I attended. John was great; he share part of his experience with us and made referrences to books and various videos. By the time you finish the course, you have a clear image of what scrum is from the theory perspective and ideas that you want to try and see how you can improve your own scrum team.

Great PSK course in Bucharest

Excellent talks on enhancing SCRUM with KANBAN. Really nice forecasting models one can use.

Great content, great experience

I liked the class, I’ve never felt completly lost or confused. It is a great experience and a good quality of the information learned, for sure it can be reused in my projects. The interactions and the study cases are carefully chosed, they make you reconsider the things you think you know. Great overall experience!

Excellent LeSS course

John's LeSS course was excellent! John's style is very engaging, with many interactive exercises, learning techniques and valuable discussion. I found the LeSS basics course a really useful way to get an introduction to some of the concepts and bring LeSS to life a bit more for me. Would highly recommend this course, and John, to anybody looking to improve their knowledge of LeSS.

Professional Scrum with Kanban Training was PHENOMENAL!

This class was one of the best training classes I have ever attended. It moves quickly, keeps you engaged, and best of all, you leave the class with additional tools and skills you can immediately use to lead change with your teams. This is a class that I would recommend for any organization that is currently on an Agile journey or transformation. Excellent trainer. Excellent class.