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I recommend John Coleman

I recommend John Coleman, He is a great coach and an incredible person. If you have a chance to catch him, on a conference, attend it, you will not regret it

PSM course

I really enjoyed the PSM course from that I attended. John was great; he share part of his experience with us and made referrences to books and various videos. By the time you finish the course, you have a clear image of what scrum is from the theory perspective and ideas that you want to try and see how you can improve your own scrum team.

Great PSK course in Bucharest

Excellent talks on enhancing SCRUM with KANBAN. Really nice forecasting models one can use.

Great content, great experience

I liked the class, I’ve never felt completly lost or confused. It is a great experience and a good quality of the information learned, for sure it can be reused in my projects. The interactions and the study cases are carefully chosed, they make you reconsider the things you think you know. Great overall experience!

Excellent LeSS course

John's LeSS course was excellent! John's style is very engaging, with many interactive exercises, learning techniques and valuable discussion. I found the LeSS basics course a really useful way to get an introduction to some of the concepts and bring LeSS to life a bit more for me. Would highly recommend this course, and John, to anybody looking to improve their knowledge of LeSS.

Professional Scrum with Kanban Training was PHENOMENAL!

This class was one of the best training classes I have ever attended. It moves quickly, keeps you engaged, and best of all, you leave the class with additional tools and skills you can immediately use to lead change with your teams. This is a class that I would recommend for any organization that is currently on an Agile journey or transformation. Excellent trainer. Excellent class.

Definitely Worth Attending

This course is very hands on and that is what clicks for me. It was very valuable to our IT infrastructure team. We were using a Kanban board, but now it is better suited for transparency into the work. We just used the new board for PI planning. We received compliments on how it made the process easier to understand and shortened the meeting.

Great course and instructor!

I took the PSK course in May 2018 and it was one of the best courses I have taken so far. John was great with the flow of the class and adjusted to our needs to enable us getting most out of the course. I loved the exercises and games that helped us learn concepts in an effective way. I would highly recommend this class and John is one of the best to teach this class!

PSK Cork

Cracking course, two very complimentary learnings explained simply with great practical examples

Professional Scrum with Kanban

John is a brilliant facilitator and instructor. The course itself provides a great blend of practical workshops and well paced theoretical content. I 100% recommend this course.


Excellent course, John's use of videos, tailoring to the company and interactivity really made it

PSK - Professional Scrum with Kanban

Excellent course delivered by John Coleman for a team of 21 IT people in Musgrave in Cork. Great active simulations and learning by doing as opposed to theory overload. A lot learnt and a lot to digest to go back to the office to dwell on and implement.


Fantastic, I learned a lot.

video testimonial

John Coleman has such huge breadth and depth that he brings into class. John is an active practitioner at scale, and he answered all of our questions really well. I really enjoyed John's PSM class in London.

Pre-Certification Mentoring

John mentored me ahead of taking the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) , Professional Product Owner (PSPO) and Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) certifications.    He has a true depth of knowledge around these subjects along with a great way of getting the learning across which builds confidence by linking with what you already know.  I particularly appreciated John's "outcome focussed" approach, with some really helpful heuristics on how to approach answering some of the more tricky questions.   I got 100% on my PSM I at the first attempt thanks to John's help - I can't think of a better recommendation :-)
Thanks John!

Great start to a new journey

John was fantastic in explaining the concepts of the scrum framework and ho it applied in the real world. A lot of interactive exercises and open discussion allowed attendees to form the foundation of knowledge to pass the PSM I exam. Would recommend.

Making sense of LeSS!

Great 3 days with Jurgen and John on the Certified LeSS Practitioner training course! Jurgen's real life experience with implementing LeSS shone through and made the content come alive with real examples, not just a theory trainer, he has actually been fighting in the trenches!

More with LeSS

I got a lot out of this course and would definitely recommend it. Jurgen and John helped make it an engaging and enjoyable experience. I particularly enjoyed the Systems Modelling techniques. Thanks guys!