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Birmingham England , B14 7JG
United Kingdom
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I have had 4 treatments for facial hair with Diana and the results are amazing. I can now go out with no make up and not feel embarassed as there is no more facial hair. Diana makes you so comfortable as well. Is an excellent service and really reasonably priced.


I moved from Southend, Essex and used to have my laser done in London, I was recommended to come to body phaze by my husband and was it the best decision!!! I used to come out in hives and my face would be red for at least a day, from having my laser done. Now I feel a slight bit of pain but nothing compared to before, and I’m not red and I DO NOT break out in hives. I have barely any hair and Diana really is soooooo good at what she does. She gets areas where I would never think of touching. And her professionalism is second to none. Perfect. I can’t wait to start on the rest of my body.


I used to go to one of the top clinics in Birmingham city centre
But when I read Body Phaze reviews I was really impressed and thought il give it a try for my self.
Since coming to Body Phaze I have seen a dramatic difference with my hair. Diana is fantastic and so helpful talking me through the whole process.
I feel this is well worth my money and I have and will continue to recommend Body Phaze to all my family and friends
Thanks Di


i have been doing laser for quite some time now with Diana and i have to say its fantastic. the best thing thats happened to me. i used to wax years ago on my face and that didn't work, since ive been doing laser its worked miracles. Diana is a well known nurse and does best at what she does. i would recommend BodyPhyse anytime and to everyone who needs hair removal treatment. 100% worth it.   


i have been doing laser for ages with Diana and would defiantly recomend it. as the hair does not grow after months, everyone's hair is different on their body it works different on everybody. Diana is very kind and  helpful shes very gentle on the skin. 

I had a Aleo-vera mask and a laser treatment on my chin with Diana, it was amazing ! My skin feels soft and bright after my mask and my chin is hairless.  Diana is extremely professional and thorough. Very pleased :)


I must say that I am totally pleased and somewhat surprised with the results I'm receiving from the Hair Removal Treatments I'm receiving from Diana.
I've been to one of the top IPL clinics in the UK for treatments before and even after a few treatments I haven't seen the results I've seen since beginning with Diana. Imagine after 1 treatment the hair around my face grew slower and less!
Being a Black man I have serious difficulties and issues with shaving and ingrown hairs. I took the chance to try the treatments here and I have absolutely no regrets. Diana is absolutely considerate, straight up honest and realistic about the treatments and what one can achieve. 
I will continue to recommend BodyPhaze's services as I can testify that I see results.

You Would Not Believe The Difference This Has Made To My Life!!

Phaze has changed my life- 

I used to wear stockings to bed so my partner
wouldn't see my legs every night (even though he knew) I suffered terribly from
ingrowing hairs all up my legs, so I wore opaque, thick, black tights whatever
the weather to hide them. 

It made me very self conscious, especially when
people used to give me acne advice if they saw it leaving me feeling even more
embarrassed and  frustrated for them to point it out, and for some reason didn't
seem to believe me that it wasn't acne- So to avoid all the comments and
"helpful" advice in the end Istopped showing my legs for over 3 to 4
years, as it used to make me feel depressed after trying loads of different
ways to try clear it up, (exfoliating, intensive moisturising, ingrown hair
lotions, shaving, waxing, hair removal creams, epilators, plucking, 2 NoNo Hair
devices and another top of the range home IPL machine which was meant to be one
of the best- NOTHING WORKED!!!). 

IPL helped a little but never completely
cleared it up, until Diana at Body Phaze told me about her experiences with
ingrowing hair troubles and how it helped her. I was a little put off by the
price to begin with but I have never looked back since! It was worth every
penny and saved me time and money in the long term, after my laser course I
don't have the daily chore of shaving and having to worry about it, most of the
time I completely forget about it all together! 

My legs have completely cleared
up and after years of feeling depressed and embarrassed I finally got back my
confidence. I didn't have to spend ages on holiday putting concealer all over
my legs before getting into the pool. I now have smooth silky skin on my legs
and no nasty painful ingrown hairs. I can't thank Body Phaze enough, Diana always makes you feel
welcome and comfortable, she's so friendly and down to earth but very
professional- she knows exactly what she's talking about and will only
recommend you what she KNOWS REALLY WORKS. 

The results Body Phaze has given me
are AMAZING! xx