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Laughing Bodies

Long Term Yoga Teacher

Rebecca's teaching style will change your practice forever. She is a delight and inspiration. She is a true master! I appreciate her teaching style and her years of experience. Deep gratitude for all the gifts that she brings into the world!

54 Year old Yogi - Body Back to Laughing

Have you always wanted to attend a yoga retreat but were afraid it is only for experts, with perfect bodies in perfect posses. I must admit I was intimidated and had my concerns.  I am 54, size 12-14, who enjoys the great outdoors, practices yoga on and off and always wanted to try a retreat. One step on the grounds of Gray Bear and my concerns faded.  Rebecca and the Gray Bear Lodge family create an amazing yoga week-end.  Nice balance of yoga, relaxation, great food and nature at it’s best.  We practiced “silence” which I thought at first …hum not sure about this but I found it to be very rewarding.  I believe we all became closure in our silence. Don’t think we were silent for two days just an evening and morning.  Then it was laughter, shared stories, we all seemed to become instant friends.  Check out the pictures!     Rebecca truly teaches yoga for all body types, age levels and experience.  She is about teaching the art of yoga, she pushes you to push yourself…but not off the ledge.   Props and alternative poses are always suggested.  Practicing with Rebecca has reminded me this is "my" practice. 
I highly recommend attending one of Rebecca’s classes or sign-up for the Laughing Bodies Retreat at Gray Bear Lodge where you leave the cares of the world;even if for just a few days.   Great sister trip, meet up with old friends, getaway from it all…  It is time to take care of you!   Thanks Rebecca…for helping me get my laughing body back!   

47 year old RN

I came to yoga as a 47 year old, not athletic woman looking for a way to address the stresses of being a hospital RN and not feel so old and broken down.  Two years into my yoga journey I had the great fortune to meet Rebecca through co-workers who were students of hers. She is the most challenging  and thoughtful teacher I have ever had.
Challenging because she didn't give me a pass because I was  older and helped to open up a way for me to connect with the poses in the  body I have at  the present moment. This has helped me to appreciate and become fully present in my physical body that I have lived in all these years but never really "known" as I have come to know it thru the yoga.  She has  encouraged  me to go deeper and move thoughtfully which  keeps alive the sense of inquiry and 'what if" to try and see what is possible.
She has helped to unstick me from the thoughts that I have about my body and my yoga.
She has challenged and encouraged me to try things differently even when I think I already know what I am doing--she doesn't allow me to settle and become stuck in yet a new place.
Rebecca cultivates a  teaching environment in which I have felt safe and cared for and even when moved out of my comfort zone it is not to a place where I feel endangered. I feel supported and nurtured in her classes.
The thoughtful part is expressed in the readings she has recommended for the retreats I have shared with her. She has a wonderful way of weaving the readings into the asana practice so that as we work at the physical level all of the "brain" stuff folds in and overlays so at the end of the weekend everything feels   connected. I feel whole and totally at home with myself and in my body. No greater gift is there in this life than to be fully present and aware and that is where I am at the end of every time I have been with Rebecca as my teacher.  It is amazing. I have had the good fortune of being present at her Gray Bear retreats for the past four years and I can honestly say I don't know where I would be now in my life without time spent with her as a teacher. 

Olympian and Business Owner

On day one of yoga, I went in with a lot of curiosity and a little nervousness as to what my body could do -- after being an Olympic javelin thrower over 30 years ago, and currently learning how to work out as a woman in her fifties.  I walked out with a huge grin, as I got to experience what yoga can do for my body and soul.  I felt muscles lengthen and relax, and a flow of energy that feels like pure health.  I left feeling excited about a whole new way I get to explore and experience my body.  10 years ago I tried a yoga class and it felt “too slow.”  Today, yoga feels like the perfect addition to my workouts that will serve my body into the next several decades. 


The only part of my body sore from day one was my right thumb!  So funny, and I remembered that today and chose to do puppy dog to put less pressure on the hand.  Thanks for the modifications, and I was pleased with better balancing on one foot!  It helped when earlier in the class you encouraged us to put weight on the outside of the foot….


Thanks for bringing yoga into my world.



Rebecca is a great yoga instructor.   She makes it fun and always adds something for those more advanced.  But for those of us who don't have years of yoga practice yet, she suggests easier options that are totally ok too.  She's always encouraging and does something a little different each time.  I am lucky to have found such a quality instructor.

Relaxing, Challenging and Fun!

I am a veteran of 36 marathons and an ironman triathlon. As the years progressed, I found that I was getting less flexible. I began taking yoga in hopes to improve my flexibility. My wife was already in Rebecca's yoga class, and always came home feeling better after each class. We are now taking yoga classes together, and we are having a great time experiencing yoga. Yoga has indeed improved my flexibility and balance. Since beginning yoga three years ago, I find I am less susceptible to injury. Adding to overall fitness, yoga also works out areas of the body that are sometimes negelected or underused. Yoga improves fitness through a combination of proper breathing techniques and yoga postures. Rebecca's instruction allows each person to be challenged to their ability. Rebecca is sensitive to limitations her students might have (like my tight quads), and readily adapts her classes to every student. The classes are relaxing, challenging, informative, and most of all – fun.

Loved it!

I have been exercising for many years doing weight training, hiking and walking. I never realized that yoga could make my muscles sore. My abs and triceps were screaming after last weeks (in a good way). I started classes with Rebecca almost six months ago and love it. The classes are different each week which keeps it fun and interesting. I have had lower back, hip and shoulder pain on and off for years and it seems much better. I have even noticed while sitting or driving my car that I am aware of my alignment and breathing. Thank you Rebecca I am so happy to have found you.

Great Instructor!

Rebecca is a hands on instructor without making you feel singled out in the class. She also helps you get past any real or perceived "fears" you have in doing a yoga pose. Her classes are challenging, but most of all, a lot of fun! Thanks Rebecca!!

Stassi Redding

U.S. Marine

I recently attended Rebecca's back bend seminar. Before this I had one formal lesson in Hatha Yoga and had done some work at home with videos. The seminar was outstanding. First of all - anyone who thinks hatha yoga is easy has obviously never tried it. Second - Rebecca is an excellent teacher. Her knowledge of how the body works plus her ability to impart knowledge in a positive and clear manner is top-notch. After the seminar, my back felt more open and relaxed than I can remember - probably since high school. I am also a long time practitioner of martial arts and an instructor in Russian Martial Arts - Systema. Many of the principles and concepts Rebecca shared are direct corollaries with Systema, which I found to be a pleasant surprise. I am going to start taking regular classes with Rebecca - I highly recommend training with her !!

I am honored!

The first time I walked into Laughing Bodies I felt reconnected to a life I had been missing since moving to Crossville. I am honored to say that Rebecca is more than a yoga teacher, she is my friend. Laughing Bodies started my new journey, taught me how to love myself, how to be kind to my body. Rebecca taught me how to just be. Laughing Bodies will be missed in Crossville. Namaste, J

I feel much better now!

My first yoga classes resulted in a startling discovery. I know longer knew how to relax my body. Frankly, it kind of scared me. Relaxation and tight hamstrings were my reasons for starting yoga. My reasons for continuing for now, almost two years surprise me to this day. I feel much more content and comfortable within my own body. Not only do I physically feel better but mentally and emotionally, too!

It was a blessing!

Ms. Dennis recently visited our school in Deer Lodge to lead a two hour class for our female students.

The students and staff members that participated thoroughly enjoyed the class. Ms. Dennis did an excellent job providing a program that all students were able to feel successful with, yet challenged the most athletic of our students. Her teaching style was wonderful and the staff members all plan to attend a lesson at the studio soon.

Thank you for your time.  It was a blessing to our program.

Thank you for your friendship!

I had not done yoga for many years and was thrilled when a teacher came to town. At first I felt clumsy and awkard and very aware of how out of touch I was with my body, all things that surprised and horrified me. I am proud of sticking with my practice, because now, I am so much more flexible and I am able to do things that surprise and delight me. The best thing about my yoga practice, is the feeling I have of being more centered and more accepting of my limitations. The other best thing is having Rebecca and Sammy in my circle of friends.


Laughing Bodies !! Is a wonderful Studio and Rebecca !!! and her teachings. I am sorry to see her close !! Being a teacher my self ,I have learned so much from her even in the short time I have been there.. We become what we love .What we put first in our lives is what we recieve from Life the treasure of our heart both measures and determines our Wealth ...and you Rebecca have been a true treasure to me in my life one True Yogini to another by working to remember ourselves and our dynamic inner strength in this fashion and to enjoy true peace of mind .. and wish you the best on Journey !! Namaste Janis Tate


Walking into Laughing Bodies is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I've taken yoga classes before but never one that offered so much individual instruction. Regardless of the number of people present for a class, I always leave feeling I've had a one on one session with a teacher who really cares about my practice.

In the past I've ignored my body (perhaps hoping it would go away–or at least shrink a little) and filled my mind with anything to distract me from my own thoughts. Here is a place where I can feel safe confronting my limitations and overcoming them. In a few short weeks my posture has improved. I'm noticably stronger and more flexible. My mind and body are calmer and more in tune with my surroundings. I feel ready for anything that comes my way. Rebecca is truly helping me to develop a Laughing Body!

I wish you much success!

Thanks, Rebecca, for your kindness and your caring spirit. After I had breast cancer and came back, you were so considerate and patient. I really appreciated that. I am so much more limber and have more inner peace with yoga. I wish you much success in whatever path you choose, and your leaving is our loss.

Here to Stay! Thanks!!

I've been practicing yoga with Rebecca since she first offered yoga in Crossville, TN and now I can't imagine NOT practicing Yoga. [For that matter, I can't imagine practicing yoga with anyone BUT Rebecca]. I have a very demanding and sometimes stressfull career, as do most professional women my age, and practicing yoga on a weekly basis, even just one night a week, provides both physical and mental therapy that I have come to depend upon.

Speaking of my age, I have reached that age when one realizes they are not as young as they used to be and no where near as flexible, so practicing Yoga has become much more important to me, as a form or fitness. I have been athletic most of my life, or at least physically active, and Yoga is the only activity I have ever engaged in that is both relaxing and challenging at the same time. Unlike other sports or fitness activities, Yoga is something I look forward to practicing for the rest of my life, plus I know it will enhance those sports and other physical activities that I do enjoy, such as golf and rowing. I simply can't say enough good things about Yoga, and I realize just how fortunate we are to have someone of Rebecca's caliber in our home town. Let's hope she's here to stay.

One of the best Investments!

Yoga with Rebecca is one of the best investments I have made in me! I tried yoga just to see what it was about and to try something different. Little did I know I would come to consider yoga part of my overall Healthy Living Plan! I now feel more happy and alive! I walk and stand straighter and with much less effort. My range of motion, balance and coordination have improved greatly. I sleep better . And for the first time in years, I was able to ward off depression all last winter! I have fibromyalgia, and my knees are starting to deteriorate. I’ve had shoulder pain for 24 years, from which I could only get temporary relief, at best. But now I have yoga to help me deal with, and correct, these issues. I haven’t been to my chiropractor once in the 9 months I’ve been taking yoga with Rebecca. And, by reconnecting with my body, I have found things that I was doing before starting yoga which had made my pain worse. I wouldn't have discovered this without yoga. Lately, I have been devoting 30 to 60 minutes to my home practice. My blood pressure has come down about 20 to 40 points. My cravings for snacks and sweets have been reduced, so I‘ve lost a few pounds. In every class we challenge ourselves to do what we can, and to try to go just a little farther if we feel we can. Your challenge is to do your best, recognizing that your best may differ from week to week or within your own practice. You find what works for you, and you don't worry or consider what others are doing. And Rebecca is always more than willing to work with those of us who have special health considerations; she shows us how to adapt a pose or sequence so that it works for us. I look forward to every class because I know I will learn more about myself, and I’ll feel better too! If you want a new experience, try yoga at Laughing Bodies. Discover what you can learn about yourself, and what you can do for yourself through yoga!