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Leaders and Legends Performing Arts Academy

5544 Chester Ave
Phila PA , 19143
United States

For the past 5 years I have watched my daughter Saniyah growing into a beautiful flower in dance. The teachers that work with her are amazing, the staff is amazing. I would recommend this academy to everyone. P.S THE PARENTS GROUP IS AWESOME 😎

I appreciate the discipline, skills and techniques the karate class has given my son over the last 3years. Mr. James is a great role model for Yasir his behaviors and temper has decreased over time and he has learned alot about team work.

The beauty of Leaders and Legends is their ablity to create programing that caters to a child as whole. Your child is more than just a body, each child's uniqueness is honored and respected. That very thing is why I appreciate that Cameron found a place that he could grow, not just a child learning drama, but as a person. Every staff member here makes it their job to see that each student hones their craft, while still making sure to let everyone of them know how much they're cared about. Giving a safe outlet for children in a professional and creative enivornment is what Leaders and Legends does best, and I am so thankful that my family is a part LLPAA family.

Before my daughter could walk she was dancing, whenever she heard music she danced. I knew then that dance was in her DNA. For year ago,I had do a charter to do for Little Leaders Learning Academy day. The staff treated the children was wonderful. They left me with a great feeling. It was easy to tell that they had a passion for the children and loved what they do. I was then told that Little Leaders had a dance studio Leaders and Legends performing arts academy; I then thought to myself, if they were this with the daycare, the dance studio must operate the same way. Count me I'm in!!!!! Thats when I decided to surprise my daughter with dance lessons for Christmas. That one of the best decisions I could've made. Leaders and Legends Performing Arts Academy, is phenomenal!!! My daughter has learned and is still learning from the most talented dance instructors in the business and our community.


LaMonica Davis & My Daughter Donnae'

I am so very excited to begin our 2nd year at LLPAA! We are one of those families who saw a show, fell in love, and knew we had to enroll. My daughter started classes last year when she was 3 years old and I was of course nervous. She cried often in the beginning and was afraid to dance but as the year grew, I started to see her blossom. She became excited for class on Saturdays and excited to show her family members her moves. She talked about her dance friends and staff all of the time! Seeing her and her Tiny Tots friends perform on stage at the end of the year brought tears to my eyes. I could see all of the hard work and love that was put in and given to her on that stage! LLPAA is the best out there! It’s more than just a dance company, It’s a family. I have had the opportunity to connect with so many children and their families this past year. I cannot wait to see what is in store for the 2018-2019 year! I am beyond excited that my little sister has enrolled with LLPAA this year. I hope to bring in more family members and friends because there really is no experience like the experience you get at Leaders and Legends Performing Arts Academy!