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Lenora's Healing Hands, LLC

Po Box 1555
Angleton , 77516
United States
979 248-6599

My daughter is biracial and is nine years old. She loves to swim and is a member of the local swim club. She is in the pool year round, and as a result of so much chlorine exposure, her hair becomes very dry and unmanageable. I sought our Mrs. Lenora for HELP!!! About eight months ago, I began using a combination of Mrs. Lenora's products on my daughter's hair on a daily basis and saw AMAZING results. Her hair was much easier to comb out and noticeably less dry. Rather than frizz, you were able to see her curls. I love that Mrs. Lenora's products are "light-weight" in my daughter's hair and don't have a greasy feel to them. They also have a fresh, subtle scent. Mrs. Lenora's products are different from any other product I have used (and I've used a lot). I am very grateful to finally have found something that really works for my daughter's hair. Thank you Mrs. Lenora for helping us!


Lenora's skin and hair products have been wonderful for me and the entire family.  I love her products!