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Nick Hatter - Accredited Life Coach London

London , EC1N 8JY
United Kingdom

Opened pathways

Nick, has enabled me, with his guidance, to take what I know now and presented me with options that really resonate internally. He's opened pathways that will greatly affect my life! Thank you Nick!

The real deal

Nick is the real deal! Working with him for less than a month now and have realised the real reason why I'm not successful and found my limiting beliefs that have been holding me back for most of my adult life.

Business is doing better and better!

I've got a lot out of my sessions with Nick. He listens well, knows when to be soft and when to apply the tough love... my business is doing better and better since starting with him!

Sensitive, compassionate and genuine

What really separates him from the rest is his sensitivity, compassion and genuine care for his clients.

It works!

Nick can get you to find out things about yourself that you never knew before. I don’t know how it works, but it works!


Delighted, happy and intrigued as to how my life could include the awesome things we discussed. Gave me a lift.

Professional and amazing at what he does

Absolutely inspirational, he made me understand things about myself that I haven't been able to realize on my own. This guy is true professional and amazing at what he does. Highly recommend.

Feel more motivated

Nick has opened my mind to a more positive outlook... Nick is a passionate life coach who is willing to go the extra mile, kilometre, light year just to help someone out.


He listens well and is respectful in how he communicates. I was quite impressed to hear some of the things he said and have never dealt with someone who could organize the flow of conversation so well.

Would definitely recommend

How can I summarise Nick? A bundle of passion, drive and deep understanding. His kind and gentle approach helped me to explore areas of my life... I would definitively recommend Nick.

Offers great service

Nick Hatter is a great problem solver. He offers great service to his clients needs.

A real coach

Nick is a real coach like you rarely meet. He helps you to reach your full potential in a natural way and with words of wisdom. I absolutely recommend Nick as a life coach.

Thank you

Thank you for the supportive sessions Nick, filled with steps, actionable goals and resources.

Amazing person and great life coach

Nick is an amazing person and great life coach. He is someone that knows how to reach people by understanding and helping in every detail necessary to making a better change.