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Brooklyn NY , 11215
United States

Thoughtful Sessions with Dave

My sessions with Dave have been really helpful! He has a framework that he is working from, but he is not afraid to deviate and take on the issues I bring to him. We meet virtually, and I always feel very safe and comfortable, and it's easy for me to open up and get to the heart of issues I want to work on. He has been especially great in helping me with my relationships, habits, and dealing with transitions. I have also been excited to notice changes slowly happening in my life, like the ability to see through issues more easily and approach them in a more balanced way. To be transparent, I know Dave personally, but I imagine it would be less complicated and even easier to talk with him if I didn't know him before coaching. I'd recommend meeting with him to see if his style of coaching is right for you.

Holistic Coaching Works

I was looking for a career coach to get me a job asap. When I talked to Dave, his coaching didn't sound like what I wanted, but he said something that really stood out. I am more than my job, and a job won't give me happiness if I can't create it and find it in myself. I thought why not try it out his way. It turned out to be the best decision I made in a while. He showed me that I was trying to find any job just to stop feeling bad about myself, but it wasn't going to make me satisfied. He helped me find my inner strength and aliveness and that got me through the job search process, the interviews, and a job I actually wanted. It was different than anything else I ever experienced. I highly recommend him as a coach and as a person.

Refreshing and Insightful

As a person who likes to have a specific type of support team available for the moments in life when you need some guidance, when things feel a bit sticky or unclear of purpose, Dave has been a great addition. Using techniques that have safely allowed me to locate my passions and aliveness, I highly recommend his coaching program because of its holistic focus. He doesn't just help you achieve your goals. It's like he helps you become your own coach. I've found that my goals are easier to pursue through his framework. Dave has also been coaching my teenage son, who really loves having sessions with him. It is refreshing and insightful to work with Dave and his style of coaching.

Finding aliveness!

Dave's philosophy and advice have been so useful. He talks a lot about finding the aliveness and making the relationship more sustainable. After working with him for several months, I am starting to think like that. My problems are just unbalanced relationships, and when I make them more balanced, things get better! I appreciate his work so much, and I hope he continues to help more people find their aliveness and make more sustainable relationships like I do.

Finding aliveness

I recently had a coaching session with Dave and it was an enlightening and energizing experience. Through his guidance I was able to process what my personal avenue to aliveness would be. We worked to together to find out what aliveness meant to me and what aspects of my life already contribute to that feeling.

Something that struck me almost immediately from the first few minutes of conversation was being able to self reflect and understand what in my life truly gave me the feeling of aliveness. I didn't have to tools previously to reach this point on my own. However now, through activities done during the session and Dave's guidance, I have some tangible and cognitive resources to work with that are already helping me move toward fulfilling that which makes me feel alive.

In fact, something I value deeply from this session was how I was able to realize I had a goal I'm trying to achieve and then identify, in real world terms, what that goal is and how to move closer to it. I also came to the realization that reaching full aliveness and achieving my goals are entangled processes. Working on the former naturally leads to the later. I had previous beliefs about what my life *should* be and Dave helped me understand not only potential pitfalls in my old ways of thinking but also suss out those parts of my personal history that did contribute to the sensation of aliveness.

One specific issue that was extremely helpful to address is my sense of having divergent sources of motivation that combined to annihilate each other. Over the course of the session Dave helped me identify the part of myself that was striving to "live up to my potential" and the other part that mistakenly took my creative energies as antagonistic to my potential. What was surprising to me was the realization that that is a false dichotomy and that my creative energies power my feeling of aliveness which is, in fact, the real manifestation of my potential.

Dave is an excellent coach, and had an immediate impact on the way I think about my life, my goals and the feeling of aliveness.

Great career help!

I found Dave because I was trying to decide whether to go to grad school or just find a job, but I didn't know what kind of career I wanted. He helped me figure it out, but he also helped me realize that happiness is more than just my career. When I started finding happiness in smaller ways, things came together easily. I decided to go for grad school, and that was the right decision. I love it so much! I might have figured it out on my own without Dave's help, but I would have been pretty miserable and hard on myself for the whole time leading up to it because that's how I am. But Dave has been teaching me how to go through transitions without draining myself. Whenever I see him, he makes me feel like everything is Ok. Since I've been practicing the things he taught me, life feels easier.

I love it!

Dave is very sweet, and he makes you feel very safe. I wouldn't be where I am today without working with him. He helped me find a new job after I got laid off. What's more amazing is how he helped me stop suffering even before I got the new job. He helped me see that my relationship with myself was most important, and that I didn't have to kill myself looking for a job and take whatever came. He taught me to trust myself, and soon enough the perfect job just showed up. It was kind of amazing!

Help with my journey

I've known Dave for 4 years, and in that time, he has always been helpful on my personal development journey. Firstly, he is trustworthy, inspiring, and empathetic. Something that really makes him stand out is the way he listens to understand, extends empathy and recommends action steps that actually works. Secondly, he is passionate and believes in my growth. I highly recommend him as a coach.

Changed my life

I was pretty lost for a while. It was like I didn't care about moving forward. Eventually I decided to get some help, and Dave came along. He didn't make me feel bad for who I was or wasn't. He just made me feel like it's ok to be human, and he helped me find love for myself, which I hadn't felt in years or maybe never. Now, I'm not as worried about things. I just follow the "aliveness" as he says. I even found a way to improve my job situation and have more fun. I also love the pausing and breathing techniques he does. I'm not leaving him 5 stars just because he's still young, and I think he will get better over time.