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United Kingdom

I bought a pantyliner bundle a few weeks ago to see how they are. They are the softest and the prettiest pantyliners you will ever wear! They are so comfortable. I am converted to these and will never buy disposable ones ever again! I am so pleased I have come across these and I will be back for more.

Absolutely love my lilah pads. They are beautifully designed, well made and I'm so happy to be able to reduce my plastic waste.

Ordered a few liners & medium pads to start off & soon went back to order more! Love the choice of fabrics. Soft, easy to use & easy to care for. Also recommend the stain stick for cleaning. All orders have arrived within a few days.

I bought a set of 5 pantyliners a couple of months ago to see how they suited me . And they really are the softest and the prettiest pantyliners you will ever wear ! They are made so beautifully and are extremely soft and comfortable . They are easy to care for and even look really nice on the washing line ! I've always disliked wear once and throw away liners , it's such a waste . Loved these so much I bought another set of 5 . They are a life changer .

I was thinking about making the change to cloth pads when I discovered Lilah Pads on Instagram. I’ve always worn pads and dislike tampons so a menstrual cup didn’t feel like the right low-waste switch for me. Thank goodness I found Lilah Pads! I’ve been using them for about six months and they are better than I ever could have imagined. The pads are super absorbent, more comfortable to wear than synthetic pads and they clean like a dream. I had worried that the soaking and washing would be tedious but it literally takes seconds and after six months my pads still look like new. Bonus: they are so pretty I almost look forward to having my period so I can wear them! Plus, I’ll save a small fortune and prevent 1000s of pads going to landfill. I only wish I could have made the change sooner! Seriously can’t recommend them enough 😊

Wish I had these years ago! After much online research I finally decided to try Cloth Pads, doing my bit for the planet was my main incentive. I came across Lilahpads and loved the look of them, the pretty patterns looked so nice, I thought if I have to use them over and over I at least want nice ones. My only mistake was I should have bought more! (I only bought a small amount to start). I didn't quite have enough to last a whole cycle and ended up having use some of my old normal pads I had left over. Wow! The difference of going from soft, comfortable, no smell cloth pads that at times I even forgot I was wearing, to my old pads was an eye opener!! Cloth pads are amazing! Lilahpads are pretty to look at in my drawer and super comfortable to use! There is no smell and they soak and wash well. I have now received my second order and am very happy with them. Do yourself and the planet a favour and try them, highly recommended!!