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Empress Mimi

This product helped me feel great about myself sorta kicked off my journey! Will be back for sure!

I loved this package! The outfit and matching undies were so cute and I always loved how they are wrapped. I canny wait to wear them and try out this new size.

This is honestly the best £40 I have spent. My friend recommended this to me. When ordering I was a bit nervous as I do have a large chest so most things like this don't fit me or are not supportive. 
So to my surprise when putting on the blue velvet bralette that I received in my first box it fit and surprisingly supportive. 
I feel so amazing in it. 
Thank you so much for the most beautiful underwear.

Love it!

Highly recommended

Loved the colour and both sets have been AMAZINGLY comfy. Can’t actually think of any points to improve!

Feeling like a pampered queen

I love it! Finally underwear that suits me perfectly

Empress Mimi is the best! The items they send are high quality and beautiful, and always in unexpectedly gorgeous colors! And the packaging is wonderful - I always feel as though I am receiving a gift from a good friend, who took time and care to make the presentation special.

They are perfection!

Would like to thank Empress Mimi for making the perfect lingerie that looks amazing on all body types and all the small details they add inside the box is making the look even more elegant and sexy at the same time!!!