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Lives Better Lived

Uncommon, 25 Horsell Road
London London , N51XL
+44 (0) 7950469168

Best personal coaching ever!

Life coaching by Letesia was the best decision I could make to start up my small business in ceramics and to develop the confidence that I needed to fulfil my long time dream. Her coaching style is great. Every time we had a one to one session, I was overloaded by Letesia’s positive vibes and contagious enthusiasm. Because of her energetic and honest coaching I started to develop a clearer oversight of what I wanted to do and what direction I had to take to pursue my professional goals and to get where I am today. Her coaching was and still is of great value to me and I would recommend it to everyone who is in need of a change or needs that extra boost.

Gets you to the heart of the matter

She is a great listener. I really feel heard, and that has been key to my trusting the coaching process. And she has fantastic, creative ideas that I've found eye-opening, simple and practical. I've been surprised to find myself, after every session, reflecting on new thinking. It's amazing to me, looking back at the process, how someone could help me cut through the brambles to be able to visualize my key goals. It may be trite, but true: that just taking one step-in this case, beginning the coaching process-seems to open doors. Things began to fall into place, largely, I think, because Letesia is so tuned in to the needs and inspiration of the moment. I definitely recommend her if you are looking for great listener, You'll be in great hands if you decide to work with her.

More self acceptance, thanks to Lives Better Lived.

Letesia is very warm, non-judgemental and has a great sense of humour. She is very perceptive and I was really grateful for her help in untangling my worries, which I often find quite difficult to express. I’m quite an anxious, self-critical person and Letesia helped me to articulate these worries and to move closer towards self-acceptance. Her feedback always seemed to hit the nail on the head and I feel like I have gained a lot of insight into my personal needs and values as a result. These sessions had such a positive impact on my hopes for my future, and really helped me to regain a sense of self after a rocky few years. Thank you so much, Letesia!

Amazing coach!

Letesia is a warm, friendly and relatable coach, who took the time to understood who I am and was genuinely invested in helping me. Through working with her, I've been able to better understand and organise my thoughts. Our sessions helped me to feel that the changes I’d been thinking about are valid and possible.
Letesia helped me to plan the steps I’d need to take in order to make changes, and the processes she taught me will continue to be useful in any goals that I’m working towards in future. She helped me find a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm that I can take into the next stage of my career change journey.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Letesia – she's a great coach!

She helps you see what is hidden in plain sight

Letesia has a great ability of finding links that help you see the 'real' issue or challenge you're facing. She is a great coach, with interesting exercises and helpful homework, and fully invested in understanding you and your challenges. My four sessions run too fast, but it had an amazing contribution to my career vision.