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Bone and Prostate Cancer Patient

My relative had bone and prostate cancer. He is suffering with pain on his affected area. He was weak and no energy. I brought this Grounding Mat since my friend recommended it , said this able to help relieve some pain that my relative is suffering now. After been using for about 10 days, I can notice my relative complaint of pain getting lesser, he told me that he was not in pain like he used to be earlier and he can sleep well until morning. This product is so simple but the result is unbelievable. I am using it now everyday and for whole family. We can also feel the good feeling when using it. Recommended to all.

Leg pain gone after using Grounding Mat

I have been trouble with my leg pain for 5 years. I can't lift my leg more than 1 feet up. My doctor is always prescribe me with pain killer medicine and the dosage keep increasing to only able to reduce my pain. I have been introduce this Grounding by my friend to try it. I have purchase the small mat and I follow their instruction on how to use it. After around 11 days of usage, I never been so happier to tell you that, I no longer have the severely pain as I had before, is been reducing a lot. Now I can lift my leg 2 feet without pain. I was really happy that I made the right choise to try Grounding. I would recommend to anyone to try it.

Using the Small Grounding Mat

I had a surgery earlier and last few week I have a breathing difficulty. I have purchase this Grounding Mat thru recommendation by my best friend. Around 10 days, I slept on the mat every night, now my breathing is back to normal. I think the Grounding Mat really works for me.